FW: Glen Beck at CPAC

Date: February 21, 2010 11:25:59 AM CST
Subject: Glen Beck at CPAC

Okay for all you conservatives and you progressives, I think you will find something to your liking in Glen Beck’s speech last night. While Rush did a fantastic job last year, Glen Beck is equally impressive, I have to say. For those of you and that includes me, that always can use a refresher course on American History (some of you slept during these classes in school and I know who you are :-)), Glen does a good job explaining how lessons in history can help us from making the same mistakes. For those of you who want to stick your fingers in your ears and say, nah, nah….what are you afraid of? If Glen talks about truths, then there is really nothing to fear…but fear…(you can quote me on that)….

You have to search out part 1 through part 6. I really suggest that you watch and listen to the last part regarding the Statue of Liberty…

I am glad to be American and yes, there will be a tomorrow morning….one way or the other….

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Anonymous said...

Its just sad reading this. This person, and their "friends" apparently never took 2 seconds to learn American history or anything resembling it, so now they eat up Becks faulty "history" like ice cream. I particularly liked the part in his speech where he railed against that evil, anti-American progressive... Teddy Roosevelt! Guess we better get some dynamite and start clearing off Mt. Rushmore.

For those of you who want to stick your fingers in your ears and say, nah, nah….what are you afraid of? If Glen talks about truths, then there is really nothing to fear…but fear…(you can quote me on that)….

IF! IF IF IF IF IF! IF is the key word here, you moron. If he spoke about truths, he wouldn't be the lying, hysterical sack of crap that he is.

That last sentence reminds me of someone recruiting their friends into a cult. After all, what's to fear since our wise leader speaks the real truth? Gag.

gruaud said...

Calling on progressives to find something to like
spewing out of Beck's cakehole is beyond ignorant.

The money quote:

"For those of you and that includes me, that always
can use a refresher course on American History..."

You are precisely the type of person Beck preys on.

Crack a book for once in your life. A real book,
not the wingnut welfare crap published at a
LOSS by Regnery.

ferschitz said...

I have listened to a little of Beck, and that's about all I could stand. I have no "fear" of what he's telling me because I am educated person capable of doing my own research (which I do regularly), as well as capable of thinking critically, looking a numerous sides of an issue, and, hey, golly gee whiz (here's the money shot): figuring out answers for myself.

Sheesh. Plus, yes, the dumbing down of our educational system has left most voters about as ignorant as possible, which is just what Republics want... stupid voters who want to be led around by the nose and be told what to do.

GUH!! Listening to Beck for more than about 10 seconds causes my brain to melt and come rushing outta my ears, which I guess is the point with those who spend the better parts of their day listening to or watching this clown. Be stupid & as unaware & as incurious as possible & as willing to be led around by the nose & be like a lemming racing madly off of a cliff, if you're going to spend any time listening to weird Glenn.

Weird Glenn is just in the pay of the big fat cat corporations who want the US populace to be stupid and malleable, so that they don't get just how ripped off they are by the corporations. Better to plan it on dirty messicans or eeevul socialist FDR, than to really check out just who's got their hands in your pocket (hint: it's the super wealthy, ya numbskulls).

Anonymous said...

Beck's grasp on reality is pretty loose, but his speech at CPAC took the cake. I guess it isn't hard to get tenure at Boozehound University.

In fact, you could probably get a degree there if you manage to finish watching all of it; I doubt it can be done sober.

Marc with a C said...

I can't be bothered to watch this. Just one questions: does he cry?

ferschitz said...

A lot of rightwing pundits, including the junkie Rush, are apparently fast distancing themselves from Beck and what he spewed at CPAC, although Beck got a lot of cheers for his "speech."

I guess Beck indulges in excoriating Teddy Roosevelt and then castigating John McCain for saying that TR was a hero of McCain's. I guess that leaves Sarah Palin in the dust, too, bc Palin has also said that TR is a hero and role model for her.

Beck has wandered straight into the newly revived (sad to say) John Birch society territory of excoriating TR as starting the dreadedly eeeevul decline of the vast greatness of the USA bc TR, gasp shudder, actually had some values that included preserving the environment and helping each out (gawd forbid & heaven forfend that we should help one another, as Jesus once said). And then the Birchers & Beck also excoriate Woodrow Wilson - another fave whipping boy for working to start the horrors of the abysmal League of Nations, which led to the nasty UN. You can read all about this junk at the John Birch entry on wikipedia, but I've been aware of it for years... goes back to good old Joe McCarthy witch hunt, commies under the bed, days.

These people are fully nutz, but with rightists these days, the fringe is definitely in charge, and the loonier they are, the more barking mad they are, the happy their minions are.

I guess the corporations don't mind, really, because it distracts them from how very much they're being manipulated and ripped off by the fat cats.

and so it goes....

Beck is a well-paid prostitute, who enjoys his job, but he better watch it if Lush Rimjob decides to take a swat at him.

CMcD said...

First of all, wingnut, it's spelled "Glenn," not "Glen."

For a compelling look inside the mind of this psycho, read Salon's profile of Beck. He's a charlatan, a huckster, and a hack; but most of all, he's a standard-issue narcissistic shock jock.

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