"When I joined the military service it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became Optional.
I'm glad I got out before it becomes Mandatory."


Celia said...

I'm sorry to say, we in the Gay Mafia are soon going to make it mandatory for everyone to be gay, military or civilian. With the help of the PC brigade and the limp-wristed lefties running the place, we will soon take over the world and force everyone to convert to our evil perversions. While we laugh maniacally from our secret lair underneath an active volcano, of course.

D. Sidhe said...

This would be the dumbest thing I ever saw were it not for the next post in which some moron suggests that we might have been better off electing actual genocidal madmen (who, surprise, happen to be black, wonder why they didn't go all Pinochet? Coincidence, I'm sure).

"When I got assigned to a submarine, it was against policy to be female on board. Now it's optional. Man, I'm glad I got out before it's mandatory!"

"When I got married, it was illegal to marry someone of a different color, now it's optional. Boy am I glad I got divorced before it's mandatory!"

"When I was born, it was illegal to gamble on Sundays, now it's optional. I sure hope I die before it's mandatory!"

The logic on display here is awesome.

ferschitz said...

Methinks thou doth protest too much!

When someone gets upset about gayness, it makes me think that they may be repressing their own sexuality. Why so much fear otherwise? If you're confident in yourself and have self-esteem, why would you worry what others consenting adults do?

Teh Gay Soldier said...

buttsex will help unit cohesion. rly.

Marc with a C said...

Given some of the stories I've heard about the nastiness that happens on board ship between straight people, I'm not sure that having gays on board wouldn't be an improvement...*cough cough* foronethingtheywouldntsticktheirjizz-stainedjackoffragsonthesideofthehull-whentheyredonejerkingofflikesomestra-ightpeopleIknowcoughcough*

BrianX said...

Dammit, they've gotten to me already! I'm not even in the military and sometimes I want teh mansex...

Oh wait. I'm bi. Never mind.

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