Fw: Save Constellation! (The Video)

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Peter said...

Obama's proposed NASA budget funnels $5 billion into private, competitive space ventures, and conservatives complain? Talk about hypocrisy.

I love space flight and the U.S. space program, but it's time to face facts that we can't afford it right now. We're not racing to the moon against the Soviets anymore. This is all about national pride, that's it.

The space program has evolved into a politically-charged system of taxpayer money being funneled to government agencies and private contractors in as many Congressional districts as possible so as to make it hard to kill. (Just like U.S. defense.) Time to stop that.

Oh, and I love how they threw in a "do for the children!" at the end of the video. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Constellation is the only program at NASA.

Since it's so important that we pump money into manned missions, I'm sure you won't mind a tax hike or a military spending cut to pay for it, right?

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