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Subject: Fw: Shreveport Shelter

This is so true.

It is time the rest of the world can see what we put up with in Louisiana.

You that are not from Louisiana do not understand that you can't do enough
To help these people, the more you do-- the more they expect you to do,
Gimme-gimme-gimme and yes I meant to spell it that way. Volunteers work long
hrs and they get spit on--yelled at--cursed
Hey folks this is just one copy of this letter that a colleague of mine sent
to the national media. Let me just say that this lady travels the world
doing medical missions and found Old Sams in S'port scarrier than the 3rd
world countries she has visited. Just thought you might like 2 hear what
things were really like and this letter doesn't even begin to cover it

Subject: Louisiana Evacuations & Shelters
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 05:3 1:31 +0000

Hello Mr. O'Reilly
I am a nurse who has just completed working approximately 120 hours as the
clinic director in a Hurricane Gustav evacuation shelter in Shreveport,
Louisiana over the last 7 days. I would love to see someone look at the
evacuee situation from a new perspective. Local and national news channels
have covered the evacuation and "horrible" conditions the evacuees had to
endure during Hurricane Gustav.
True - some things were not optimal for the evacuation and the shelters need
some modification. At any point, does anyone address the responsibility (or
irresponsibility) of the evacuees? Does it seem wrong that one would
remember their cell phone, charger,cigarettes and lighter but forget their
child's insulin?
Is something amiss when an evacuee gets off the bus, walks immediately to
the medical area, and requests immediate free refills on all medicines for
which they cannot provide a prescription or current bottle (most of which
are narcotics)?
Isn't the system flawed when an evacuee says they cannot afford a $3 co pay
for a refill that will be delivered to them in the shelter yet they can take
a city-provided bus to Wal-mart, buy 5 bottles of Vodka, and return to
consume them secretly in the shelter?

Is it fair to stop performing luggage checks on incoming evacuees so as not
to delay the registration process but endanger the volunteer staff and other
persons with the very realistic truth of drugs, alcohol and weapons being
brought into the shelter?
Am I less than compassionate when it frustrates me to scrub emesis from the
floor near a nauseated child while his mother lies nearby, watching me work
26 hours straight, not even raising her head from the pillow to comfort her
own son?
Why does it insense me to hear a man say "I ain't goin' home 'til I get my
FEMA check" when I would love to just go home and see my daughters who I
have only seen 3 times this week?
Is the system flawed when the privately insured patient must find a way to
get to the pharmacy, fill his prescription and pay his copay while the FEMA
declaration allows the uninsured person to acquire free medications under
the disaster rules?

Does it seem odd that the nurse volunteering at the shelter is paying for
childcare while the evacuee sits on a cot during the day as the shelter
provides a "day care"?
Have government entitlements created this mentality and am I facilitating it
with my work? Will I be a bad person, merciless nurse or poor Christian if I
hesitate to work at the next shelter because I have worked for 7 days being
called every curse word imaginable, felt threatened and feared for my
personal safety in the shelter?

Exhausted and battered but hopefully pithy,
Sherri Hagerhjelm, RN

Fwd: FW: Columbo

Thanks to P for this visit to the days of Columbo. Do you think he really was a right-wing sleuth all this time? -m

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Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 3:34 PM

Subject: Columbo

Columbo still scratching his head.
Ah . . . Sorry to bother you Mr. Obama, Sir

Excuse me Mr Obama, I mean Senator Obama, sir. Um . . . know you are
busy and important and stuff. I mean running for president is very
important and . . . ah . . . I hate to bother you. I will only take a
minute ok, sir?

See, I have these missing pieces that are holding me up, and I was
wondering sir, if you could take time out of your busy schedule and
help me out. You know, no big deal, just some loose ends and things.
Hey, you have a nice place here! The wife sees houses like this on TV
all the time and says boy she wishes she had digs like this you know?
Is that painting real? Really? Wow. I saw something like that in a
museum once!
Oh, sorry sir. I didn't mean to get off the track. So if you could
just help me out a minute and give me some details, I will get right
out of your way. I want to close this case and maybe take the wife to
Coney Island or something. Ever been to Coney Island ? No, I didn't
think so. .
Well, listen, anyways, I can't seem to get some information I need to
wrap this up. These things seem to either be 'locked' or 'not
available'. I'm sure it's just some oversight or glitch or something,
so if you could you tell me where these things are . . . I . . . I . .
. have them written down here somewhere . . . oh wait. Sorry about the
smears. It was raining out. I'll just read it to you.
Could you help me please find these things, sir?
1. Occidental College records -- Not released
2. Columbia College records -- Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper -- 'not available'
4. Harvard College records -- Not released
5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released
6. Medical records -- Not released
7. Illinois State Senate schedule -- 'not available'
8. Law practice client list -- Not released
9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released
10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released
11. Harvard Law Review articles published -- None
12. University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None
13. Your Record of baptism-- Not released or 'not available'
14. Your Illinois State Senate records--'not available'
Oh hey . . listen! I know you are busy! Is this too much for you now?
I mean tell you what. I will come back tomorrow. Give you some time to
get these things together, you know? I mean, I know you are busy, so I
will just let myself out. I will be back tomorrow. And the day after.

Who wants to know these things ask Senator Obama? Columbo answered:
Oh, just the American people. The voters, you know.


Fw: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

"...Here's a RW forward I got today. I love how these things use fear as a tactic and are free of logic. Here's the message:
Enjoy! -Joshua

-----begin forward------
You couldn't get a job at McDonalds and become district manager after 143 days of experience.

You couldn't become chief of surgery after 143 days of experience of being a surgeon.

You couldn't get a job as a teacher and be the superintendent after 143 days of experience.

You couldn't join the military and become a colonel after a 143 days of experience.

You couldn't get a job as a reporter and become the nightly news anchor after 143 days of experience.


'From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World .... 143 days.

We all have to start somewhere. The senate is a good start, but after 143 days, that's all it is - a start.

AND, strangely, a large sector of the American public is okay with this and campaigning for him. We wouldn't accept this in our own line of work, yet some are okay with this for the President of the United States of America ? Come on folks, we are not voting for the next American Idol!

Please, please forward this before it's too late!!!!


"This is from my right-wing mom..." -Rachel

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What a presumptuous JERK!

Even though this isn't illegal or against military regs, who the hell does this moron think he is? You didn't earn it. You don't wear it! I don't care if he already thinks he's the commander in chief, this pisses me off. He goes on vacation to Berlin and tells the world how he will fix America . . . how he'll give us a better image for the poor, abandoned refugees when we come to liberate them. I think the Germans already have an image of us, and it's 'Devil Dog!'

I knew you would all enjoy this laughable moment, just before you get quite angry. Good. Maybe it will get you out to vote.


Send this to your true brothers! Your fellow Marines. Oo-rah and Semper Fi!

This is the same guy in a USMC tee shirt that won't even honor the flag.

MRWD YouTube Moments: Palin interviews keenly, thanks to her faith healing

First, let's talk to God about this woman. Praise Lattice of Coincidence blog for this excellent find, we present you with this surreal Sarah moment with witch hunting pastor:

Confused? Here's a
Times Online article link to the above clip.

Now for the results:

Bonus! To really know what's happening, play both clips at the same time. -m

Fw: Why Obama is mum about Harvard


Why Obama is mum about Harvard
Exclusive: Jack Cashill offers reason Barack, Michelle don't talk about
editor post

Posted: September 11, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

By Jack Cashill

On the surface, at least, Barack Obama's single most impressive
accomplishment has been his 1990 election to the presidency of the Harvard
Law Review.

This position also provided Obama his only real executive experience as he
supervised the law review's staff of 80 editors.

One has to wonder, then, why neither he nor wife Michelle emphasized this
singular honor during the up-by-the-bootstraps biographical sections of
their respective speeches in Denver.

In fact, neither of them so much as mentioned Obama's time at Harvard,
this despite his vulnerability on the executive experience charge.

Their silence likely derives from one verifiable fact: Obama's record at
Harvard was no more authentic than John Kerry's record in Vietnam.

Kerry was justifiably swift-boated because he fraudulently positioned
himself as a war hero. Obama seems to have learned from Kerry.

In the age of the Internet, the less said about a dubious credential the
better, and Obama's law presidency credential is dubious on any number of

For starters, Obama did not do nearly well enough at his previous stop,
Columbia University, to justify admission to Harvard Law.

According to the New York Sun, university spokesman Brian Connolly
confirmed that Obama graduated in 1983 with a major in political science
but without honors.

In the age of affirmative action and grade inflation, a minority in a
relatively easy major like political science had to under-perform
dramatically to avoid minimal honors. Obama apparently did just that.

The specifics we may never know. As the New York Times concedes, Obama
"declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his
Columbia transcript or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker,
roommate or friend from those years."

Would that Bristol Palin could get off so easily!

There are any number of possible reasons for Obama's reticence about
Columbia: his grades, the courses he took, his writing samples and, of
course, his associations.

At that time, for instance, both Bill Ayers and Obama fell within the
orbit of left-wing Columbia superstar Edward Said. Just recently out of
hiding, Ayers was attending the Bank Street College of Education, which
adjoins the Columbia campus.

Five years after leaving Columbia, Obama decided on law school. His lack
of resources did not deter him from thinking big. Nor did his B-minus
effort at his Hawaii prep school or his equally indifferent grades at

As Obama relates in "Dreams From My Father," he limited his choices to
only three law schools – "Harvard, Yale, Stanford." (It must be nice to be
Obama.) He does not mention his connections.

Harvard Law School is notoriously difficult to get into. Annually, some
7,000 applications apply for some 500 seats. Applicant LSAT scores
generally chart in the 98 to 99 percentile range, and GPAs average between
3.80 and 3.95.

If Obama's LSAT scores merited admission, we would know about them. We
don't.. The Obama camp guards those scores, like his SAT scores, more
tightly that Iran does its nuclear secrets.

We know enough about Obama's Columbia grades to know how far they fall
below the Harvard norm, likely even below the affirmative action-adjusted
black norm at Harvard.

As far back as 1988, however, Obama had serious pull. He would need it. As
previously reported, Khalid al-Mansour, principle adviser to Saudi Prince
Al-Waleed bin Talal, lobbied friends like Manhattan Borough President
Percy Sutton to intervene at Harvard on Obama's behalf.

An orthodox Muslim, al-Mansour has not met the crackpot anti-Semitic
theory he could not embrace. As for bin Talal, in October 2001, New York
Mayor Rudy Giuliani sent his $10 million relief check back un-cashed after
the Saudi billionaire blamed 9/11 on America.

For an insight into the Khalid al-Mansour connection, see see this video.

These are not connections that Obama would like to see broadcast, which
further explains his shyness about the Harvard experience.

There is more. Obama did not make the Harvard Law Review (HLR) the
old-fashioned way, the way HLR's first black editor, Charles Houston, did
70 years prior..

To Obama's good fortune, the HLR had replaced a meritocracy in which
editors were elected based on grades – the president being the student
with the highest academic rank – with one in which half the editors were
chosen through a writing competition.

This competition, the New York Times reported in 1990, was "meant to help
insure that minority students became editors of The Law Review."

It did just that. At the end of his first year, Obama was named, along
with 40 or so of his classmates, an editor of the HLR.

Unlike most editors, and likely all its presidents, Obama was not a
writer. During his tenure at Harvard, he wrote only one heavily edited,
unsigned note.

In this note for the third volume of the 1990 HLR, he argued against any
limits on abortion, citing the government's interest in "preventing
increasing numbers of children from being born in to lives of pain and

Obama's timing, however, was better than his writing. In the same spring
1990 term that he would stand for the presidency of the HLR, the Harvard
Law School found itself embroiled in an explosive racial brouhaha.

Black firebrand law professor Derrick Bell was demanding that the Harvard
Law School appoint a black woman to the law faculty.

This protest would culminate in vigils and protests by the racially
sensitive student body, in the course of which Obama would compare the
increasingly absurd Bell to Rosa Parks.

Feeling the pressure, HLR editors wanted to elect their first
African-American president. Obama had an advantage. Spared the legacy of
slavery and segregation, and having grown up in a white household, he
lacked the hard edge of many of his black colleagues.

"Obama cast himself as an eager listener," the New York Times reported,
"sometimes giving warring classmates the impression that he agreed with
all of them at once."

In February 1990, after an ideologically charged all-day affair, Obama's
fellow editors elected him president from among 19 candidates. As it
happened, Obama prevailed only after the HLR's small conservative faction
threw him its support.

Curiously, once elected, Obama contributed not one signed word to the HLR
or any other law journal. As Matthew Franck has pointed out in National
Review Online, "A search of the HeinOnline database of law journals turns
up exactly nothing credited to Obama in any law review anywhere at any

One more thing: The 1990 Times article about Obama's election notes that
the president of the HLR usually goes on to serve as a clerk for a Supreme
Court justice.

Not the Mansourian Candidate. Here, oddly, his ambition deserted him. He
told the Times that he planned "to spend two or three years in private law
practice and then return to Chicago to re-enter community work, either in
politics or in local organizing."

In this unlikely surrender to Chicago politics, the realist sees
insecurity at best and, at worst, the quid for al-Mansour's quo.

Jack Cashill is an Emmy-award winning independent writer and producer with
a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue.

"There is nothing more real than a man's character and values. The
track record of what he has actually done is far more real than
anything he says, however elegantly he says it." Thomas Sowell


Fw: What do the top 10 Poverty Cities have in common?

What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

Detroit, MI
(1st on the poverty rate list) hasn't elected a Republican
mayor since 1961;

Buffalo, NY
(2nd) hasn't elected one since 1954;

Cincinnati, OH
(3rd)...since 1984;

Cleveland, OH
(4th)...since 1989;

Miami, FL
(5th) has never had a Republican mayor;

St. Louis, MO
(6th)....since 1949;

El Paso, TX
(7th) has never had a Republican mayor;

Milwaukee, WI
(8th)...since 1908;

Philadelphia, PA
(9th)...since 1952;

Newark, NJ
(10th)...since 1907.

Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

It is the disadvantaged who habitually elect Democrats --- yet they are still disadvantaged.


Fw: Pig with Lipstick Actually Found!!!!

MRWD Article Link: $800b Bailout

I found this Nigerian plea on the blog of our friend Christopher Hayes. For those who don't know Chris, he's a feature writer for The Nation where he penned a fantastic cover article about the right-wing forward movement and this site in particular. Article here. Blog link here. -m

----begin urgent business proposal ----

Dear American:

I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with a transfer of funds of great magnitude.

I am Ministry of the Treasury of the Republic of America. My country has had crisis that has caused the need for large transfer of funds of 800 billion dollars US. If you would assist me in this transfer, it would be most profitable to you.

I am working with Mr. Phil Gram, lobbyist for UBS, who will be my replacement as Ministry of the Treasury in January. As a Senator, you may know him as the leader of the American banking deregulation movement in the 1990s. This transactin is 100% safe.

This is a matter of great urgency. We need a blank check. We need the funds as quickly as possible. We cannot directly transfer these funds in the names of our close friends because we are constantly under surveillance. My family lawyer advised me that I should look for a reliable and trustworthy person who will act as a next of kin so the funds can be transferred.

Please reply with all of your bank account, IRA and college fund account numbers and those of your children and grandchildren to wallstreetbailout@treasury.gov so that we may transfer your commission for this transaction. After I receive that information, I will respond with detailed information about safeguards that will be used to protect the funds.

Yours Faithfully Minister of Treasury Paulson

Fwd: Who is Sarah Palin?

"This is probably not crazy enough for you, but here you go. It's from my right wing STEP dad." -Brian

Not crazy enough for My Right Wing Dad? Are you blind? This is crazy-gold: Another all-influential trusty PILOT's prospective on politics. Thanks for sending it in. -m

--------begin forward----------

Subject: Fwd: Who is Sarah Palin?
To: "Brian"

You need to read this.
------ Forwarded Message

Subject: Sarah Palin
This was sent to me by JT Smith, editor of Texas Farmer Stockman magazine, by his boss in Oklahoma, Dan Crummett, who I had the pleasure of meeting when JT stopped in when they were on a farm tour with another editor from NY named Tim Higgins and Susan Combs, Secretary of Agriculture of Texas. You may find this a nice read about Palin. LG

LG--Dan asked that I pass this along to you from folks in Texas who spend each summer in Alaska.
Dan and I were both mighty impressed last night.--JTS

J.T. Smith
The Farmer-Stockman

One of our good friends, Eddie Spalten from San Antonio, fishes at the Wildman Lodge on the Alaskan Peninsula. The lodge is owned by Butch and Kathy Wildman. The Wildmans spend their winters in Texas and their summers in Alaska. Kathy's father and former husband served in the Alaskan legislature for around 30 years so Butch and Kathy know Alaska politics.

Eddie emailed Butch and asked Butch what the Wildmans think of Gov. Sarah Palin. Butch's unedited email is attached below. Please read it and forward it to your friends. This is what the citizens of Alaska think of Sarah Palin!

Thanks, Gene Powell

Hi Eddie:
Fishing is good here at Wildman and I rarely have time for politics, but many of our friends are asking us "Who is Sarah Palin?" Of course, as Alaskans, Kathy and I are extremely proud of her. We just want to let you know that Sarah "Barracuda" Palin is a straight shooting, hard charging, get it done gal. She knows when to listen, how to analyze the facts and how to make a decision, then implement the plan. She doesn't do a poll before jumping in with both feet like too many of the Washington types. She has little legislative experience because she has always held the EXECUTIVE position; in private life, as mayor of Anchorage's largest bedroom community or more recently as Governor of our State. She is a smart, attractive home grown Alaska girl with excellent moral and family values. She can see what needs to be done and does not hesitate to get it done.

One of our State's major problems is that its Capital is in Juneau, 500 miles from the nearest road and 800 air miles from the population base which is Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks. Our legislature and most of the State government is in Juneau and they ALL behave like a bunch of freshmen in a college town. It has been this way since Statehood in 1959. When Sarah moved to Juneau, so did accountability and responsibility When the oil revenue started flown and a barrel of North Slope Crude hit $23.00, these people began spending money like drunken sailors. You can only imagine what was happenings when oil hit $100.00 a barrel, about the time Sarah took command. My wife Kathy has first-hand experience with this fiasco, as her father and also her ex-husband were Alaska Legislators who served in Juneau as Senators, Senate President, or members of the State House for a combined period spanning nearly three decades.

About the time Sarah took the HELM as Governor of Alaska, about half of the State legislature was in the pocket of big oil companies or contractors doing big projects for Native Corporations around Alaska, all funded by State oil revenue. Alaska government was nothing but a good old boys club riding the perpetual wave of prosperity. This filtered down from the legislature, through the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Labor and even spilled in to the Public Safety who are supposed to "preserve and protect".
When Sarah walked into the Governor's Mansion, she promptly dismissed the State Trooper detachment assigned to Governor and had her and her husband's gun case brought in from Wasilla. Then, she got rid of the former Governor's STATE Jet and told legislators that there were no more free rides, they would have to fly Alaska Airlines, just like her and her family if they wanted to travel. Next came the nut cutting (the Barracuda part) the heads that rolled were too numerous to name, but when Sarah finished cleaning house, a number of our legislators ended up in jail for on corruption charges, or tendered their resignations along with numerous department heads and those who have been riding the gravy train for way too long, AND THEN SHE HAD LUNCH. By the end of the day, Sarah Palin had saved the people of Alaska millions and has not yet slowed down.

She has truly brought CHANGE to Juneau. I personally know several persons in the private sector in Alaska, that hold her in high esteem. She surrounds herself with smart people, many from my hometown of Anchorage, she listens to them but makes her own decisions. Sarah Palin is a no B.S. politician. It is refreshing that there is such a thing anymore. You want to talk about CHANGE? You should see a before and after picture of the State government in Alaska. That's CHANGE! Sarah will bring a number of things to the election. I am sure she will appeal many voters who my otherwise could have gone the other direction on election day. The conservative block will not be for Barack. We have their vote. We need what Sarah will bring, first to the election and second, what she will bring to Washington D.C. McCain has been advised well, Let's just hope the American people can get the straight scoop on her in the weeks ahead. This is just the opinion of one Alaska Bush Pilot and Guide, who pays attention to national politics, watches the news and is deathly afraid of the direction our nation is headed. I guarantee that if Sarah gets a chance to dig her spurs into the flanks of the liberal Washington types, they will know that she is in the saddle.
Butch King

Butch & Kathy King
Wildman Lake Lodge

------ End of Forwarded Message

Fwd: Fw: FW:

"...Here's one I received from my grandmother today (forwarded to me in disgust, not sharing it's sentiment):" -Dan

------Begin forwarded message-------


"Got this from my Dad yesterday...." -Scott

-------begin forward--------

(Tune of Davy Crockett)
She goes ice fishing in the frozen land,
Races snow mobiles right beside her man.
Goes moose hunting and flys her own plane,
Will be vice president beside John McCain.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, queen of the wild frontier.
She sold the Govenor's jet there on E-Bay,
Looked at the limosines, said, "Take 'em all away."
Anywhere she goes, she drives her own car,
She even wants to drill up there in ANWR.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, Queen of the wild frontier.
She's a hard working Govenor, but she likes to play,
And she's a life time member of the NRA.
She's a great Mother, and a wonderful wife,
Everybody knows she's all PRO Life.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, Queen of the wild frontier.
She's an enviromentalist, with a plan to go Green,
Let's not forget that she's a beauty queen.
She's a conservationist, she likes clean air,
And she even got rid of the Bridge To No Where.
Sarah, Sarah Palin, queen of the wild frontier.
Now, the Republican Party is a dancin' a jig,
They know John McCain picked somebody big.
Someone said Obama's a doing good too,
I heard a big shout, "Obama WHO???."
Sarah, Sarah Palin, queen of the wild frontier.

Article Link: There's No Arguing With Conservatives ... No, Seriously, Scientific Studies Prove It

"A new study out of Yale University confirms what argumentative liberals have long-known: Offering reality-based rebuttals to conservative lies only makes conservatives cling to those lies even harder. In essence, schooling conservatives makes them more stupid. From the Washington Post article on the study, which came out yesterday"

Fwd: Palin

"Here's the latest wingnut insanity, once again from my rightwing uncle." -Taylor

-----begin forward------

Fw: Alaska's new license plate

Fwd: McCaina's remarks about the Pledge of Allegiance

"I think my sister's already sent in a few emails like this from my grandma. This one has it all! Slurs against Obama's patriotism, clip art, a snide comment about Obama's full name, an emphasis on the 'under God' in the Pledge, fonts in different colors, and even a misspelled subject line (who knows how many times it's been forwarded without anyone changing it). It's really the perfect recipe for an amazing forward!" -Leah

Genius Leah, thanks for sending me a new favorite. I'm scared to imagine an America where members of congress violate the Pledge of Allegiance. -Mike


Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 4:30 PM
Subject: McCaina's remarks about the Pledge of Allegiance
It should be interesting to see how he will react to the flag tonight during his speech. I guess I do agree if one can't be honored enough to salute the flag of our great country then they really shouldn't have the right to run it!

John McCain's remarks about the Pledge of Allegiance
In light of the recent appeals court ruling in California, with respect to the Pledge of Allegiance, the following recollection from Senator John McCain is very appropriate:

'The Pledge of Allegiance' - by Senator John McCain
'As you may know, I spent five and one half years as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. In the early years of our imprisonment, the NVA kept us in solitary confinement or two or three to a cell. In 1971 the NVA moved us from these conditions of isolation into large rooms with as many as 30 to 40 men to a room.

This was, as you can imagine, a wonderful change and was a direct result of the efforts of millions of Americans on behalf of a few hundred POWs 10,000 miles from home.

One of the men who moved into my room was a young man named Mike Christian.
Mike came from a small town near Selma , Alabama . He didn't wear a pair of shoes until he was 13 years old. At 17, he enlisted in the US Navy. He later earned a commission by going to Officer Training School Then he became a Naval Flight Officer and was shot down and captured in 1967. Mike had a keen and deep appreciation of the opportunities this country and our military provide for people who want to work and want to succeed.

As part of the change in treatment, the Vietnamese allowed some prisoners to receive packages from home. In some of these packages were handkerchiefs, scarves and other items of clothing.

Mike got himself a bamboo needle. Over a period of a couple of months, he created an American flag and sewed it on the inside of his shirt.

Every afternoon, before we had a bowl of soup, we would hang Mike's shirt on the wall of the cell and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

I know the Pledge of Allegiance may not seem the most important part of our day now, but I can assure you that in that stark cell it was indeed the most important and meaningful event.

One day the Vietnamese searched our cell, as they did periodically, and discovered Mike's shirt with the flag sewn inside, and removed it.

That evening they returned, opened the door of the cell, and for the benefit of all of us, beat Mike Christian severely for the next couple of hours. Then, they opened the door of the cell and threw him in. We cleaned him up as well as we could.

The cell in which we lived had a concrete slab in the middle on which we slept Four naked light bulbs hung in each corner of the room.

As I said, we tried to clean up Mike as well as we could. After the excitement died down, I looked in the corner of the room, and sitting there beneath that dim light bulb with a piece of red cloth, another shirt and his bamboo needle, was my friend, Mike Christian. He was sitting there with his eyes almost shut from the beating he had received, making another American flag. He was not making the flag because it made Mike Christian feel better. He was making that flag because he knew how important it was to us to be able to Pledge our allegiance to our flag and country.

So the next time you say the Pledge of Allegiance, you must never forget the sacrifice and courage that thousands of Americans have made to build our nation and promote freedom around the world. You must remember our duty, our honor, and our country.'

'I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nationunder God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all.'

PASS THIS ON... And on... And on! You can even send it back to me, I don't mind, because its worth reading again.
oh......and then you have this clown, who refuses to place his hand on his heart and say the pledge......
Subject: Remember this picture on election day!
Let's all remember this on election day...if you have family serving in the military, make sure you send it along. I don't care for Hillary, but at least she shows respect for the country she lives in!
I had heard about this but a picture is definitely worth 1000 words! God save us!!!
Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name).....the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE PLEDGE.....
how in the world can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief?Well, how the heck can the American people be so blinded by this man's WORDS?
God help us to do the right thing and elect the right man.
Courage does not always roar, sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day

Fwd: Red Neck Girl

"Hi MRWD! This one is from my right-wing mother..." -Rachel

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Drinking with a Redneck Girl

A Mexican, an Arab, and a redneck girl are in the same bar.

When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air,pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In Mexico , our glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the same one twice.'

The Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws it into the air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, 'In the Arab World, we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink with the same one twice either.'

The redneck girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws th e glass into the air, whips out her 45, and shoots the Mexican and the Arab. Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and calling for a refill, she says,

'In America we have so many illegal aliens that we don't have to drink with the same ones twice.'

FW: The Colonel and Mr. Lincoln

"Oh yea....we need an 'official' language....and it should influence who you vote for." -Michael

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Subject: The Colonel and Mr. Lincoln

The Colonel and Mr. Lincoln


33 Senators Voted Against English as
America's Official Language on June 6, 2007.

Wed. 6 June 2007, Colonel Harry Riley, USA
, Ret. wrote:

Your vote against an amendment to the immigration Bill 1348.... to make English America's official language is astounding.

On D-Day, no less, when we honor those that sacrificed in order to secure the bedrock, character and principles of
America, I can only surmise your vote reflects a loyalty to illegal aliens.

I don't much care where you come from. What your religion is. Whether you're black, white, or some other color, male or female, Democrat, Republican or Independent....... But I do care when you are a United States Senator representing Citizens of America ...and Vote against English as the official language of the
United States.

Your vote reflects Betrayal; Political Surrender; Violates Your Pledge of Allegiance; Dishonors historical principle; Rejects Patriotism; Borders on traitorous action and; in my opinion, makes you unfit to serve as a United States Senator.....impeachment.....Recall.....Or other appropriate action is warranted, or worse.

Two of you who voted against English as
America's Official Language are candidates for President and Vice President of our country: Senator Biden, Senator Obama, Senator Clinton and Senator Dodd.
Four Senators vying to lead America, but won't, or don't, have the courage to cast a vote in favor of English as America's Official Language when 91% of American Citizens want English officially designated as our language.

This is the second time in the last several months this list of Senators have disgraced themselves as 'political Hacks'..... Unworthy as Senators and certainly unqualified to serve as President of the United States .

If America is as angry as I am, you will realize a backlash so stunning it will literally 'rock you out of your socks'......... And preferably totally out of the United States Senate.

The entire immigration bill is a farce... Your action only confirms this really isn't about
America ... it is about self-serving politics......despicable at best. It has been said: 'Never Argue with an Idiot....They'll drag you down to their level!'


'Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, quickly tried and hanged!!!"


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