Fw: Obama and the Seven Dorks--

Subject: Obama and the Seven Dorks--

Obama and the Seven Dorks
Couldn't resist sending! Best one yet.


ferschitz said...

Well, I'd wouldn't call Harry Reid "Sleazy;" I'd call him spineless. And I wouldn't call Rahm "Fishy;" I'd call him a sell-out jerkwad (that's jest me).

Note that they use a sexist terminology for Pelosi, and that she has the nastiest photo. All of the white guys' photos are not bad photos of those guys. Just Pelosi gets a creepy, ugly photo.

Mysogynist much? And homophobe much? Bigot much?

Oh well, same old, different day. We all know just how racist, homophobic, sexist and bigoted these people are. Guess I have to give that happily smiling teabagger woman (yeah, a woman calling a powerful female a skank and using a crappy photo of her... jealous much?) a half point of credit for displaying who she really is without mincing any words.

Cerebus said...

Nevermind that "Snow White" is a direct call back to the turn of the century tradition of giving African-American actors and characters demeaning pet names such as "Stepin Fetchit/Snowshoel" and "Mantan Moreland/Birmingham Brown."

The use of Snow White will fly over most people's heads, but the originators of this forward know exactly what they're doing.

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