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Need to keep this Prayer going. Send it to others and all your friends.

Dear Beloved God in Heaven
Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for.
Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God.
Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her.
Please help us to respect what you have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.
Please God weaken the evil and strengthen the good both without and within.
May our eyes be opened.
In Jesus’ name,
God Bless America

Fw: Fwd: Now this is just funny I don't care who you are!!!....

Fw: This Says It All !!!

Subject: This Says It All !!!
So much for Big Bird

Fw: Veterans Attention! - This is from a retired Marine friend

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Subject: Fw: Veterans Attention! - This is from a retired Marine friend

Subject: FW: Veterans Attention! - This is from a retired Marine friend

                      SEMPER  FIDELIS
 More than 1,000 American soldiers have lost their lives inAfghanistan in the last 27 months. This is more than the combined total of the nine years before.

Thirty have died in August.  During the last month, over 50 additional NATO and US servicemen have been murdered, inside jobs by those who are hired to be a force for good in Afghanistan.

The commander in chief is AWOL. Not a peep, although he ordered the White House flag flown at half staff for the Sikhs that were killed.  There is a deep disgust, a fury, growing in the ranks of the military against the indifferent incompetence of this president.

It has taken on a dangerous tone. No one knows what to do about him, but the anger runs deep as the deaths continue with no strategic end in sight to the idiocy of this war.

Obama has had 4 years to end this futile insanity, during which time he has vacationed, golfed, campaigned, and generally ignored the plight of our men and women in uniform.

But, there is now a movement afoot in the armed services to launch a massive get out the vote drive against this president.

Not just current active duty types, but the National Guard, Reserves, the retired, and all other prior service members. This is no small special interest group, but many millions of veterans who can have an enormous impact on the outcome of the November election if they all respond.

The million military retirees in Florida alone could mean an overwhelming victory in that state if they all show up at the polls. It might not keep another one hundred U.S. troops from dying between now and November, but a turn out to vote by the military against this heart breaking lack of leadership can make a powerful statement that hastens a change to the indifference of this shallow little man who just lets our soldiers die.

Veterans: Please forward to your lists.  High Priority!


Subject: Fwd: FW: MY BUCKET LIST FOR 2012
“Who cares where Obama was born . . . .
. . . . the problem is where he lives.”

Fwd: Recent Executive Orders

Fw: Fwd: Recent Executive Orders

A Comprehensive List Of Obama's Recent Executive Orders
There have been over 900 Executive Orders put forth from President Obama, all taking place in only his first term. I have compiled a choice list of 'Emergency Powers', (a pathway to government seizure) executive orders:
----Look these up and read these in full for yourselves:
* Executive Order 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
* Executive Order 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
* Executive Order 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.
* Executive Order 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
* Executive Order 11001 allows the government to take over all health education and welfare functions.
* Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
* Executive Order 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
* Executive Order 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate and establish new locations for populations. (Research "Agenda 21")
* Executive Order 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.
* Executive Order 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issues over a fifteen-year period.
* Executive Order 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
* Executive Order 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute Industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
* Executive Order 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the president declares a state of emergency,Congress cannot review the action for six months.
This is in no way the vision that our Founders had for this country; in fact, it is quite the opposite:The Constitution was designed to KEEP the government from taking control. It is more than clear from these executive orders that the current administration is helping to shape a government control and takeover of the key institutions in America, food, energy, transportation, work, banking, and health. These executive orders force us to submit to international regulations instead of our own Constitution (without your representative in Congress being able to have any say).
It is time to demand our elected leaders start protecting America, our sovereignty, and our Constitution–––not Government control.
This is not a partisan issue!!!
Tell me, if you hadn't read this, would you even know about it or any of these Executive Orders?
So, now you know. What are you going to do about it?
Answer: What the Founders provided you the freedom to do:

Fw: We are Still Infidels

Subject: Fw: We are Still Infidels

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 1:00 PM

Very well written!!!!!!!!   
So many people under 35 think Islam is just another religion and nothing to worry about!!

We Are Not Allies, We Are Still The Infidels By Major General Jerry Curry, USA, Ret. Published:
The great British poet Rudyard Kipling, understanding todays situation in Afghanistan better than our State Department wrote, "I have eaten your bread and salt. I have drunk your water and wine. The deaths ye died I have watched beside. And the lives ye led were mine." 

There are two points the President and the Secretaries of State and Defense may want to keep in mind as they evaluate future problems in the Middle East and How to successfully address them. Both are easiest illustrated by real life happenings.

Many years ago I attended the Infantry officer Advanced Course at Fort Benning, Georgia. Probably ten percent of the students attending that ten month course of instruction were from foreign countries. For about half of the course my table mate was an Arab. We studied together, completed homework assignments together, got to know each other's families and generally enjoyed each other's company.

Part of that time we students were immersed in reading about, researching and discussing wars and problems of the Middle East. By this time my Arab Classmate and I had, I thought, become close friends. A question popped into my mind and without evaluating it I said, I have a question to ask you, but you may find it a little impertinent . or, perhaps, offensive.
That's quite alright, he replied. We know each other well enough to be honest with each other. So go ahead and ask your question.

Well, I began. Each time you Arabs start a war with Israel, they beat your socks off. Why don't you learn your lesson and quit making war on them?
The words hadn't passed my lips before I knew that I shouldn't have asked that particular question. But I was wrong. My Arab officer friend didn't get angry. He didn't even think before replying.

My dear friend, he said in his British accent, You are absolutely right. Each time we attack the Israelis they whip our asses. But have you noticed that with each loss we get better. We get whipped not as badly as in the war before.

Then he got a faraway look in his eyes, pounded on the table and said, Sometime in the next thousand years , we will win!

Up until then I had never thought in terms of a thousand years, and I don't think I'm very good at it today. But for those formulating foreign and defense policy for the nation, it is worth making the effort. For it is difficult to think in terms of the immediate future while negotiating with a nation whose leaders are thinking in terms of hundreds or thousands of years. 

Point two: during the first Gulf War U.S. and Arab forces fought side by side and some of the officers became close friends. When the war ended in victory there was a celebration in the officers' club with everyone congratulating each other. A lot of handshaking and hugging was going on. It was a time of displaying real brotherly love. Seeing this, one of the senior Arab generals felt the need to set the record straight. Look, he said to a small cluster of American generals. We have fought together and some of us have died together. I know you feel that makes us brothers. But that is not the way it is in my world. 

He looked around the circle making eye contact with all of them. I don't want to see you hurt so I need to share this with you. There will be no tomorrow for us jointly. No matter how much you have helped my country and you came and helped us when we desperately needed your help and no matter how friendly you feel toward us, we are still Muslims and you are still Christians. That means that in our eyes, we can never be brothers.  I'm sorry but to us, you will always be Infidels! 

And so we Infidels have liberated Iraq and Afghanistan, but we have not made their countries nor their people depositories of freedom and liberty.  No matter how hard we work to rebuild their governments, infrastructure, educational and medical institutions, and no matter how desperately they need our help as The Arab general pointedly noted we can never be brothers to each other. 

Also, I learned what Kipling meant when he wrote, "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." He was pointing out to the western world that to Muslims, we Christians will always be infidels!

Fw: Big Bird Obama

Fwd: True Story At A Ford Dealership....

Subject: Fwd: True Story At A Ford Dealership....

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Subject: True Story At A Ford Dealership....


It's everywhere. Blame Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, Carter, Obama, or Bush's. The real culprit is US. We have allowed the Congress to gather the power to generate this mess. November is coming. We need to fire ALL incumbents that are up for reelection this time and get the rest as elections appear. God help US! 

Are we in trouble or what?

Tom Selkis' (Latham Ford) Facebook..........
True story yesterday at the dealership.....

"I'll try to make this as short and to the point as I can. One of my salesmen here had a woman in his office yesterday wanting to lease a brand new Focus.  As he was reviewing her credit app with her he noticed she was on social security disability.  He said to her you don't look like you're disabled and unable to work.  She said "well I'm really not, I could work if I wanted to but I make more now then I did when I was working and got hurt" (non-disabling injury).  She said the gov't sends her $1500.00 a month in 1 check; she gets $700.00 a month on an EBTcard (food stamps), and $800.00 a month for rent.  Oh yeah and 250 mins free on her phone. That is just south of $3500.00 a month.  When she was working she was taking home about $330.00 per week.  Do the math and then ask yourself: "why the hell should she go back to work?"  If you multiply that by millions of people you start to realize the scope of the problem we face as a country.  Once the socialists have 51% of the population in that same scenerio we are finished........ and we are real, real close.  The question is: when do we cross that threshold if we haven't already?

She didn't lease the Focus here because the dealer down the road beat our deal by $10.00month. Glad to know she is so frugal with her hard earned money!



At approximately 2:30 pm, September 6, 2012, I entered the Publix store on Main St. in Gainesville , FL. to pick up a few items. I gathered my items and went to the 14 and under register to check-out. The person in front of me (a white female, approximate age 35-43, fake nails, big braided hair do, clean clothes, carrying a purse and a plastic drinking cup) put her purchase on the check out surface ONE GRAPE.
Yes, that is correct ONE GRAPE. The cashier asked if that was all, she replied yes. The cashier then weighted the GRAPE and told the women the cost was $.02 (TWO CENTS), the women then pulled out her Food Stamp EBT card and swiped it through the credit card machine, requesting $24.00 in cash back. The cashier asked if she wanted the GRAPE, the woman replied no and the GRAPE was put in the garbage can. The register recorded the sale as .02, cash back $24.00. The cashier then asked if two fives would be okay because was out of tens, the woman agreed and took the $24.00 folded it up and put it in her pocket and left the store.
As the next person in line I asked the cashier as a tax payer what in the WORLD just happened here she said she was on the clock and could not comment. I then asked if I had actually seen this person purchase and discard a GRAPE, then get cash back on her Food Stamp EBT card. The cashier responded that it happens all day every day in their store. She also said that if the person buying the GRAPE has it ring up over .02 they get mad and make her reweigh it.
My next comment was to ask the cashier if she planned to vote in November and she said she could hardly wait for 11/6/12 to get here as one tax payer to another. I paid for my groceries, in cash, and left the store madder than 10 wet hens.

Fw: from a friend in Texas

Subject: FW: from a friend in Texas

Subject: from a friend in Texas

San Antonio doctors' ad
The Democratic Party has produced a television ad purporting to show Rep Paul Ryan throwing grandma off the cliff, by opposing ObamaCare.

A couple of San Antonio doctors have responded with an effective ad to counter this injustice. See the ad produced by Drs
. Jane Hughes and Kris Held. 

If you like their ad, please forward widely

Fw: think before you buy!

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Subject: Fw: think before you buy!

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Subject: Fw: think before you buy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012, 11:16 AM



Election Cycle political donations, as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics.
Price Club/Costco donated $225K, 99% went to Democrats

Rite Aid donated $517K, 60% went to Democrats

Magla Products ( Stanley tools, Mr. Clean) donated $22K, 100% went to Democrats

Warnaco (undergarments) donated $55K, 73% went to Democrats

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia donated $153K, 99% went to Democrats

Estee Lauder donated $448K, 95% went to Democrats

Guess, Inc. donated $145K, 98% went to Democrats

Calvin Klein donated $78K, 100% went to Democrats

Liz Claiborne, Inc. donated $34K, 97% went to Democrats

Levi Straus donated $26K, 97% went to Democrats

Olan Mills donated $175K, 99% went to Democrats

WalMart donated $467K, 97% went to Republicans

K-Mart donated $524K, 86% went to Republicans

Home Depot donated $298K, 89% went to Republicans

Target donated $226K, 70% went to Republicans

Circuit City Stores donated $261K, 95% went to Republicans

3M Co. donated $281K, 87% went to Republicans

Hallmark Cards donated $319K, 92% went to Republicans

Amway donated $391K, 100% Republicans

Kohler Co. (plumbing fixtures) donated $283K, 100% Republicans

B.F. Goodrich (tires) donated $215K, 97% went to Republicans

Proctor & Gamble donated $243K, 79% went to Republicans

Southern Wine & Spirits donated $213K, 73% went to Democrats

Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons (incl. beverage Business and considerable media interests) donated $2M+, 67% went to Democrats

Gallo Winery donated $337K, 95% went to Democrats

Coors & Budweiser donated $174K, 92% went to Republicans

Brown-Forman Corp. (Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Bushmills, Korbel Wines, Lenox China , Dansk and Gorham Silver)donated $644 K -- 80% went to Republicans

Sonic Corporation donated $83K, 98% went to Democrats

Triarc Companies (Arby's, T.J. Cinnamon's, Pasta Connections) donated $112K, 96% went to Democrats

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. (chicken) donated $366K, 100% went to Republicans

Outback Steakhouse donated $641K, 95% went to Republicans

Tricon Global Restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) donated $133K, 87% went to Republicans

Brinker International (Maggiano's, Brinker Cafe, Chili's, On the Border, Macaroni Grill, Crazymel's, Corner Baker, EatZis) donated $242K, 83% went to Republicans

Waffle House donated $279K, 100% went to Republicans

McDonald's Corp. donated $197K, 86% went to Republicans

Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, Bahama Breeze) donated $121K, 89% went to Republicans

Heinz Republicans $64,000 Democrats $21,300!!!!! John Kerry's wife's company!!!

Traveling and/or dining

Hyatt Corporation donated $187K of which 80% went to Democrats
Marriott International $323K, 81% went to Republicans

Holiday Inns donated $38K, 71% went to Republicans

Please be kind to your EMAIL friends. Use the blind copy (BCC) when forwarding to multiple recipients. Erase all prior addresses. Spammers will hate you but your friends will love you.

FW: DeJa Vue?

Subject: FW: DeJa Vue?

Subject: DeJa Vue?

This is one of the best ads put out by the Republicans.  Take a moment and forward this to everyone you know, and especially to family, friends and acquaintances who live and vote in the crucial “battleground” states around the country.  Nothing has to be said, just ask them to watch.

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Fw: [Political-Ramasun] October

Will Obama Betray The U.S. In October Surprise Deal With Iran?

Kahlili’s source for this story reports that a 3-member team of negotiators representing President Obama met this week with a Khamenei representative in Qatar. They asked that the Iranian leader “…announce a halt to enrichment, even if temporary, before the Nov. 6 election.” In return, Obama promised to suspend some of the sanctions that have effectively crippled the Iranian economy.
This would not be the first time Obama has been willing to sell out the interests of the American people to the Islamic Republic of Iran. In a January response to Iran’s threat to shut down the Straits of Hormuz, Obama made it clear to Iran’s leadership that, in his view, Iran had “…a right of access to and use of nuclear technology.”
At the same time, through a Swiss diplomat, Obama assured Khamenei that “I didn’t want to impose sanctions on [Iran’s] central bank, but I had no options but to approve it since a Congress majority had approved the decision.” In fact, by threatening a veto on the sanctions legislation, Obama was able to delay its implementation for an additional 120 days and provide himself with the ability to waive any penalties, ostensibly “…for national security reasons or if it would harm the global economy.” Now isn’t that the very picture of a president acting in the best interests of the United States against a nuclear wanna-be nation of religious fanatics?!
So would the Obama Administration “…remove some sanctions on the Iranian central bank and oil industry, with further collaboration after the election…” all for the purpose of obtaining nothing more tangible from Iranian leadership than a statement claiming it had halted uranium enrichment? Would Obama allow Iran to continue on its course to a nuclear weapon, knowing full well that any promise to stop on Iran’s part would be nothing more than the result of a cynical, meaningless election year deal? In short, would Obama knowingly put the American people at even greater risk just to look good to voters?
Of COURSE he would!
Should Barack Obama announce Iran’s sudden willingness to stop the enrichment of uranium prior to the election, it will represent the most despicable betrayal of the United States in our nation’s history. And as the most despicable of presidents occupies the White House, it certainly WON’T be a surprise, “October” or otherwise.

Fw: New Billboard At The Villages!!

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This is about 45 minutes from us!
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 Check out the new billboard on Rte 466 at The Villages in Florida .  It's making a big hit!!


Love to see the enthusiasm……….   

"KISS" Performs in Iraq -You will love this !!!
This was filmed in Iraq at a USO tour of a US Marine Base.

Play it and spread it to every single person you know...  cause you won't see it on the news.

Fw: Great T-Shirt

Date: Friday, August 10, 2012, 9:21 PM

Great T Shirt

Fw: Fwd: Fw: Harvard Law School - Big Oops!

Subject: Harvard Law School - Big Oops!

Big Oops! Harvard Law Review did not cleanse its 1991 yearbookActual photocopy

Why wasn't this printed in news papers and reported on TV in 2008?


Fw: Fwd: Football Question

Just me

Football Question
The Football Question

Last year.....after the Packers / Bills game, Buffalo released quarterback Trent Edwards.

During the Packers / Eagles game, the Packers injured Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Philadelphia then had to play backup quarterback Michael Vick.

During a playoff game against the Eagles, the Packers injured Michael Vick and another backup was needed.

After the Packers / Cowboys game, Dallas fired Wade Phillips and most of his staff .

After the Packers / Vikings game, Minnesota fired Brad Childress and most of his staff.

Four weeks after losing to the Packers, the 49er's coach Mike Singletary and most of his staff were fired and replaced.

During the Bears Playoff game, the Packers injured Jay Cutler and backup Todd Collins forcing the

Bears to go with 3rd string quarterback Caleb Hanie.

So here's the question..... .............

Is it just me, or did the Packers create more jobs last year than Obama?

Fw: Fwd: Paradoxical Quote of the Day

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Subject: Fwd: Paradoxical Quote of the Day

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Subject: Paradoxical Quote of the Day


Paradoxical Quote of The Day From Ben Stein:
"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen."
Now add this, "Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens."

Think about it when you vote in November !

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Subject: Man ...!!

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