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Subject: Fwd: Why the NFL is losing fans....
FYI. BTW if you agree with this email you are a racist because everyone depicted in this email is black. We are so into “identity politics” that “who does what” is irrelevant. Performance, whether good or bad, is no longer relevant. What is relevant is your skin color, and if it is black, brown, red, or anything not white, do not judge. But if the skin color is white, and something bad was done, OMG, that person is totally guilty. But if the skin color was not white, and something bad happened, whatever happened was not racist, because the good people are anyone not white.

What a bunch of B.S.!!!

GO NFL…die quickly.  

Why the NFL is losing fans....

NFL arrest record by team since 2000
Team # of Arrests Since 2000
Minnesota Vikings 42
Cincinnati Bengals 40
Denver Broncos 36
Tennessee Titans 33
Miami Dolphins 28
Kansas City Chiefs 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 27
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
Cleveland Browns 26
San Diego Chargers 25
Indianapolis Colts 24
Chicago Bears 23
Seattle Seahawks 20
New Orleans Saints 20
Washington Redskins 18
Oakland Raiders 18
Baltimore Ravens 18
Carolina Panthers 18
Green Bay Packers 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Atlanta Falcons 16
San Francisco 49ers 16
Detroit Lions 15
New England Patriots 15
Buffalo Bills 14
Dallas Cowboys 13
New York Giants 13
Arizona Cardinals 12
New York Jets 11
Philadelphia Eagles 10
Houston Texans 9
St Louis Rams 8
Total 656


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A neat old Johnny Cash thing... I stumbled upon this old video. It brought tears to my eyes and I just had to share! I don't remember Johnny Cash doing this but I love him even more for writing it! God Bless America!
https://www.facebook.com/ chizzel/videos/1156247044095/? fref=gs&dti=132404619750&hc_ location=group
I stumbled upon this old video. It brought tears to my eyes and I just had to share! I don't remember Johnny Cash doing this but I love him even more for writing it! God Bless America!

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      Lefties have such short memories. Maybe Obama was referring to selling them our Uranium, or selling guns to syrian rebels, or giving millions to Iran....or any other shady dealings Obama and Hillary were up to.

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Geraldo Gets Back From Puerto Rico, Blows Lid Off What’s Been Happening To Trump (Video)

'...worst, most dishonest press...'By Jack Davis
on October 13, 2017 at 3:10pm

Contrary to the allegations of a biased media, the people of Puerto Rico were very happy that President Donald Trump came to the island to survey the damage from Hurricane Maria, Geraldo Rivera said Friday on Fox & Friends.
“He has been getting the worst, most dishonest press about his visit to Puerto Rico,” Rivera said.
“It is staggering to me how unfair — how grotesquely unfair — the reporting has been,” he added.
Rivera, whose family lives in Puerto Rico, saw Trump’s visit firsthand and said 90 to 95 percent of the people Trump met were enthusiastic about his visit.

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He said the media distorts reality. For example, he noted that when Trump praised the island for its actions to ensure that the powerful Maria had a death toll of 16 as opposed to 1,800 from the less powerful Hurricane Katrina, he was attacked for seeming to downplay the loss of life on the island.

the above URL allows the complete story and vides
Reports attacking Trump are “fake news,” Rivera said last wek, pointing out how New York Times columnist Paul Krugman falsely claimed on Twitter there was a cholera outbreak on Puerto Rico.
On Friday, Trump affirmed his support for the island and its people.
“The wonderful people of Puerto Rico, with their unmatched spirit, know how bad things were before the H’s. I will always be with them!” Trump tweeted.
...We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!   On Thursday, Trump had tweeted that first responders would not be on the island forever, ruffling some feathers.
But White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Thursday that Trump’s tweet reflects the proper disaster response.
“I think he said the U.S. military and FEMA can’t be there forever. Right?” he asked the reporter questioning him. “First responders. The minute you go anywhere as a first responder — and this would apply, certainly, to the military — you are trying very hard, working very hard to work yourself out of a job.”
Kelly said the initial response teams are supposed to have limited time in any crisis location so they can be sent to the next one when disaster strikes.
“There will be a period in which — we hope sooner rather than later — to where the U.S. military and FEMA, generally speaking, can withdraw because then the government and the people of Puerto Rico are recovering sufficiently to start the process of rebuilding,” he said.
“So this country, our country will stand with those American citizens in Puerto Rico until the job is done. But the tweet about FEMA and DOD — read: military — is exactly accurate. They’re not going to be there forever, and the whole point is to start to work yourself out of a job and then transition to the rebuilding process,” he said.

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Subject: Protests?

97% Of NFL Players Unsure Of What They're Protesting
NEW YORK (World News Bureau) - In a recent polling of 585 NFL players, nearly all of them were unsure of exactly what they are protesting.
Here's a sampling of responses to the question "What are you protesting by kneeling during the National Anthem?"
"Pretty sure it's against Nazis - especially the white ones."
"We're protesting America becoming capitalistic instead of equal."
"I'm protesting against Trump saying black lives don't matter."
"We're against global warming and the police."
"We're showing the world that we care about, ahh, things such as... such as...ahhhhh, freedom from suppression?"
"Me and my fellow players are protesting the Constitution of Independence because of what it does to people of color."
"We are displaying our right to stand up by kneeling for our beliefs."
"We are protesting Trump, because he, you know, keeping the black man down and sh*t."
"Myself is kneeling to show that just because I'm American don't mean I got to act like one."

Fwd: Just A PR Stunt...

Fwd: Just A PR Stunt.....

Fwd: Fw: The Suicide of the NFL

The Suicide of the NFL

Posted: Sep 27, 2017 
This is the story of the suicide of the NFL.

Every liberal CEO in America should be watching and listening. This is a case study for how to destroy a billion-dollar business by injecting your offensive leftist politics and alienating your own customer base.

President Trump has done it again. No, I don’t mean he’s offended millions of Americans. I mean he said exactly what was on the mind of tens of millions of middle class Americans. Call us the Silent Majority. Because of Trump, our views now count.

Don’t look now but Trump just kicked the NFL’s rear end. Ratings are plummeting. Revenues are plunging. The player’s spokesman deals are being cancelled. Fans are booing. Fans are burning tickets and uniforms. Lifelong NFL zealots are vowing to never watch another game. And the #1 selling jersey in the USA is a Pittsburgh Steeler backup- a former Army Ranger who stood for the national anthem.

The Silent Majority is speaking loudly and clearly.

When you offend 63 million Trump voters, your business suffers, your bottom line plunges... 
The NFL is going the way of dying dinosaur ESPN- they lost 3 million subscribers just last year alone. 

And the Emmys- with the lowest ratings EVER. 

And Hollywood box office revenues- the worst in 25 years. 

And NBC’s Megyn Kelly- whose career is on life support. She's so scared of Trump's voters she just announced her new NBC morning show will be a "politics free zone." 

And Arnold Schwarzenegger- who flopped as host of “Celebrity Apprentice.” 
And Actress Jennifer Lawrence- who latest movie bombed after disrespecting Trump. 
And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who recently suffered his first-ever action movie flop, after disrespecting Trump. 

Don’t forget Madonna, who threatened to bomb the White House. Her latest album sold 3,000 copies last week. Guess who got bombed?

My grandfather put it best. He taught me there are only two rules to business:
#1) The customer is always right.
#2) If the customer is wrong, refer back to Rule #1. 

All of these athletes, entertainers, CEOs, businesses and leagues like the NFL have free speech. They can say whatever they want. But so can we- the customers. But we always get the last laugh.

Always assume your customers are 50/50 liberal vs conservative. Therefore, any political statement you make risks offending and alienating half your customers.. So, shut up. Don't do it. Keep your views to yourself. Unless you want to lose 50 percent of your customers.

But what if your specific customer base is 70 percent conservative or center-right? Well then you could ruin your entire brand forever. Enter the NFL.

Of course, the NFL’s audience includes lots of diverse groups. But let’s be honest. The typical NFL fan is a white, middle class, middle aged, meat-eating, testosterone-driven Republican (or certainly center-right). 

The typical NFL fan is a flag waver. They always stand for the national anthem. They wear flag pins and chant “USA, USA, USA!” They love cops and military. They're far more likely to eat hot dogs and drive a SUV, than eat tofu and drive a Prius. In short, they are middle class Trump voters. Not all of them. But a significant majority.

Doesn’t the NFL Commissioner know this? Don’t the executives at the NFL’s Park Ave. offices know this? What world do they live in? The NFL doesn't understand, or give a damn about their own customers? The NFL wants to go to war with their own best customers? Really? Wow.

So, this isn’t about free speech. This is about the survival of your business and destruction of your brand. Someday this will be a case study in how to destroy a brand in business schools. Just like ESPN. Because ESPN's customers are the same middle class (and above) Trump voters as NFL fans.

Now it’s time to REALLY bring the NFL to its knees. 

It’s time for a nationwide boycott. It’s time for 63 million Trump fans to stop watching. Turn off NFL games on your TV for the next month. Watch the owners cry. Watch them panic. Watch them beg. Watch them order an end to all kneeling or disrespect for the national anthem. Watch them sing a whole new tune.

If you’re betting on the games here in Vegas, or you're just a superfine going into withdrawal, just watch them online, or on your iPhones. But make TV ratings collapse. That's what matters to NFL owners. Hit them in the pocketbook. They make no money when you watch online.

It’s also time for 63 million Trump voters to stop buying NFL merchandise. Go cold turkey. Buy something different for your kids or dad for Christmas. Try a book.  

Write every NFL sponsor and demand they cancel their NFL advertising campaigns, or we’ll stop buying from them. 
Call your Governor and demand your state immediately withdraw all state subsidies from your local team. 
Call your Congressmen and demand the NFL’s anti-trust and tax exempt status be withdrawn immediately. Ouch. This one’s gonna hurt!

It’s time to teach the NFL a lesson. The Silent Majority counts. What we believe in- God, country, Constitution, flag, national anthem, American exceptionalism- matters. Start worrying about offending us.
The NFL is about to learn a bitter lesson. Trump 35-NFL 0.

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