Fw: BCN Prayer Alert: Iran's Khamenei Threatens a "punch" that will "stun" the West

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We all need to be in prayer....(reference the first article)

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Subject: BCN Prayer Alert: Iran's Khamenei Threatens a "punch" that will "stun" the West
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According to news reports, Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made some extremely disturbing comments regarding "the west" on Monday... Read more at: www.breakingchristiannews.com

or copy this link into your browser: http://www.breakingchristiannews.com/articles/display_art.html?ID=7572


gruaud said...

Yes, you better pray.

Iran is going to defeat the US, France, Russia,
the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany with a single
nuclear reactor.

Were you guys always this chickenshit?

ferschitz said...

Brought to by the Military-Industrial complex, who loves war to DEATH because it lines the pockets of the corporate overlords.... I'm talking about you, Dickbreath Cheney & your disgusting mini-me, Lizbot.

Don't hesitate for an instant wondering why these sabres are being rattled. The one & only answer is: to make money, lots and lots and lots of money.

Do these "humans" care about loss of US soldiers lives: ROTFLMAO... ha ha ha ha ha LOL... if you think for one nanosecond that the Demopublic one-party politicians, the rightists or the corporate lobbyists give a rats' patoot about loss of US citizen lives in wartime, then I've got a bridge to nowhere to sell to you!

And it really doesn't matter whether Iran has a nuclear reactor. If it wasn't Iran, then it would be N. Korea, or Yemen, or Somalia, or ... you name it. There's loads of countries out there with brown-skinned people that rightists can get insanely indignant about. Easy as pie. One, two, three & tag you're it.

Of course, it's a two-fer if said country also grows lotsa drugs. The CIA really enjoys trafficking in drugs. Don't expect to get out of Afghanistan for years... that poppy crop is really a gold mine.

Anonymous said...

just a friendly christian reminder that if you don't live every second of your life in cowering pants-wetting fear the terrorists win

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