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This should help to keep you motivated! And I just love the Battle Hymn of
the Republic!

This will make you proud of America and a thank you especially to the tea




Anonymous said...

Summary: Everything wrong with the world is Obama's fault. P.S. Support the troops

gruaud said...

Fooling reactionaries is absurdly simple.

Wrap yourself in a flag, thump a Bible, and they'll
jump off a cliff for you.

Anonymous said...


Also weird. They invoke Wilson, MLK and a strong dose of Lincoln. Considering that they despise "progressives" and liberals and anyone who expanded state power, I'm not really sure where these fine men fit into their little narrative.

Of course, its possible that they just don't have a clue about what they are talking about.

ferschitz said...

Shorter: Big Daddy WarBuck$ wants all of your money. War is good; peace is bad. Bow down to the god of mammon named Wall Street. Unborn fetuses have more rights than living adults. Middle & lower classes need to pay more in taxes than the obscenely wealthy oligarchs who are your feudal masters.

Stupid, war-mongering bullshit with no intrinsic meaning. A bunch of talking points that really don't add up to anything. Quotes from W's speech writer as comparison to something that Lincoln said after the Battle of Gettysburg... yeah, right.

The Teabagger's corporate mouthpiece would be mightily annoyed to learn that they're somehow venerating his supreme villan Woodrow Wilson (see Beck's typically weird rant at the recent CPAC convention where he specifically excoriates Wilson the grandaddy of all teh liebrul eeeevul ruining everything now to the shrieking cheers of the brainwashed CPAC lemmings).

That quote from Wilson, in itself, tells you just how intellectually & morally bankrupt such bullshit jinogism like this is. WTF? Do you idiots LIKE Wilson or is Wilson the epitome of teh eeevul? Which one?? Pick a side & stick to it, eh?? Can't do it?

Yeah, weird convoluted "nationalism" set to the "stirring" strains of ye old Battle Hymn of the Republic with stock photographs that have no real meaning... including at least one or two stock motivational posters, and then somehow using MLK to say that "hope" is wrong...

Sheesh. Just goes to show how Orwellian the rightwing spin machine has become. I noted just a very few of the posts to this bizarrely dumb & essentially meaningless propoganda, and it's very sad & sickening to have citizens writing in how just how proud they are to be American & how it's horrid what BHO has "done" to America.

Of course, the weird propoganda ties into the current rightwing spin of totally re-writing the history of the 8 years of W... as in: 9/11 happened under Clinton, and the 2008 crash happened under Obama. Teabaggers happily agree to be in denial and go about their weird racist lives.

The end.

Hooray4US said...

I like how they have to explain how to think and feel about this nonsense:

This should help to keep you motivated! And I just love the Battle Hymn of the Republic! This will make you proud of America and a thank you especially to the tea

... good to know cause otherwise I sure didn't get what this was supposed to be all about. Odd mix of stupid stuff, but oh yeah: feel patriotic-y & go usa-y.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find the narrator's voice especially annoying? Like nails on a chalkboard?? I couldn't listen to her for very long. too scary.

Tootseye said...

I haz confused. I thought the John Birch Society, which now underwrites the Tea Party & the GOP, hates 'em some Woodrow Wilson big-time, plus also hates 'em some MLK. WTF??? Whose idea was this?

CMcD said...

"Did anyone else find the narrator's voice especially annoying?"

Yes, it sounded a lot like my second grade teacher: "Put your heads down on your desks, or I will send you to speak with the principal! (Gawd bless our troops.)"

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