Fwd: Fw: Some of the best in a while...

Some of the best in a while...

The International Monetary Fund said that inflation in Venezuela in 2018 would hit 1,000,000 %.    

 Like Democrats blaming the woes of Philadelphia on Republicans and the last Republican mayor was in office 70 years ago.

FW: Lemon Pickers Needed

"Lemon Pickers Needed" - ad in the newspaper.
Ms. Sally Mulligan of Coral Springs, Florida, read it, and decided to 
apply for one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do.
She submitted her application for a job in a Florida lemon grove, but 
seemed far too qualified for the job.
She has a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan, and a 
master's degree from Michigan State University.
For a number of years, she had worked as a social worker, and also as a 
school teacher.
The foreman studied her application, frowned, and said, "I see that you 
are well educated, and have an impressive resume.
"However, I have to ask you, have you had any actual experience in 
picking lemons?"
"Well, as a matter of fact, I have," she said...
"I've been divorced three times, owned two Chryslers, voted twice for 
Obama, and once for Hillary."
She started yesterday.

Fwd: Fw: Quotes from Sir Winston

There are a few of Churchill’s quotes I’ve never heard before. He certainly said some brilliant ones.

FW: Poll in California or Austin

The latest telephone poll taken by the California Governor'soffice, asked whetherpeople who live in California think illegal immigration is a serious problem:
29%of respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."    
71%of respondents answered: "No es una problema seriosa."

Fwd: Fw: Democratic Presidents Defend Trump's Position on Border Security

Border Security 

Two former Democratic Presidents have stepped forward to support President Trump in stemming illegal immigration and deporting illegal immigrants who have gotten into this country.                           You might have been waiting for enlightened Democrats to state their case on illegal immigration, well here you have it, on tape and in their own words.                            We should salute former Presidents Clinton and Obama for standing up to Senator Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi on this issue.                                     All Democrats should be proud of these two Democrats for speaking the truth.

Please note President Trump's reaction to their words and endorsement, albeit in advance of his own stance as President on this issue.


FW: The man who impeached Nixon?

Subject:  The man who impeached Nixon?

Again, as Paul Harvey would say, "It ain't one World!"

Do you know this man who impeached Nixon?
He is Edward "Ed" Mezvinsky, born January 17, 1937.
Then you'll probably say, "Who is Ed Mezvinsky?"
Well, he is a former Democrat congressman who represented Iowa's 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives for two terms, from 1973 to 1977. 
He sat on the House Judiciary Committee that decided the fate of Richard Nixon. 
He was outspoken, saying that Nixon was a crook and a disgrace to politics and the nation ... and should be impeached. 
He and the Clinton's were friends and very politically intertwined, for many years. 
Ed Mezvinsky had an affair with NBC News reporter Marjorie Sue Margolies and later married her after his wife divorced him. 
In 1993, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, then a freshman Democrat in Congress, cast the deciding vote that got President Bill Clinton's controversial tax package through the House of Representatives. 
In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 counts of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. 
Ed Mezvinsky embezzled more than $10 million dollars from people via both a Ponzi scheme and the notorious Nigerian e-mail scams. 
He was found guilty and sentenced to 80 months in federal prison. 
After serving less than five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008 ... and remains on federal probation.   

To this day, he still owes $9.4 million in restitution to his victims. 
About now, you are saying, "So what!" 
Well, this is Marc and Chelsea Mezvinsky.
That's right; Ed Mezvinsky is Chelsea Clinton's father-in law. 
Now Marc and Chelsea are in their early thirties and purchased a $10.5 million dollar NYC apartment(after being married in George Soros' mansion). 
Has anyone heard mention of any of this, in any of the media? 
If this guy was Jenna or Barbara Bush's, or better yet, Sarah Palin's daughter's father-in- law, the news would be an everyday headline and every detail would be reported over and over. 
And yet say there are no double standards in political reporting. 
And then there is possibly Chelsea for president in our future!

The cycle never ends! 
Lying and corruption seem to make some candidates more popular.

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