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Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams and a tough old U.S. Marine
Sergeant were captured by terrorists in Iraq.
The leader of the terrorists told them he'd grant each of them one last
request before they were beheaded and dragged naked through the streets.

Katie Couric said, 'Well, I'm a Southerner, so I'd like one last plate of
fried chicken.'

The leader nodded to an underling who left and returned with the chicken.
Couric ate it all and said, 'Now I can die content..'

Charlie Gibson said, 'I'm living in ' New York, so I'd like to hear the
song, The Moon and Me, one last time.'

The terrorist leader nodded to another terrorist who had studied the Western
world and knew the music. He returned with some rag-tag musicians and played
the song.

Gibson was satisfied.

Brian Williams said, 'I'm a reporter to the end. I want to take out my tape
recorder and describe the scene here and what's about to happen.
Maybe, someday, someone will hear it and know that I was on the job till the

The leader directed an aide to hand over the tape recorder and Williams
dictated his comments.

He then said, 'Now I can die happy.'

The leader turned and said, 'And now, Mr. U.S. Marine, what is your final

'Kick me in the ass,' said the Marine.

'What?' asked the leader, 'Will you mock us in your last hour?'

'No, I'm NOT kidding. I want you to kick me in the ass,' insisted the

So the leader shoved him into the yard and kicked him in the ass.

The Marine went sprawling, but rolled to his knees, pulled a 9 mm pistol
from inside his cammies and shot the leader dead.
In the resulting confusion, he emptied his sidearm on six terrorists, then
with his knife he slashed the throat of one, and with an AK-47, which he
took, sprayed the rest of the terrorists killing another 11.

In a flash, all of them were either dead or fleeing for their lives.

As the Marine was untying Couric, Gibson, and Williams, they asked him, 'Why
didn't you just shoot them all in the first place? Why did you ask him to
kick you in the ass?'

'What?' replied the Marine, 'and have you three assholes report that I was
the aggressor......?

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Fw: Fw: Diversity our greatest asset????

Diversity our greatest asset????


It cannot be said often enough that the chief of staff of the United States Army, Gen. George Casey, responded to a massacre of 13 Americans in which the suspect is a Muslim by saying: "Our diversity ... is a strength."

As long as the general has brought it up: Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem. Look at Ireland with its Protestant and Catholic populations, Canada with its French and English populations, Israel with its Jewish and Palestinian populations.

Or consider the warring factions in India , Sri Lanka , China , Iraq , Czechoslovakia (until it happily split up), the Balkans and Chechnya . Also look at the festering hotbeds of tribal warfare -- I mean the beautiful mosaics -- in Third World hellholes like Afghanistan, Rwanda and South Central, L.A.

"Diversity" is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought.. True, America does a better job than most at accommodating a diverse population. We also do a better job at curing cancer and containing pollution. But no one goes around mindlessly exclaiming: "Cancer is a strength!" "Pollution is our greatest asset!"

Fw: Planning ahead 2010, 2012, 2014...a good plan

Planning ahead 2010, 2012, 2014

All I ask is that you consider the suggestion here.

The entire Congress of the United States is corrupt. And I mean both Houses and I mean both major parties..

I realize that a few Members of each House are trustworthy, but, as a group they are absolutely the most corrupt bunch to ever disgrace our Nation.

In November of 2010 the entire House of Representatives will stand for re-election; all 435 of them. One third of the Senate, a total of 33 of them, will also stand for re-election. Vote every incumbent out.

And I mean every one of them. No matter their Party affiliation. Let's start all over in the House of Representatives with 435 people who have absolutely no experience in running that body, with no political favors owed to anyone but their own constituents. Let's make them understand that they work for us. They are answerable to us and they simply have to run that body with some common sense.

Two years later, in 2012, vote the next third of the incumbents in the Senate out.

We can do the same thing in 2014 and, by that time we will have put all new people in that body as well.

We, the People, have got to take this Country back and we HAVE to do it peacefully.

That's what the Framers of our Constitution envisioned.

I am also suggesting term limits on the new bunch: 8 years for Representatives and 12 years for Senators, no exceptions. The longer they stay in office, the more power they get, and they love it and will do anything to get re-elected.

We have term-limited the President, now lets term-limit the Legislators.

Please, if you love this Country, send this (as I have done) to absolutely everyone whose email address appears in your address book.

This thing can permeate this Country in no time. Let's make it happen.

Don't just delete this - please pass it on and give our Country a fighting chance.


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Fw: Welcome to Ontario

Fw: Patriotism

I can only send this to a few close friends, because Patriotismis not a national thing anymore!

Every once in a while you see a simple act

of patriotism that just fills your heart with

so much pride that you get lumps in your


What can I say


Fw: My new AARP Card

I joined the new AARP.....

Let me get this straight. Obama's health care plan will be written by a committee whose Chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress which hasn't read it, signed by a President who smokes, funded by a Treasury Chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that is nearly broke.
What could possibly go wrong?

Fwd: Guess I Won't Be Drinking Starbucks EVER!

Curator's note: This RW FWD: is a repeat of this January, 2008 classic. The new version below has some added "facts" and hilarity that make it worth posting again. For debunkification, click here.

check this out - it was written by a real life solider - read the whole thing as it only gets more shocking

Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 4:27 PM

-------Original Message------- From: RONDate: 11/4/2009 7:41:00 AMTo: LBSubject: Guess I Won't Be Drinking Starbucks EVER!

Subject: Guess I Won't Be Drinking Starbucks EVER!

Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, or anyone in it, and that they would not send the troops
their brand of coffee.

So, as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by buying any of their products! I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting! street-to-street and house-to-house.

If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will never know.

Thanks very much for your support. I know you'll all be there again when I deploy once more.

Semper Fidelis
Sgt. Howard C. Wright
1st Force Recon Co
1st Plt PLT


Also, don't forget that when the Twin Trade Towers were hit the fire fighters and rescue workers went to Starbucks because it was close by for water for the survivors and workers and Starbucks charged them!


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Fw: Fw: Dear Grim Reaper

Dear Grim Reaper,

So far this year you have taken away my favorite dancer Michael Jackson, my favorite actor Patrick Swayze, my favorite singer Stephen Gately and my favorite actress Farah Fawcett.

Just so you know, my favorite politician is Barack Obama.


Fw: Israeli Tennis team in Sweden[Spam score: 8%][Scanned]

-- On Mon, 11

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Subject: Fw: Israeli Tennis team in Sweden[Spam score: 8%][Scanned]
Check this out !
Is this religious freedom ?
Or freedom of violence ?
Phillip----- Original Message --

Not only disturbing but frightening
When the Israeli tennis team came to play in Sweden ,most of the public was barred from the stadium,
because the Israelis ‘safety could not be guaranteed. See why in the video .
Click on the link below and Turn on your sound
Forward to all the world

FW: Strange Old Tool Revived

NOTE: The tool has recently been loaned out from the Smithsonian Institution, revived and put back into use by the Obama Administration.

Fw: The Dinner Roll ...

The Dinner Roll ...

Once upon a time I was invited to the White House for a private dinner with the President.

I am a respected businessman, with a factory that produces memory chips for computers and portable electronics.

There was some talk that my industry was being scrutinized by the administration, but I paid it no mind. I live in a free country. There's nothing that the government can do to me if I've broken no laws. My wealth was earned honestly, and an invitation to dinner with an American President is an honor.

I checked my coat, was greeted by the Chief of Staff, and joined the President in a yellow dining room.

We sat across from each other at a table draped in white linen. The Great Seal was embossed on the china. Uniformed staff served our dinner.

The meal was served , and I was startled when my waiter suddenly reached out, plucked a dinner roll off my plate and began nibbling it as he walked back to the kitchen..

" Sorry ' bout that," said the President. "Andrew is very hungry."

"I don't appreciate...." I began, but as I looked into the calm brown eyes across from me, I felt immediately guilty and petty. It was just a dinner roll. "Of course," I concluded, and reached for my glass.

Before I could, however, another waiter reached forward, took the glass away and swallowed the wine in a single gulp. "And his brother, Eric, is very thirsty," said the President..

I didn't say anything. The President is testing my compassion, I thought. I withheld my comments and decided to play along. I don't want to seem unkind..

My plate was whisked away before I had tasted a bite.

"Eric's children are also quite hungry."

With a lurch, I crashed to the floor. My chair had been pulled out from under me.

I stood, brushing myself off angrily, and watched as it was carried from the room.

And their grandmother can't stand for long."

I excused myself, smiling outwardly, but inside feeling like a fool. Obviously I had been invited to the White House to be sport for some game. I reached for my coat, to find that it had been taken.

I turned back to the President.

"Their grandfather doesn't like the cold."

I wanted to shout, "that was my coat!" But again, I looked at the placid smiling face of my host and decided I was being a poor sport. I spread my hands helplessly and chuckled.

Then I felt my hip pocket and realized my wallet was gone. I excused myself and walked to a phone on an elegant side table.

I learned shortly that my credit cards had been maxed out, my bank accounts emptied, my retirement and equity portfolios had vanished, and my wife had been thrown out of our home.

Apparently, the waiters and their families were moving in. The President hadn't moved or spoken as I learned all this, but finally I lowered the phone into its cradle and turned to face him.

"Andrew's whole family has made bad financial decisions. They haven't planned for retirement and they need a house. They recently defaulted on a subprime mortgage. I told them they could have your home. They need it more than you do."

My hands were shaking. I felt faint. I stumbled back to the table and knelt on the floor.

The President cheerfully cut his meat, ate his steak, and drank his wine. I lowered my eyes and stared at the small grey circles on the tablecloth that were water drops.

"By the way," he added , "I have just signed an Executive Order nationalizing your factories.

I'm firing you as head of your business. I'll be operating the firm now for the benefit of all mankind.

There's a whole bunch of Erics and Andrews out there and they can't come to you for jobs groveling like beggars.."

I looked up. The President dropped his spoon into the empty ramekin which had been his crème Brule.

He drained the last drops of his wine. As the table was cleared, he lit a cigarette and leaned back in his chair.

He stared at me.. I clung to the edge of the table as if it were a ledge and I were a man hanging over an abyss.

I thought of the years behind me, of the life I had lived. The life I had earned with a lifetime of work, risk and struggle.

Why was I punished? How had I allowed it to be taken? What game had I played and lost? I looked across the table and noticed with some surprise that there was no game board between us.

What had I done wrong?

As if answering the unspoken thought, the President suddenly cocked his head, locked his empty eyes to mine, and bared a million teeth, chuckling wryly as he folded his hands.

"You should have stopped me at the dinner roll," he said.


Fw: A Marine's Rant

This one pretty much says it all.

Jim Boyd is a graduate of the University of Texas, Captain and Pilot in the US Marines. He flew 200 combat missions in Phantom Jets over Vietnam.

Today is the Marine Corps birthday. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. Since I am both, please indulge me this rant.

This should go to Congress and the White House, but they wouldn't read it, nor would they give a shit.

Last week a "muslim terrorist", parading as a Army Major, shot and killed 13 soldiers and civilians, and wounded some 30 more. A cop took him down after he managed to get off about 100 rounds while shouting some "allah is great" spit.

Our so called "commander-in chief", barack huessin obama, urged restraint until the facts are known. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, general casey, implored that violence not be carried out against "muslim" members of the armed services. The head of homeland security, janet napolitano was in the Middle-East reassuring "muslims" that they should have no fear of backlash from the
United States. The commanding general of Ft. Hood, the largest military installation in the United States, general cone, said religion did not come into play in the shootings. Once again the victims are shoved under the bus for political correctness. Lack of capital letters is not a mistake, just lack of respect.

The politicians, obama and napolitano are repugnant, empty suits. The military commanders are a little short of the stature of Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower. More of the ilk of westmoreland.

I would venture to guess, if a Marine Officer born in Texas, with a given name of Jimmy Doyle, wrote 20 e-mails to white supremists, while protesting the war and extolling the greatness of suicide bombers and the death of U.S. soldiers, would have been immediately arrested, court martialed, convicted of treason, imprisoned, then given a dishonorable discharge. This bag of shit was promoted, sent to
Fort Hood to counsel and teach, and then carry out his cowardly attack on unarmed soldiers.

obama doesn't allow the word "terrorist" to be used in his administration. F--- him, this was a terrorist attack by a member of radical islamics that want us all dead.

The country is fighting a war on two fronts, facing real economic unemployment of 20 %, and this group is hell bent on destroying the best healthcare in the world.

Where is the outrage? I hope it didn't end with the tea parties. I hope it is starting with
New Jersey and Virginia.

Semper Fi


P.S. Please feel free to send this to someone it might offend.

Fw: Letter

Curator's note: The "letter" originally came to the museum as a link to a pdf. The link and the text are below.

Great Letter. We should all come together and respond when the time comes. What do you think?

Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 09:06:39 -0600

This was sent to me by a friend of mine. I like it



From Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson

We lived in California during the winters of 2007 and 2008. We became addicted to Fox News and
watched O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes every night. When we got back home, we upgraded our
cable to get Fox. I watched the Presidential campaign very closely. Initially because I thought the
Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and then in astonishment when they chose an even
more hard-left candidate. All of last year I told everyone I could that Obama was not a Democrat,
he was a Marxist. He is far to the left of any European leader and even our far left party, the NDP.

I read Saul Alinsky when I was in University. I studied him and his writing carefully. When Bill
Ayers and his idiot wife were bombing and killing people at random in the Weather Underground.
Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were closely allied. I read David Horowitz's account
of changing from a Marxist to a conservative after seeing that the government was afraid to
prosecute members of the Panthers for murdering his personal assistant. He suddenly
understood the evil that Marxism really was.

After the student radicals failed in creating a Marxist revolution in the United States by violent
means, they embraced Alinsky. You would be wise to read "Rules for Radicals" because it
outlines how Hillary and Obama planned to get into power, and what they intended to do when
they got it.
Socialism is not the correct descriptor for what Obama and the Democrats are doing. They are
going to be much more far reaching than anything Sweden has ever been able to do.

Obama is
following Alinsky's plans, those set out in "Rules for Radicals" and his other writing. The
Democrats are attempting to create one party rule in the U.S. and in achieving that, will create
crisis after crisis by their own actions and use those crisis to nationalize the means of production
in the U.S. You are in the middle of a communist revolution and few in the U.S. can actually see it
for what it truly is.

The U.S. . is now on the path of financial destruction. The Constitution has been shredded and
individual human rights are being trampled. In less than 8 months. Obama has used a recession
to take over the two largest industries in the U.S. He will debase the Dollar and is on the road to
creating an incredible energy shortage that will allow him and Congress to take over the energy

But by and large I think that by the 2010 elections, the Democrats will have gerrymandered
electoral districts to the point that it will be impossible for them to lose control of both houses of
Congress. The incredible increase in the money supply is going to create Zimbabwe and
Venezuela style inflation, and with it, controls on the currency and the amount of money that can
be taken out of the country.

I love America , I cannot believe how the ignorance of the American public has created a situation
whereby they are going to lose their Republic and slip into an age of repression and tyranny.
I may be nuts, but so far I have been 100% in my predictions of what Obama was going to do,
because I merely had to look at "Rules for Radicals" to see what was coming next.

I read Glenn Beck's book, "Common Sense" and in it re-read Thomas Paines pamphlet with the
same name. I recommend the book.
When the storm finally hits (and it will), those of you who supported the Obama administration will
be affected as well. It won't just be us gun owners or Flat-Taxers, or Pro-Lifers that get hit. You'll
be right there next to us.

You all thought the Conservatives were nut cases. You know, all of us who believe in God, small
government, the Second Amendment, etc. You thought you could just go back to sleep after the
election was over. In your world, America will continue as before. You'll still have the same rights,
the same nice house, the same big screen television. After all, your high school football team won
and the other team lost - go team! Even if you have bothered to look up from the daily grind since
Nov 4th, you dismissed everything that has occurred as "politics as usual-the same old stuff".

In the end, it'll all be OK won't it? Not this time. There are a growing number of citizens in the US that are ready to fight to shut down the
government's grab of personal freedom, it's blatant abuse of the constitution, and it's attempt to
replace the American way of life with socialism. You have to listen carefully to hear them, but they
are there. I won't start that fight, but when it goes down I will join it.
As for you, why, you'll be shocked because you didn't see it coming. And eventually you'll be
saddened when you see that we have truly lost the way of life with which you grew up.

You'll be
saddened that your children and grandchildren live in a socialist, government-controlled gulag
where their every movement from cradle to grave is tracked by the government. But most of all,
you'll be saddened by the death of friends and relatives who are brave enough to fight and die for
something they believe in.
You know, McCain wasn't much of a candidate. I'll give you that. He was the lesser of two evils for
most of us.

I don't blame you for not voting for him since, at the time, you didn't know what we all

know now. But at least John McCain was an American. He was a supporter of the American way of
life and he understood that you can't negotiate with terrorists. He understood and appreciated the
sacrifice made by my father and other members of the Greatest Generation.

Mark my words friends. All across America groups are forming. They are forming out of anger and
out of desperation at the thought of losing America . They're not militia groups, terrorists as the
Department of Homeland security would have you believe; they are Americans, loyal to the

They are mothers and fathers and grandparents. They belong to groups like the

Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, the Peaceful Resistance, the Constitution Party, the Young
Conservatives, the 9/12 Project, and Grassfire. Right now they are fragmented, each focused on
their own cause. But sometime in the next two years, our government is going to do something
really stupid and these groups will come together. Watch for it, wait for it-get ready. It will happen.

When that event happens, whatever "it" is, our great country is going to plunge into chaos for a
while. I pray to God that we make it through that time and emerge a stronger, smarter country.

Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson, jerrywilson@centurytel.net
Live Free or Die Fighting

Fw: Because it went click...LL

To: undisclosed recipients
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2009 11:00 AM
Subject: Fw: Because it went click...LL

MARCH 5th, 2009

Last Thursday Night Around Midnight,
A Woman From Houston , Texas Was Arrested,
Jailed, And Charged With Manslaughter
For Shooting A Man 6 Times In The Back
As He Was Running Away With Her Purse.

The Following Monday Morning,
The Woman Was Called In Front Of The
Arraignment Judge, Sworn In,
And Asked To Explain Her Actions.

The Woman Replied,
"I Was Standing At The Corner Bus Stop
For About 15 Minutes, Waiting For The
Bus To Take Me Home After Work..
I Am A Waitress At A Local Cafe....

I Was There Alone,
So I Had My Right Hand On My Pistol,
That Was In My Purse, That Was Hung
Over My Left Shoulder.

All Of A Sudden I Was Being
Spun Around Hard To My Left.
As I Caught My Balance, I Saw A Man
Running Away From Me With My Purse.

I Looked Down At My Right Hand And I Saw
That My Fingers Were Wrapped Tightly
Around My Pistol.
The Next Thing I Remember Is Saying Out Loud,
"No Way Punk! Your Not Stealing My
Pay Check And Tips."

I Raised My Right Hand, Pointed My Pistol
At The Man Running Away From Me With My Purse,
And Squeezed The Trigger Of My Pistol 6 Times!

When Asked By The Arraignment Judge,
"Why Did You Shoot The Man 6 Times?

The Woman Replied Under Oath,
"Because, When I Pulled The Trigger The 7th Time, It Only Went Click."

The Woman Was Acquitted Of All Charges.
And She Was Back At Work,
At The Cafe, The Next Day!
Now that's Gun Control....

Fwd: Golf Czar

Obama has now appointed a Golf Czar. Announcements were just made of
major rule changes in the game of golf which will become effective
March 2010. This is only a preview as the complete rule book is being
rewritten as we speak. Here are a few basic changes:

Golfers with handicaps - below 10 will have their green fees increased
by 35%. - between 11 and 18 will see no increase in green fees. -
above 18 will get a $25 check each time they play.

The dollar amount placed in bets will be as follows: -for handicaps
below 10, an additional $10. -between 11 and 18, no additional amount.
-above 18, you will receive the total amount in the pot even if you do
not play.

The term "gimme" will be changed to "entitlement" and will be used
as follows: -handicaps below 10, no entitlements. -handicaps from 11
to 17, entitlements for putter length putts. -handicaps above 18, if
your ball is on green, no need to putt, just pick it up.
These entitlements are intended to bring about fairness and, most
importantly, equality in scoring.

In addition, a Player will be limited to a maximum of one birdie or
six pars in any given round. Any excess must be given to those fellow
players who have not yet scored a birdie or par. Only after all
players have received a birdie or par from the player actually making
the birdie or par,can that player begin to count his pars and birdies

The current USGA handicap system will be used for the above purposes
but the term 'net score' will be available only for scoring those
players with handicaps of 18 and above. This is intended to
'redistribute' the success of winning by making sure that in every
competition, the above 18 handicap players will post only 'net score'
against every other player's gross score.

These new Rules are intended to CHANGE the game of golf.

Golf must be about Fairness. It should have nothing to do with Ability.

FW: Nidal Hasan on Obama Team

Follow the directions in red!!!
Now we have a little insight into why Obama said to not jump to conclusions about Nidal Hasan and why Congressmen were not briefed before the press leak.

This murdering Muslim Terrorist who killed and wounded the soldiers and civilians at Ft Hood, Texas was an advisor to Obama's Homeland Security team. Look on page 29 of the Homeland Security Institute link below.

I wonder how many more skeletons there are to come to of the cupboard. Who else is there in the government or its numerous advisors or Czars that will harm our country and citizens?

http://www.gwumc.edu/hspi/old/PTTF_ProceedingsReport_05.19.09.pdf Go to document's page number 29, scroll down toward the botton on the Left Column

Please send this link to everybody on your email list. The world needs to know who Obama really is. This is very scary guys.

Fw: Unbelievable President (SG)]

Even workers get Workman's compensation when they get hurt on the job! Everyday, it seems, this president is revealing his value system. If anyone disagrees with his decisions then they are considered racists.

Unbelievable President



Bad press, including major mockery of the plan by comedian Jon Stewart, led to President Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 million annual cost to the federal government of treatment for injuries to military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The President admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.

"Look, it's an all volunteer force," Obama complained. "Nobody Made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks... Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute.." "I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, "Obama continued. "I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans."

Please pass this on to every one including every vet and their families whom you know.

How in the world did a person with this mind set become our leader? I didn't vote for him!!!

REMEMBER THIS STATEMENT... "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice?

If this A** thinks he will ever get another vote from an Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard service member or veteran of a military service he ought to think it over. If you or a family member is or has served their country please pass this to them. Please pass this to everyone.

I'm guessing that other than the 20-25 percent hardcore liberals in the US will agree that this is just another example why this is the worst president in American history. Remind everyone over and over how this man thinks, while he bows to the Saudi Arabian king and the Japanese Emperor.

FW: Woman With the Biggest Boobs in history!

Woman With the Biggest Boobs in history!

This is so bad I am only sending it out to certain people that I thought could handle it.

photo of a woman with the two biggest boobs I have ever seen....

I knew you would love it!!!

FW: At Fort Hood-The Crotch Salute Returns

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 8:03 PM
Subject: FW: At Fort Hood-The Crotch Salute Returns

From a buddy of mine. I think the guy is a total asshole

Subject: At Fort Hood-The Crotch Salute Returns

This guy hates America, our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Our freedom
and our way of life. He has vowed to FUNAMENTALLY CHANGE this country and
he is doing it as he spits in the face of every GOD fearing JESUS loving
person in this country. He flaunts his distain for our flag and the
National Anthem in full view of the world and no one says a thing.

Dear GOD please forgive us for turning our backs on YOU. Please don't turn
your back on us.

*The Crotch Salute Returns*

- **
- **



At Ft Hood Memorial Service this week.


Curator's note: The text of this FWD: was originally intended to be directed at the "liberal media," but some RWD along the way apparently inserted "TO BARACK OBAMA" into the subject line.



We regret to inform you that your services and the services of those who work for you are no longer needed or desired by the American people. This termination is the result of your poor performance and your inability to provide truthful, accurate and factual information to your employers; the American people. Most recently, your infractions include but are not limited to:

1. Your Refusal To Inquire As To Why Barack Hussein Obama Continually Refuses To Provide A Valid Copy Of His Actual Birth Certificate To The American People.

2. Your Refusal To Inquire As To Why Team Obama Has Spent As Much As 1.5 Million Dollars To Obstruct Efforts By American Citizens That Would Compel Obama To Produce A Valid Birth Certificate.

3. Your Refusal To Inquire As To Why The Democratic National Committee Produced And Notarized Two Separate Documents Certifying The Candidacy Of Barack Hussein Obama And Why The Phrase "Legally Qualified To Serve Under The Provisions Of The United States Constitution" Is Conspicuously Missing From The Second Certification.

You were issued multiple warnings of your poor performance in the form of rapidly declining circulation rates and ratings, and you chose to not only disregard these warnings but engage in rank and derisive insubordination toward your employers; namely the American people. This termination shall become effective shortly, at that time, please remove all personal belongings from your desk and exit in an orderly fashion.



FW: a well-written note from a lady---

a well-written note from a lady---

What a
wonderful discourse of the feelings and frustrations of
millions of Americans. I'm sure there are many
more who feel like writing something like this, but just
don't. This lady keeps her cool (a lot
better than I could do if I had written

Hope you will pass
it on.

Dear President

Today I read of your
administrations plan to re-define September 11 as a National
Service Day. Sir, it's time we had a talk.

During your campaign,
Americans watched as you made mockery of our tradition of
standing and crossing your heart when the Pledge of
Allegiance was spoken. You, out of four people on the
stage, were the only one not honoring our tradition.
We noticed.

During one of your
many speeches, Americans heard you say that you intended to
visit all 57 states. We all know that Islam, not
America , has 57 states. We noticed.

When President Bush
leaned over at Ground Zero and gently placed a flower on the
memorial, you tossed your flower onto the pile without
leaning over. We noticed.

Every time you apologized to other countries for America's position on
an issue we have wondered why you don't share our pride
in this great country. When you have heard foreign
leaders berate our country and our beliefs, you have not
defended us. We noticed.

When your pastor of 20 years damned America and said that 9/11 was "
America's chickens coming home to roost" and you
denied having heard recriminations of that nature, we
wondered how that could be. When you later
disassociated yourself from that church and pastor because
it was politically expedient to do so, we noticed.

When you announced that you would transform America , we wondered why.
With all her faults, America is the greatest country on
earth. Sir, if not for America and the people who
built her, you wouldn't be sitting in the White House
now. Prior to your election to the highest office in
this country, you were a senator from Illinois and from what
we can glean from the records available, not a remarkable
one. We noticed.

All through your campaign and even now, you have surrounded yourself with
individuals who are basically unqualified for the positions
you appointed them to. Worse than that, the majority
of them are people who, like you, bear no special affection
or respect for this country and her traditions. We

You are 6 months into your term and every morning millions of Americans
wake up to a new horror heaped on us by you. You seek to saddle
working Americans with a health care/insurance reform
package that, along with cap and trade, will bankrupt this
nation. We noticed.

We seek, by protesting, to let our representatives know that we are not
in favor of these crippling expenditures and we are labeled
"un-American", racist". We wonder how
we are supposed to let you know how frustrated we are.
You have attempted to make our protests seem isolated.
We noticed.

On September 11, 2001 there were no Republicans or Democrats, only
Americans. And we all grieved together and helped each
other in whatever way we could. The attack on 9/11 was
carried out because we are Americans. And we noticed.

There were many of us who prayed that as a black president you could help
unite this nation even more. In six months you have done
more to destroy this nation than anyone since 9/11.
You have failed us. We noticed.

September 11 is a day of remembrance for all Americans. You propose to
make 9/11 a "National Service Day".
While we know that you don't share our reverence for
9/11, we pray that history will report your proposal as what
it is...a disgrace.

When Americans come together again, it will be to remove you from office.
You have made a mockery of our Constitution and the office
that you hold. You have embarrassed and slighted us in
foreign visits and policy.

We have noticed all these things. We will deal with you.

Faye Parrish
46 Pine Forest Circle Bunnell, FL

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