Fw: Finally

Finally! A joke that will reach to the farthest corners of the earth.

The Pope and Nancy Pelosi are on the same stage in front of a huge crowd.
The speaker and His Holiness, however, have seen it all before. To make it a little more interesting, the speaker says to the Pope, "Did You know that with just one little wave of my hand I can make every Democrat in the crowd go wild?"
He doubts it, so she shows him. Sure enough, the wave elicits rapture and cheering from every democrat in the crowd. Gradually, the cheering subsides.
The Pope, not wanting to be out done by such a level of arrogance, considers what he could do.
"That was impressive, the Pope says, "But did you know that with just one little wave of MY hand I can make EVERY person in the crowd go crazy with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display like that of your subjects, but will go deep into their hearts, and they will forever speak of this day and rejoice."
The speaker seriously doubts this, and says so. "One little wave of your hand and all people will rejoice forever? Show me."
So the Pope slapped her




We have all heard our Postal Service is BROKE.

But did you know:

Postmaster Salary is $800,000.00

And yet he received a BONUS of $135,000.00

AND OUR GOVERNMENT IS COMPLAINING ABOUT AIG? So is the message here to do as they say do but not as they do??



Available soon at a "re-distribution" center near you . .. delicious when served with "ACORN" squash!

WARNING: Consumption may cause need for "Joe the Plumber"!

Fw: Letter by a Florida Teacher

Letter by a Florida teacher................ A teacher speaks:

This is a subject close to my heart. Do you know that we have adult students at the school where I teach who are not US citizens and who get the PELL grant, which is a federal grant (no pay back required) plus other federal grants to go to school?
One student from the Dominican Republic told me that she didn't want me to find a job for her after she finished my program, because she was getting housing from our housing department and she was getting a PELL grant which paid for her total tuition and books, plus money leftover...
She was looking into WAIT which gives students a CREDIT CARD for gas to come to school, and into CARIBE which is a special program (check it out - I did) for immigrants and it pays for child care and all sorts of needs while they go to school or training. The one student I just mentioned told me she was not going to be a US Citizen because she plans to return to the Dominican Republic someday and that she 'loves HER country.'
I asked her if she felt guilty taking what the US is giving her and then not even bothering to become a citizen and she told me that it doesn't bother her, because that is what the money is there for!
I asked the CARIBE administration about their program and if you ARE a US Citizen, you don't qualify for their program. And all the while, I am working a full day, my son-in-law works more than 60 hours a week, and everyone in my family works and pays for our education.
Something is wrong here. I am sorry but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in Spanish - enough is enough. Nowhere did they sing it in Italian, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German or any other language because of immigration. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts even gave the translation -- not even close. Sorry if this offends anyone but this is MY COUNTRY.
IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY SPEAK UP -- please pass this along. I am not against immigration -- just come through legally. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past -- and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Think about this: If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone -- YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM! It is Time for America to Speak up! If you agree -- pass this along, if you don't agree --- delete it.

Fwd: : Our KNIGHT has come to save us all!!!

Curator's note: This RWFD came into the inbox with the images stacked at the bottom and the disjointed text displayed above. It was impossibly nonsensical, so MRWD waived its policy of not altering FWDs in the interest of readability. The disjointed text appears exactly as in the original FWD. The folks in the The Retired Rochester Cop's Squad Room got a bit of a kick out it, too.

Subject: Fwd: Fw: : Our KNIGHT has come to save us all!!!


"Sir Hopenchange".


knight has come to save us all.


began as a simple huckster shaking down government agencies

and scamming public funding under the ambiguous title of

community organizer.


his ability to talk good caught the media by their

collective heart and it was love at first sound bite. They
took control

of building an image for him as the man who

will reform our country into a quasi socialist nation and

change the world in the process.


this before?)


his transformation is complete. He has ascended to a

glorious high that no one could have predicted 18 months

In the minds of the media, he is indeed the Messiah

sent from the heavens to deliver the world into a new era of

something marvelous that will be better than everything

else that wasn't as marvelous even though it could

have been but wasn't.


here we are Inauguration Day! Whoddahthunkit?


are trusting the future, or at least the next four years to

a cult figure who brings with him a questionable background,

no executive experience and very liberal congress controlled

in both houses by people of questionable motives, morals and



help us!


your personality in color!

Preview and select themes for Hotmail®.



Fw: Suicidal Muslims

Suicidal Muslims...

Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide
... Let's see now...

No Jesus

No Christmas

No television

No cheerleaders

No Nude Women

No car races

No football

No soccer

No golf

No tailgate parties

No pork BBQ

No hot dogs

No burgers

No lobster

No shellfish, or even frozen fish sticks

No nachos

No Beer nuts

No Beer !!!!!!!!

Rags for clothes and towels for hats.

Constant wailing from the guy next-door because he's sick and there are no doctors.

Constant wailing from the guy in the tower.

More than one wife.

You can't shave.

Your wives can't shave.

You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung.

The women have to wear baggy dresses and veils at all times.

Your bride is picked by someone else.

She smells just like your donkey.

But your donkey has a better disposition.

Then, they tell you that when you die it all gets better!
I mean, really, is there a mystery here?

Fw: Milking Time

Fw: Thoughts of Jefferson and Pelosi

Where have we gone in 200 years....
The wisdom and liberty of a founding father.... vs ... the ignorance and tyrany of the current democratic speaker of the house

Thomas Jefferson - 1802 When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.
The democracy will cease to exist when you take away
from those who are willing to work and give to those
who would not.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 As our cities grow larger and larger, it gives us the
opportunity to provide more services to the needy.


Thomas Jefferson - 1802 It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 For those who say that we can't afford to spend money for the good of the people, they are living in a pre-historic world.


Thomas Jefferson - 1802 I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 We must take care of all of our people who cannot take care of themselves.


Thomas Jefferson - 1802 My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 Without an organized and strong government, most people would be lost on how to survive.


Thomas Jefferson - 1802 The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 To allow people to have uncontrolled firearms of all types cannot be tolerated by any government.


Thomas Jefferson - 1802 The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 If this country was totally controlled by liberal thinkers, we would never have to go to war.


Thomas Jefferson - 1802 To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

Nancy Pelosi - 2009 This country's conservatives are out of step with new and innovative ideas which can benefit the masses.

Fwd: Liberals Were Right

Liberals Were Right
I have to admit it. My liberal friends were right.

They told me if I voted for McCain, the nation's Hope would deteriorate, and sure enough there has been a 20 point drop in the Consumer Confidence Index since the election, reaching a lower point than any time during the Bush administration.

They told me if I voted for McCain, the US would become more deeply embroiled in the Middle East, and sure enough tens of thousands of additional troops are scheduled to be deployed into Afghanistan.

They told me if I voted for McCain, that the economy would get worse and sure enough unemployment is approaching 8.8% and the new stimulus packages implemented recently have sent the stock market lower than at any time since 9-11

They told me if I voted for McCain, we would see more "crooks" in high ranking positions in Federal government and sure enough, several recent cabinet nominees and Senate appointments revealed resumes of bribery and tax fraud.

Well I ignored my Democrat friends in November and voted for McCain. And they were right... all of their predictions have come true.

Fwd: quote of the day


In a time where so much is being made about our first alleged black president, Ann Coulter made the following observation in her column on 2/25/2009:

"But as long as the nation is obsessed with historic milestones, is no one going to remark on what a great country it is where a mentally retarded woman can become speaker of the house?"

Steelers to loose Super Bowl Trophies

Pittsburgh, PA

. The Super Bowl XLIII Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the only team to win six titles, will soon be loosing half of those trophies. After a meeting between NFL Commissioner Rodger Gadel and President Barack Hussain Obama, Obama has decided to redistribute half of the Steeler Super Bowl victories and trophies to less fortunate teams in the league.

"We live everyday in the country that invented the Super Bowl." said Obama "We are not about to lose this Great American

tradition in the wake of these difficult times." Obama’s plan calls for the Steelers, who are a successful NFL team, to give half of their Super Bowl trophies to teams that are not successful or have not been as successful as the Steelers. "The Detroit Lions are just as much a part of the same fiber of the NFL as the Steelers and they should, no rather will, be entitled to a Super Bowl Trophy as well." Obama explains in his plan that he has imposed on Godel and the NFL.
The Pittsburgh Steelers, who by virtue of hard work, excellent team play, stellar draft choices, responsible investing of free agents, careful hiring of coaches, excellent community service and commitment to their fans, has prospered

greatly during the past 30 years and have won six Super Bowl Trophies. But President Barack Hussain Obama’s plan calls for the Pittsburgh Steelers to carry the larger burden of the NFL’s less successful teams. Obama went on to further proclaim, "In these difficult times we are all in this to work together. We must reclaim the NFL Championship Dream for every team, for every city, and for every fan."

"My plan will not affect 31 of the 32 teams in the league." Obama assures. That’s over 95 percent of the teams in the NFL will not have to worry about loosing any Super Bowl Trophies. "The worst teams in the NFL and the teams that can’t

seem to get a break and win a championship will no longer have to worry about going without a title." Obama promises. "We are a country and league of hope. We all need change. It does not matter the color of the teams uniforms, the personal decisions that the teams make or their performance but rather if they are a member of this great American league."

The Super Bowl XLIII trophy will be redistributed to the 0-16 Detroit Lions. Through no fault of their own incompetence, the Lions could not manage a victory all season and this trophy will help ease the pain of their lack of performance and give them hope once again.

The redistribution of Super Bowl XL trophy will go directly to the Steeler’s division rival the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals who also have fallen on hard times have never won a Super Bowl. This victory will bring a smile to hundreds of Bengal fans all over the world as they can now celebrate. Finally, one of the Steeler’s two Super Bowl victories over the Dallas Cowboys will go back to the Cowboys "since the league needs to provide hope in the face of difficulty and provide hope in the face of uncertainty," said Obama. "This is a heavy burden for the Steelers but together we can all prosper."

Fw: A Brazilian

Subject: A Brazilian
The Dept of Defense briefed the president this morning, They told OBAMA that 2
Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq . To everyone's surprise, all the color drained from Obama's face.

Then he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears.

Finally, he composed himself and asked, 'Just how many is a brazilian?'

This is especially funny since he obviously has no understanding of billion or
trillion either.

Fwd: A Trillion Dollars

We hear a lot of talk these days about a TRILLION dollars. Someone finally put it in perspective.

All this talk about "stimulus packages" and "bailouts"...

A billion dollars...

A hundred billion dollars...

Eight hundred billion dollars...

One TRILLION dollars...

What does that look like? I mean, these various numbers are tossed around like so many doggie treats, so I thought I'd take Google Sketchup out for a test drive and try to get a sense of what exactly a trillion dollars looks like. We'll start with a $100 dollar bill. Currently the largest U.S. denomination in general circulation. Most everyone has seen them, slighty fewer have owned them. Guaranteed to make friends wherever they go.

A packet of one hundred $100 bills is less than 1/2" thick and contains $10,000. Fits in your pocket easily and is more than enough for week or two of shamefully decadent fun.

Believe it or not, this next little pile is $1 million dollars (100 packets of $10,000). You could stuff that into a grocery bag and walk around with it.

While a measly $1 million looked a little unimpressive, $100 million is a little more respectable. It fits neatly on a standard pallet...

And $1 BILLION dollars... now we're really getting somewhere...

Next we'll look at ONE TRILLION dollars. This is that number we've been hearing so much about. What is a trillion dollars? Well, it's a million million. It's a thousand billion. It's a one followed by 12 zeros.

You ready for this?

It's pretty surprising.

Go ahead...

Scroll down..Ladies and gentlemen... I give you $1 trillion dollars...

(And notice those pallets are double stacked.)
So the next time you hear someone toss around the phrase "trillion dollars"... that's what they're talking about.

FW: Do you know what "shovel ready" means?

now you no doubt have heard the government discussion about "shovel ready" projects to stimulate the economy?

If you're like me, you have no idea what that means other than it's going to cost me more tax dollars?

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Ramirez, Investor's Business Daily, offers his version here.

Fwd: praise allah!



Young Chuck in Montana bought a horse from a farmer for $100.

The farmer agreed to deliver the horse the next day.

The next day the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry son, but I have some bad news... the horse died."

Chuck replied, "Well, then just give me my money back."

The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."

Chuck said, "Ok, then, just bring me the dead horse."

The farmer asked, "What ya gonna do with him?"

Chuck said, "I'm going to raffle him off."

The farmer said, "You can't raffle off a dead horse!"

Chuck said, "Sure I can, Watch me. I just won't tell anybody he's dead."

A month later, the farmer met up with Chuck and asked, "What happened with that dead horse?"

Chuck said, "I raffled him off.

I sold 500 tickets at two dollars a piece and made a profit of $898."

The farmer said, "Didn't anyone complain?"

Chuck said, "Just the guy who won. So I gave him his two dollars back..."

Chuck grew up and now works for the government.
P.S. He's the one who figured out how this "bail-out" is going to work

FW: Rumor

Subject: Rumor

This might be a true story.

When Tim was a youth in Thailand he bought a horse from a local farmer for 4000 Baht (about $100 dollars). The farmer agreed to deliver the horse the next day. The next day the farmer walked up and said, "Sorry, but I have some bad news... the horse died." Tim replied, well then, just give me my money back." The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went into Bangkok and spent it already." Tim said, "Ok, then, just bring me the dead horse." The farmer asked, "What ya gonna do with him?" Tim said, "I'm going to raffle him off." The farmer said, "You can't raffle off a dead horse!" Tim said, "Sure I can, watch me. I just won't tell anybody he's dead." A month later, the farmer met up with Tim and asked, "What happened with that dead horse?" Tim said, "I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at 75 Baht each (two dollars) and made a profit of 37,000 Baht ($998)." The farmer said, "Didn't anyone complain?" Tim said, "Just the guy who won. So I gave him his 75 Baht back." Tim grew up and now works for the U.S. government. He's the one who figured out how this "bail-out" is going to work. Tim’s full name is Timothy F. Geithner

Fw: Gun Control

Subject: Gun Control

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
---- ------------- -------------

Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own Government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in:

List of 7 items:

Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent.

Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent.

Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns!

While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.

There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the ELDERLY. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort, and expense was e xpended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it.

You won't see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

Take note my fellow Americans, before it's too late!

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

With guns, we are 'citizens'. Without them, we are 'subjects'.

During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

If you value your freedom, please spread this anti-gun control message to all of your friends.

The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.


I'm a firm believer of the 2nd Amendment! If you are too, please forward.


Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 20:43:37 EDT

If this does not scare you I don't know what will.




Forwarded Message:
Subj: PROPHESY OR DE JA VU? Date: 3/13/2009 2:08:16 P.M. Central Daylight
Time From:

Please read, consider, and tell others

Prophesy or deja vu?

By Pat Dollard (OK, just another "conservative")

I am a student of history. Professionally, I have written 15 books in six
languages, and have studied it all my life. I think there is something
monumentally large afoot, and I do not believe it is just a banking crisis, or a
mortgage crisis, or a credit crisis. Yes these exist, but they are merely single
facets on a very large gemstone that is only now coming into a sharper focus.

Something of historic proportions is happening. I can sense it because I
know how it feels, smells, what it looks like, and how people react to it.

Yes, a perfect storm may be brewing, but there is something happening within
our country that has been evolving for about ten — fifteen years. The pace
has dramatically quickened in the past two.

We demand and then codify into law the requirement that our banks make
massive loans to people we know they can never pay back? Why?

We learn just days ago that the Federal Reserve, which has little or no real
oversight by anyone, has "loaned" two trillion dollars (that is
$2,000,000,000,000) over the past few months, but will not tell us to whom or why or
disclose the terms. That is our money. Yours and mine. And that is three times
the $700B we all argued about so strenuously just this past September. Who has
this money? Why do they have it? Why are the terms unavailable to us? Who
asked for it? Who authorized it? I thought this was a government of "we the
people," who loaned our powers to our elected leaders. Apparently not.

We have spent two or more decades intentionally de-industrializing our
economy. Why?

We have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no
longer teach our founding documents, why we are exceptional, and why we are
worth preserving. Students by and large cannot write, think critically, read,
or articulate. Parents are not revolting, teachers are not picketing, school
boards continue to back mediocrity. Why?

We have now established the precedent of protesting every close election
(now violently in California over a proposition that is so controversial that it
wants marriage to remain between one man and one woman. Did you ever think
such a thing possible just a decade ago?) We have corrupted our sacred
political process by allowing unelected judges to write laws that radically change
our way of life, and then mainstream Marxist groups like ACORN and others to
turn our voting system into a banana republic. To what purpose?

Now our mortgage industry is collapsing, housing prices are in free fall,
major industries are failing, our banking system is on the verge of collapse,
social security is nearly bankrupt, as is Medicare and our entire government,
our education system is worse than a joke (I teach college and know precisely
what I am talking about) — the list is staggering in its length, breadth,
and depth. It is potentially 1929 x ten. And we are at war with an enemy we
cannot name for fear of offending people of the same religion, who cannot wait
to slit the throats of your children if they have the opportunity to do so.

And now we have elected a man no one knows anything about, who has never run
so much as a Dairy Queen, let alone a town as big as Wasilla, Alaska.. All
of his associations and alliances are with real radicals in their chosen
fields of employment, and everything we learn about him, drip by drip, is
unsettling if not downright scary (Surely you have heard him speak about his idea to
create and fund a mandatory civilian defense force stronger than our military
for use inside our borders? No? Oh of course. The media would never play
that for you over and over and then demand he answer it. Sarah Palin's pregnant
daughter and $150,000 wardrobe is more important.)

Mr. Obama's winning platform can be boiled down to one word: Change.


I have never been so afraid for my country and for my children as I am now.
This man campaigned on bringing people together, something he has never,
ever done in his professional life. In my assessment, Obama will divide us along
philosophical lines, push us apart, and then try to realign the pieces into
a new and different power structure. Change is indeed coming. And when it
comes, you will never see the same nation again.

And that is only the beginning.

And I thought I would never be able to experience what the ordinary, moral
German felt in the mid-1930s. In those times, the savior was a former
smooth-talking rabble-rouser from the streets, about whom the average German knew nex
t to nothing. What they did know was that he was associated with groups that
shouted, shoved, and pushed around people with whom they disagreed; he edged
his way onto the political stage through great oratory. Conservative "losers"
read it right now.

And promises. Economic times were tough, people were losing jobs, and he was
a great speaker. And he smiled and waved a lot.. And people, even
newspapers, were afraid to speak out for fear that his "brown shirts" would bully them
into submission. And then, he was duly elected to office, a full-throttled
economic crisis at hand [the Great Depression]. Slowly but surely he seized the
controls of government power, department by department, person by person,
bureaucracy by bureaucracy.

The kids joined a Youth Movement in his name, where they were taught what to
think. How did he get the people on his side? He did it promising jobs to
the jobless, money to the moneyless, and goodies for the military-industrial
complex. He did it by indoctrinating the children, advocating gun control,
health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride
once again in the country, across Europe, and across the world.

He did it with a compliant media — did you know that? And he did this all
in the name of justice and ..... change. And the people surely got what they
voted for. (Look it up if you think I am exaggerating.) Read your history
books. Many people objected in 1933 and were shouted down, called names,
laughed at, and made fun of. When Winston Churchill pointed out the obvious in the
late 1930s while seated in the House of Lords in England (he was not yet
Prime Minister), he was booed into his seat and called a crazy troublemaker. He
was right, though.

Don't forget that Germany was the most educated, cultured country in
Europe. It was full of music, art, museums, hospitals, laboratories, and
universities. And in less than six years ~ a shorter time span than just two terms of
the U. S. presidency ~ it was rounding up its own citizens, killing others,
abrogating its laws, turning children against parents, and neighbors against
neighbors. All with the best of intentions, of course. The road to Hell is
paved with them.

As a practical thinker, one not overly prone to emotional decisions, I have
a choice: I can either believe what the objective pieces of evidence tell me
(even if they make me cringe with disgust); I can believe what history is
shouting to me from across the chasm of seven decades; or I can hope I am wrong
by closing my eyes, having another latte, and ignoring what is transpiring
around me.

Some people scoff at me, others laugh, or think I am foolish, naive, or
both. Perhaps I am. But I have never been afraid to look people in the eye and
tell them exactly what I believe ~ and why I believe it. I pray I am wrong.

I do not think I am.

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[Fwd: Notable Quotes - This Week]

Index: Quotes of the Week
II Bill of Rights II Liberty II In Black & White II 9-11

Quotes of the Week: March 5, 2009
On Mighty (False) Claims of Curtailing the Size of the U.S. Government:
“If President Obama were to try to misrepresent his positions for the next four years, there would be nothing he could say that would approach the inaccuracy of his claim last week that he is not for big government. It is the essence of the man and his presidency. He doesn’t like America the way it has been since its founding, and it would take an abusively big government to realize his dreams of converting America into something quite different. If you don’t know that, you don’t yet know Obama.”
— Tony Blankley, Author, Syndicated Columnist and Former Washington Times Editorial Page Editor
“Addressing Congress last week, the president said he is strengthening government ‘not because I believe in bigger government — I don’t.’
“Chant it, everybody: Yes, you do.”
— George F. Will, Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Regarding President Obama’s Budget-Busting Braggadocio:
“How lucky we are to have Barack Obama as president. He’s already come up with a revolutionary idea that escaped his predecessors: He’s going to scour the budget for … ‘waste and inefficiency’! ‘… go line by line through the federal budget in order to eliminate wasteful and ineffective programs.’
“It’s astonishing that no one has thought of this before. Who knew programs could actually be eliminated just because they don’t work and waste taxpayers’ money?”
— John Stossel, Award-Winning News Correspondent and Co-Anchor of ABC News ‘20/20’
“In his speech to Congress last week, President Obama promised to ‘go line by line through the federal budget in order to eliminate wasteful and ineffective programs.’ Although the process was not completed yet, he said, ‘we have already identified $2 trillion in savings over the next decade.’
“But it turns out that tax increases account for half of those ‘savings.’ From Obama’s perspective, it seems, letting people keep their own money qualifies as a ‘wasteful and ineffective program.’ That makes sense if you believe all resources are the government’s to distribute as it sees fit, which is the premise underlying the multitrillion-dollar spending binge that Obama calls ‘A New Era of Responsibility.’”
— Jacob Sullum, Reason Magazine Senior Editor and Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Douglas MacKinnon, Author, Columnist, Political Commentator and Former White House and Pentagon Official, On Falling Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions:
“Is it any wonder that readers and the majority of the American people have tired of the countless liberal indoctrination sheets masquerading as newspapers? The breaking point has been reached.
“While my liberal editor friend says the Internet and the economic meltdown are greatly accelerating the demise of these papers, he still believes it started with the biased and unethical behavior of far-left editors, reporters, and columnists. Unprincipled behavior that caused conservatives and centrists by the millions to cancel their newspaper and magazine subscriptions over the course of the last two decades.”
Regarding the Budget, the Economy and the Stock Market:
“Markets are not infallible. But the stock market has long been a ‘lead indicator’ of where the economy will be six months from now. What are the markets, the collective decisions of millions of investors, saying?
“Having fallen every month since Obama’s election, with January and February the worst two months in history, they are telling us the stimulus package will not work, that Tim Geithner is clueless about how to save the banks, that the Obama budget portends disaster for the republic.
“The president says he is gearing up for a fight on his budget.
“Good. Let’s give him one.”
— Patrick J. Buchanan, Syndicated Columnist and Founding Editor, The American Conservative Magazine
“The stock market reacts not to the past, but forecasts the future. With proposed income tax increases and a boost in the capital gains tax rate, the stock market has fallen at percentage rates last seen in the Great Depression. The elderly and those about to become older Americans are seeing their savings and investments built up over a lifetime wiped out. Where is the party of compassion? Can the elderly, who have increasingly voted for Democrats after being peppered with demagoguery that Republicans will end Social Security, wake up and realize that the more rich there are, the richer they become?
“President Obama can cling to liberal ideology and appease the left-wing fringe of his party, or he can do like President Clinton did and reduce capital gains taxes (how about eliminating them at least for a few years?) and watch the markets respond, re-filling individual retirement accounts and rekindling hope that millions of Americans won't have to abandon their lifestyles and their independence and become dependent on government.
“This isn't about politics. It is about doing what works. We know what works. The question is will the president and congressional Democrats stop worrying about the rich and start worrying about the potential for increasing the number of poorer people?”
— Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist
Sally Pipes, Pacific Research Institute President and CEO, On Proposals for Government-Run Health Care:
“The president’s budget repeats the popular claim that 45.7 million Americans are uninsured. The figure is taken as proof positive that the current system is failing — and that the government must step in to provide a remedy.
“But that misleading number includes millions we can hardly call uninsured. About 18 million of the uninsured make more than $50,000 a year — and almost 10 million have yearly incomes over $75,000. More than 10 million aren’t U.S. citizens. And as many as 14 million are already eligible for government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP — but haven’t signed up.
“For most folks, health insurance is simply too expensive. And ramping up funding for government health programs, as Obama proposes, won’t make insurance cheaper. In fact, it could cause private insurance to become more expensive.”
Regarding Rush Limbaugh:
“Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.”
— Jonathan Martin, The Politico
“Here we go again. Rush Limbaugh is public enemy No. 1.
“Liberal bloggers and media chin-strokers are aghast at Limbaugh's statement that he hopes Barack Obama fails.
“Well, given what Obama wants to do, I hope he fails too. Of course I want the financial crisis to end — who doesn't? But Obama's agenda is much more audacious. Pretty much every major news outlet in the country has said as a matter of objective analysis that Obama wants to repeal the legacy of Ronald Reagan and remake the country as a European welfare state. And yet people are shocked that conservatives, Limbaugh included, want Obama to fail in this effort?
“What movie have they been watching? Because I could swear that opposing the expansion of big government is what conservatives do.”
— Jonah Goldberg, National Review OnLine Editor-at-Large
“Rush is the target because he represents the real opposition. He's the leading voice for those who are really standing up for America and its founding ideals. Too much of our opposition is nominal only. Too much of our opposition is unaware we're in a war for the very survival of those precious principles.”
— David Limbaugh, Author, Syndicated Columnist and Political Opinion Writer
“As the tax-and-spend policies of the Obama administration extend and deepen the recession, the new administration's strategy to deal with the fallout becomes clearer and clearer.
“Blame Rush Limbaugh.”
— Larry Elder, Author, Attorney and Syndicated Columnist
“[M]any of us are hoping that all those in power fail, because those in power have a grating habit of being annoyingly self-righteous, hopelessly corrupt, resolutely incompetent and completely apathetic about the freedoms that they have sworn to protect.
“Embrace the failure. It's patriotic.”
— David Harsanyi, Denver Post Syndicated Columnist

Fw: Health Care

I can find nothing on Snopes to discount this . . . anyone?

Everybody that is on this mailing list is either a senior citizen, is getting close or knows somebody that is.
Most of you know by now that the Senate version (at least) of the "stimulus" bill includes provisions for extensive rationing of health care for senior citizens. The author of this part of the bill, former senator and tax evader, Tom Daschle was credited today by Bloomberg with the following statement.
Bloomberg: "Daschle says health-care reform “will not be pain free.” Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them."
If this does not sufficiently raise your ire, just remember that Senators and Congressmen have their own healthcare plan that is first dollar or very low co-pay which they are guaranteed the remainder of their lives and are not subject to this new law if it passes.
Please use the power of the internet to get this message out. Talk it up at the grassroots level. We have an election coming up in one year and nine months. We have the ability to address and reverse the dangerous direction the Obama administration and it allies have begun and in the interim, we can make their lives miserable. Lets do it!
If you disagree, don't do anything.

Fw: 159 years ago

Leave it to Maxine

159 years ago

Leave it to Maxine...

Do you know what happened this week
back in 1850, 15
9 years ago?

159 years ago…..

  • California became a state.
  • The State had no electricity.
  • The State had no money.
  • Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
  • There were gunfights in the streets.

So basically, it was just like California today;

except the women had real breasts and the men didn't hold hands.

Fw: Le-a

And you guys thought I couldn’t spell!
> ALL! OKAY. How would you pronounce this child's
> name?
> Le-a (written just like that)
> Leah?? NO
> Lee - A?? NOPE
> Lay - a?? NO
> It's pronounced 'Ledasha.' Oh yes, you
> read it right.
> This child attends a school in Livingston Parish, LA.
> Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name
> wrong. SO, if you see something come across your desk like
> this, please remember to pronounce it correctly.
> When the mother was asked about the pronunciation of
> the name,
> she said, 'The dash don't be silent.'

Fw: Today's life

An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly which made the world community smile. A representative from Israel began: "Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, 'What a good opportunity to have a bath!' He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them."

The Palestinian representative jumped up furiously and shouted, "What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren't there then."

The Israeli representative smiled and said, "And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech."

Fw: Oh Dear!

> Subject: Fwd: Oh Dear!
> An elderly man suffered a massive heart attack. The family drove wildly to
> get him to the emergency room.
> After what seemed like a very long wait, the ER Doctor appeared, wearing
> his
> scrubs and a long face. Sadly, he said, "I'm afraid he is brain-dead, but
> his heart is still beating."
> "Oh, Dear God," cried his wife, her hands clasped against her cheeks with
> shock! "We've never had a Democrat in the family before!"
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Worried about job security? Check out the 5 safest jobs in a recession.

Fwd: Who are our Heroes -- more missing news

Missing from the news....

You're a 19 year old kid, critically wounded, and dying in the jungle in the
Ia Drang Valley, 11-14-1965, LZ Xray, Vietnam. ? Your infantry unit is
outnumbered 8 - 1, and the enemy fire is so intense, from 100 or 200 yards
away, that your own Infantry Commander has ordered the MediVac helicopters
to stop coming in.
You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns, ?and you know
you're not getting out. Your family is halfway around the world, 12,000
miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in
and out, you know this is the day.

Then, over the machine gun noise, you faintly hear that sound of a
helicopter, and you look up to see an un-armed Huey, but it doesn't seem
real, because there are no Medi-Vac markings on it. Ed Freeman is coming for
you. He's not Medi-Vac, so it's not his job, but he's flying his Huey down
into the machine gun fire, after the Medi-Vacs were told not to come.

He's coming anyway. And he drops it in, and sits there in the machine gun
fire, as they load 2 or 3 of you on board.

Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire, to the waiting doctors and

And, he kept coming back...... 13 more times.... and took over 30 of you and
your buddies out, who would never have gotten out.

Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman died August 20, 2008 in Boise , ID , at
the age of 80.

May God rest his soul.....

(Oh yeah, Paul Newman died that day too. I guess you knew that. He got a lot
more press than Ed Freeman)

And in Janauary President Obama refused to attend the inaugural ball recognizing all
Medal Of Honor winners. It had been attended by every
President since it's inception. What a commander-in-chief we have now. He
attended all the goof ball balls after his inauguration, but he couldn't make this one....

Fw: Subject: Caption Contest


1) The Five Dwarfs: Sleepy, Preachy, Goofy, Horny and Irrelevant
) Obama to elder Bush: "Your son is a moron." Bush to Clinton : "Obama is gonna F this up." Carter: "I like turtles."
) Bush (center) - "Fools to the left of me Jokers to the right, here I am."
) God willing, there will be 6 people in this photo four years hence.
) The group shares a hearty laugh at the gullibility of the American people.
The Readers Choice Award
this week goes to:
From left to right:
"Read my lips,
I bring change,
I bring compassionate conservatism,
I had the best BJ in this office,
What's a BJ?

Fw: Obama Truck

Picture taken Sunday, 22 Feb 2009 on I-40 near Memphis, TN.

FW: Tiger Woods at the Inauguration

FW: Tiger Woods at the Inauguration

I knew there was something I liked about tiger _ other than golf.

Tiger Woods received a special invitation to speak at the inauguration. His inviters were stunned, when he did not deliver the message they expected. You will see why the media swept it under the rug with no further ado, who & why of a certain element is pissed off at Tiger.
Below is the text of his speech, entitled:
"You'll Never Walk Alone,"
"I grew up in a military family - and my role models in life were my Mom and Dad, Lt. Colonel Earl Woods. My dad was a Special Forces operator and many nights friends would visit our home. They represented every branch of the service, and every rank.
"In my Dad, and in those guests, I saw first hand the dedication and commitment of those who serve. They come from every walk of life. From every part of our country. Time and again, across generations, they have defended our safety in the dark of night and far from home.

"Each day -- and particularly on this historic day -- we honor the men and women in uniform who serve our country and protect our freedom. They travel to the dangerous corners of the world, and we must remember that for every person who is in uniform, there are families who wait for them to come home safely.

"I am honor ed that the military is such an important part, not just of my personal life, but of my professional one as well. The golf tournament we do each year here in Washington is a testament to those unsung heroes.
"I am the son of a man who dedicated his life to his country, family and the military, and I am a better person for it.

"In the summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln, the man at whose memorial we stand, spoke to the 164th Ohio Regiment and said: 'I am greatly obliged to you, and to all who have come forward at the call of their country.'

"Just as they have stood tall for our country - we must always stand by and support the men and women in uniform and their families.

"Thank you, and it is now my pleasure to introduce the US Naval Glee Club."
I have never been more proud of Tiger Woods than when I heard his 2-minute tribute to the military at the Inaugural Celebration in Washington DC . You know he was greatly pressured to be there. Liberals have been mad at him for a decade for not joining their ranks. You know he didn't want to be there. So instead of paying homage to Obama, he paid tribute to our soldiers. Not one time did he mention Obama, the inauguration or the new administration. He knew beforehand that his love for America , and appreciation for our military men & women would anger them further. But Tiger is his own man; his father taught him to be his own man.
Somewhere over that cold, gray Washington sky, old Earl Woods was smiling down on his beloved son. And there will be one more crying hug waiting for Tiger when he passes through the Pearly Gates into God's arms.

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