Fwd: Fw: Happy Halloween! (and a little political reality)

Steven Crowder redistributes Halloween candy to kids - it doesn't go over too well.
Have a fun, safe, happy Halloween!

Fwd: TRUMP’S BEST CAMPAIGN AD EVER - A Must Watch & Listen


One would have to think this is the best Trump Campaign Ad ever.........!!!!

4 Mysterious Deaths!

Subject: 4 Mysterious Deaths!
Date: August 12, 2016 at 5:07:05 PM MDT
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Subject: 4 Mysterious Deaths!
Have ANY of you heard/seen ANY of this in the ANY news report?????  
Me either!!!

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Fwd: Fw: Guns Don't Kill People

Socialism Makes People Selfish

Subject: Fwd: Socialism Makes People Selfish - YouTube

Read it and watch it ALL the way through.......that is, if you're brave enough to do so.....
Subject: Re: Fw: Socialism Makes People Selfish - YouTube

this is the demplaybook - and all tyrants who subjugate their populations - some Latin America, Africa, Middle East - do it with force and guns -

American dems control with give aways and welfare -  locking vast segment of society in generational dependency - and offering illegal immigrants goodies in trade for their votes - 

its soooo transparent - YUKKKKKK

On Tue, Jul 26,
Fr. Michael sent me this youtube (bottom). It makes me think we have been HAD as a nation; we have been conned "hook line and sinker".
Listening to the Democrat convention and and their socialist spiel convinced me that they are thoroughly brain washed
by the likes of Sanders and company. They want the fee college education ( it's an investment ), free care, a "level playing field" and on and on. They ate it up, they clapped and they cried. They told lies after lies; " 1.5% of the population makes 90% of all the income". Truth: http://www.financialsamurai.com/how-much-money-do-the-top-income-earners-make-percent/
These people have zero understanding of the meaning of the word investment.
Many live hand to mouth and the Democrat party offers hope but no substance. They think of $15 per hour as an entitlement. They see the Federal government as a cradle to grave solution for mankind. That's the Big Lie. To them capitalism is a dirty word. Deep down and not-so-deep they know that our 19 Trillion dollar debt is unsustainable. All they want now is to get their chunk before the collapse. Listen to them talk about Debt Service; it will be a quiet speech.

I just found this guy, and enjoyed his presentation very much. See if you do, as well. 

Hillary (There's only one reason Bill and Hillary are still married)

Sobering thought !!

Subject: Sobering thought !!

 I just want to put something in perspective. 
Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. 
Ginsberg is 82 years old 
Kennedy is 79 
Breyer is 77 
Thomas is 67. 
Nowadays, the data shows that the average age of a Supreme Court retirement or death occurs after 75. 
These are 5 vacancies that will likely come up over the next 4-8 years. The next President will have the power to potentially create a 7-2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology.
Think about that... 7-2.

If the next President appoints 5 young justices, it will****guarantee control of the Supreme Court for an entire generation. And 7-2 decisions will hold up much more over time than 5-4 decisions which are viewed as lacking in mandate.
Hillary has made it clear she will use the Supreme Court to go after the 2nd Amendment. She has literally said that the Supreme Court was wrong in its Heller decision stating that the Court should overturn and remove the individual right to keep and bear arms. Period.
Anyone and Everyone who is saying that they won't vote for one candidate or the other if they are the GOP nominee, please realize this. Hear this! If Hillary Clinton wins and gets to make these appointments, you likely will never see another conservative victory at the Supreme Court level for the rest of your life. Ever.
Whoever is the GOP nominee ... go VOTE for the GOP Nominee!
Remember Romney? Three million conservatives who had voted for McCain did not cast a vote for Romney (for whatever reason) ... and the result was four additional years of Obama.
AND ONE FINAL THOUGHT , she's already on the record as saying that her buddy, Obama "would make a great Supreme Court Justice." 
 Send this to everyone you know!!!!!!


BLACKS OPINION OF GUN CONTROL. Please don't miss this one folks. it's eye opening.

The administration will have to step back and try to find a way out of
this one?

If this doesn't say it, nothing will.  Amazing NRA Support from where
you'd least expect it.

Obama did not see this coming — so please pass it on quickly as it will
most likely be pulled and deleted.


Fw: Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library.

Subject: Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library.

Word for word from the Cornell Law Library - RE: H Clinton

Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library.  

Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that not only is Hillary Clinton's private email server illegal, it "disqualifies" her from holding any federal office.  

Very specifically points to one federal law, United States Code 18. Section 2071.

Code reads:

“(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.  As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

Yes, it explicitly states "shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States."

Shouldn't voters know that?  The media won't tell them.

Fwd: "Short-Circuited"

Fwd: Short-Circuited

Fwd: The 2 Hillary's

The two Hillary's...

Fw: How to launder your money

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 12:03 PM
Subject: How to launder your money

David Brock, who so many years ago wrote the original Clinton scandal- breaking reports for The American Spectator, unleashing the Paula Jones story which eventually led to the Monica Lewinsky story, is now a Clinton lackey and manages some marvelous money shifting in the following attachment.  This has George Soros's fingerprints all over it. 

Fwd: Did you ever wonder how some people or things got there...?

How did this got there ?

FW: WHY the FBI didn't prosecute

Subject: WHY  the F B I  didn't prosecute

It’s logical----------

Worth taking the time to read because this story is starting to leak out from FBI agents and others "who are in the know" inside the Washington beltway! The agents at the FBI are livid that Comey did what he did. They are claiming there was more than sufficient evidence to bring several indictments against Hillary Clinton. It wasn't a slam dunk case, but it had more than a good probability of a conviction for Hillary Clinton. Lynch and Obama made it clear to Comey that if he pressed for an indictment, he would be taking the Democrat nominee for president out of the election. If he failed to get a conviction he would be facing charges of tampering with and changing the outcome of a federal election, to which he would be facing the rest of his life in prison, and Obama and Lynch, as well as others, would see to it that he did. Now you know why he presented his case the way he did and why it was so obvious he was reluctant to not press for an indictment. Hillary's statement to the FBI was intentionally given without a court reporter present or without any recording of her testimony to prevent her from having any further exposure to legal charges like perjury. If she lied to Congress, they have no written FBI deposition to confront Hillary with. This was set up to let her walk without fear of being charged with giving False Testimony or being charged with Obstruction of Justice. This is what those in the "legalese world" call a "Straw Man" legal charge. (It is a charge designed to make someone appear innocent of the charges!) EXAMPLE: Bill beats up Shirley at their home. Bill is arrested for "Felony Spousal Abuse" . Bill's lawyer gets the charges dismissed because Bill is not married to Shirley! (They are only "live in boyfriend and girlfriend".) Bill walks out of court totally exonerated of the charges thanks to a technicality! The twist in the case is the arresting officer knew all along Bill was not married to Shirley because the officer and Bill are old fraternity brothers. The officer intentionally charged Bill with something he knew would not stick. Bill would easily have been convicted of Assault and Battery, but he was not charged with that! This is what is known as the "STRAW MAN" charge. It is how you make a guilty person appear innocent. This is exactly what was done with the Hillary Clinton case! If she had been charged with "Destruction of Government Documents", she would have easily been convicted, because she admitted to doing this! Instead, she was charged with "Mishandling Classified Documents" which has wiggle room for reasonable doubt regarding Criminal Intent! I think citizens are finally fed up with the Clintons and the cesspool of corruption that is our current government. Real Americans are ready to take our country back. All of these years of corruption have taken a toll on American lives. Citizens opinions of a lying White House, a corrupt Congress, the "pay to play" politicians, the legalese lawyers and lobbyists, big overspending "welfare mentality" government, the "looking for a loop hole" justice system, the lying media, and our censored educational system with an agenda to dumb down the next generation, is at the lowest point ever. Hillary is on the wrong side of every issue. The British Exit from the EU (Brexit) is just a small sign that real citizens of civilized nations are ready to take their country back. They are sick of the results of open borders and globalization led by power hungry elites. Hillary Clinton has no character or integrity. She is an arrogant, condescending political elite who is only interested in lining the Clinton pockets with donations to the Clinton Foundation (wink, wink) from PACS, lobbyists, and foreign nations that buy access and favors. The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than an operation used to launder money for the Clintons and other politicians involved in illegal activities. The Clintons are able to use the information of those participating to obtain cover for their activities, or blackmail those who are laundering money through them. Just count the number of politicians who arrive in Washington with nothing, but leave as millionaires and billionaires. Did their votes serve in the best interest of their constituents or did they only benefit themselves? If the representatives of your state fall in this category, then I suggest an investigation be launched.
FYI....It has come to light that Comey was (or still is) on the Board of Directors of the Clinton Foundation.

ED KLEIN who wrote the book on the Clintons - coming out next week -- said Hillary was called to the office of Valerie Jarrett and Obama back in 2009 and told her she had to stop sending emails thru her personal server ---OBVIOUSLY SHE DIDN'T LISTEN TO THEM. So, YES, Obama knew and Jarrett Knew and Huma knew along with how many others!!!! READ ON.....very interesting......
"FBI Director James Comey basically delivered a coded message to the American People and the world. He said...she is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, certainly should not be president and should be brought to justice ..however our country has been infiltrated and is basically corrupt!
Lynch and Obama made it clear to him...if he pressed for an indictment, he would be taking the Democrat nominee for president out of the election...If....he then failed to get a conviction...he would be facing charges of tampering with and changing the outcome of a federal election to which he would be facing the rest of his life in prison...
Now you know why he presented his case the way he did and why it was so obvious he was reluctant to not press for indictment.
Also....The key is in what Comey said...80 email chains.....that means an exchange between people...Hillary sending AND RECEIVING.....so if he charges Hillary he has to charge the others in the chain...what if the exchange is with Obama...it is not a stretch to think the Sec of State would be in email contact with POTUS (PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES)....
Let's just say...Bill went to Loretta and said shut this down...or elsif Hillary is charged she will tell under oath that some of the emails were with the President...so he is also guilty of a felony...THAT is IMPEACHABLE...the Republicans would go for it...the Dem would yell racism and the country erupts in violence......Lynch tells Comey...you better watch it or you could be to blame for violence tearing this country part...what is he to do???...So Comey takes 20 minutes spelling out everything bad Hillary did....just like a trial in public.....then stops short to prevent any unrest......"

Fw: Give him credit--Bill tried

Bill Clinton certainly told a lovely fairy tale  about his and Hillary's romance; here is the truth, told by one who should know.
Is Trump too thin-skinned?  Does he lack control in the face of criticism, reacting by attacking ad hominem?  YES to both. 
Unfortunately, we, the voters, must choose between 2 evils; decide which is the lesser.

Bill's Speech Fact Checked
This is all documented in the movie "Hillary's America and the Democratic Party."  If it's not in a theater near you, since viewing was cut short, please try to see through other channels

Posted by Dick Morris:
Bill Clinton's folksy and specially Arkansas accented speech at the DCM on 7-27, painted a very positive picture of his former girlfriend and later wife, Hillary. "He wanted to share some things we may not know about Hillary's background", but the facts prove to be quite a different story. Below are just a few factual corrections:
Bill says: "In law school Hillary worked on legal services for the poor."
Facts are: Hillary's main extra-curricular activity in 'Law School' was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a 'Federal Agent.' She went to Court every day as part of a Law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal.
Bill says: "Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a Children's rights project for poor kids."
Facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him.
Bill says: "Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers."
Facts are: She flunked the D.C. bar exam, 'Yes', flunked it, it is a matter of record, and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas, 'None', and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She did not join the prestigious Rose Law Firm until Bill became Arkansas Attorney General and was made a partner only after he was elected Arkansas Governor.
Bill says: "President Carter appointed Hillary to the Legal Services Board of Directors and she became its Chairman."
Facts are: The appointment was in exchange for Bill's support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary then became chairman in a coup in which she won a majority away from Carter's choice to be chairman.
Bill says: "She served on the board of the Arkansas Children's Hospital."
Facts are: Yes she did. But her main board activity, not mentioned by Bill, was to sit on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors, for a substantial fee. She was silent about their labor and health care practices.
Bill says: "Hillary didn't succeed at getting health care for all Americans in 1994 but she kept working at it and helped to create the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides five million children with health insurance."
Facts are: Hillary had nothing to do with creating CHIP. It was included in the budget deal between Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Senator Trent Lott. I know; I helped to negotiate the deal. The money came half from the budget deal and half from the Attorney Generals' tobacco settlement. Hillary had nothing to do with either source of funds.
Bill says: "Hillary was the face of America all over the World."(LOL) Facts are: Her visits were part of a program to get her out of town so that Bill would not appear weak by feeding stories that Hillary was running the White House. Her visits abroad were entirely touristic and symbolic and there was no substantive diplomacy on any of them.
Bill says: "Hillary was an excellent Senator who kept fighting for Children's and Women's issues."
Facts are: Other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names on courthouses and post offices, she has passed only four substantive pieces of legislation. One set up a national park in Puerto Rico. A second provided respite care for family members helping their relatives through Alzheimer's or other conditions. And two were routine bills to aid 911 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire N.Y. delegation. Presently she is trying to have the US memorialize Woodstock.
Here is what bothers me more than anything else about Hillary Clinton. She has done everything possible to weaken the President and our Country (that's you and me) when it comes to the 'War on Terror'.
1. She wants to close GITMO and move the combatants to the USA where they would have access to our legal system.
2. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of suspected Al Qaeda phone calls to/from the USA.
3. She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the battlefield.
4. She wants to eliminate the monitoring of money transfers between suspected Al Qaeda cells and supporters in the USA.
5. She wants to eliminate the type of interrogation tactics used by the Military & CIA where coercion might be used when questioning known terrorists even though such tactics might save American lives.
One cannot think of a single 'Bill', Hillary has introduced or a single comment she has made that would tend to strengthen our Country in the 'War on Terror'. But, one can think of a lot of comments she has made that weaken our Country and makes it a more dangerous situation for all of us.
Bottom line: She goes hand in hand with the ACLU on far too many issues where common sense is abandoned.
By Dick Morris, former senior political advisor to President Bill Clinton
As a final note: You might want to see the movie."Hillary's America and the Democratic Party"… presented in a very factual way!!!

Short Story

A man on his Harley was  riding along a California beach when 
suddenly the sky clouded  above his head and, in a booming voice, 
God said, "Because you  have tried to be faithful to me in all ways, 
I will grant you  one wish."

The biker pulled over and said, "Build a  bridge to Hawaii so I can 
ride over anytime I want.”

God replied, "Your request is materialistic; think of the enormous 
challenges for that kind of undertaking; the supports required 
reaching the bottom of the Pacific and the concrete and steel it 
would take! I can do it, but it is hard for me to justify your 
desire for worldly things. Take a little more time and think of 
something that could possibly help mankind.”

The biker  thought about it for a long time. Finally, he said, "God, I 
wish that I, and all men, could understand women; I want to know 
how she feels inside, what she's thinking when she gives me the 
silent treatment, why she cries, what she means when she says 
nothing's wrong, why she snaps and complains when I try to help, 
and how I can make a woman truly happy.”

God replied: 
"You want two lanes or four on that bridge...?"

Ole' Blue

 Fwd: Ole' Blue

A young Arkansas boy goes off to college. Half way through the semester,
having foolishly squandered all of his money on his girlfriend, he calls

"Dad," he says, "You won't believe what modern education is developing!
They actually have a program here at Hendrix that will teach our dog, Ole'
Blue how to talk!"

"That's amazing," his Dad says. "How do I get Ole' Blue in that program?"

"Just send him over here with $1,000" the young Arkie says "and I'll get
him in the course."

So, his Father sends the dog and $1,000.

About two-thirds of the way through the semester, the money again runs out.

The boy calls home.

"So how's Ole' Blue doing son?" his Father asks.

"Awesome, Dad, he's talking up a storm," he says, "but you just won't
believe this -- they've had such good results they have started to teach the
animals how to read!"

"Read!?" says his Father, "No kidding! How do we get Blue in that program?"

"Just send $2,500, I'll get him in the class."

The money promptly arrives. The Arkie and his girlfriend are able to buy
enough marijuana to last the whole semester. But our hero has a problem. At
the end of the year, his Father will find out the dog can neither talk, nor
read. Even though he was always pretty much able to lie his way out of
trouble, the Arkie asked his girlfriend to help him think of a really good
lie to tell his Dad.

She very quickly came up with a plan for him.

So she has him shoot the dog.

When he arrives home at the end of the year, his Father is all excited.

"Where's Ole' Blue? I just can't wait to see him read something and talk!"

"Dad," the boy says, "I have some grim news.  Yesterday morning, just
before we left to drive home, Ole' Blue was in the living room, kicked back
in the recliner, reading the Wall Street Jo urnal, like he usually does".

"Then Ole' Blue turned to me and asked, so, is your Daddy still messing
around with that little redhead who lives down the street?"

The Father went white and exclaimed, "I hope you shot that lying damn dog
before he talks to your Mother!"

"I sure did, Dad!"

"That's my boy!"

The kid married his girlfriend, they both went on to law school in
Fayetteville . He became Governor of Arkansas and President of the United
States , and you already know what a lying bitch his girlfriend turned out
to be!

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