FW: Doorbell of Truth

Subject: FW: Doorbell of Truth

Subject: Fw: Doorbell of Truth

Too good and too true to waste.

Power Line Blog held a prize competition for whoever can most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis.  Any creative product was eligible: videos, songs, paintings, screenplays, Power Point presentations, essays, performance art, or anything else

Several entries have gotten a lot of attention and a lot of views or listens.  But unquestionably, the one that has most gone viral so far is “Doorbell.”  If you haven’t yet seen it, you may watch it here.

DOORBELL:  www.ntrc.info/doorbell.html      


Date: July 4, 2011 3:34:31 PM EDT
Muslim men are allowed to have as many as 4  wives. Many Muslims have immigrated into the U.S. and  brought their 2-3-or 4 wives with them, but the U.S. does not allow multi marriages, so the man lists one wife as his, and signs the other 2 or 3 up as extended family on welfare and other free Government programs! Michigan has the highest population of Muslims in the United States. When President Obama took office, the United States paid several millions of dollars to have a large  number of Palestinians (AllMuslim) immigrated here from Palestine .
Why? I have no idea, do you!  We don’t pay for other persons to immigrate here, and I’m sure that  some of those Muslims moved into Michigan with the large current number of Muslims already established there.
So now in Michigan when you call thePublic Assistance office you are told to “Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic”!
Every time you add a new language to an American program it requires an additional number of persons fluent in that language to process those persons who refuse to learn English in order to live here at an additional cost to the  taxpayer! Why are we even allowing persons to immigrate here who cannot provide for themselves, and putting them in our welfare system?          
Press 3 for Arabic ..This is quite alarming!!! This seems to have happened clandestinely, for, as far as I  know, no public announcement, or  opportunity to vote on this was offered to the  American people. They're just  adopting an official stance, and very  likely using tax-payer money for it, in various capacities, without public knowledge or approval.
The following link takes you into the State of  Michigan Public Assistance page, (as in Food Stamps etc).  You won't have to scroll far before you see the assistance-letters options for...(get   this)....English,  Spanish, and ARABIC !!!   
When did the ARABIC option sneak into our culture? Will we soon have to listen to our governmental offices, stores, and other venues offer us the option of "pressing 3 for ARABIC?"

Check it out for yourself.  

Please  inform every red-blooded American you know, that  this is  happening. It  is outrageous! 

The camel's nose is literally now OFFICIALLY under the tent!  I am afraid.
(Delete WITHOUT FORWARDING only if you agree that this is not outrageous!!!!!)


Fwd: Fw: The Truth About The Free Stuff

About The Free Stuff

Subject: Fwd: Fw: The Truth About The Free Stuff

The folks who are getting free stuff, don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff, can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And, The folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Want the free stuff to stop. And the folks who are getting the free stuff, want even MORE free stuff on top of the free stuff they're getting already!

Now, the people who are forcing people to PAY for the free stuff, have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, are being mean, prejudiced and racist.

So, the people who are GETTING the free stuff, have been convinced they need to HATE the people who PAY for the free stuff because they are
selfish. And they are promised more free stuff if they will vote for the people who force the people who pay for the free stuff to give them even more free stuff.

And - - - - - that's the truth!

FW: NBC is at it again!!

Subject: FW: NBC is at it again!!

----- Original Message -----
Subject: NBC is at it again!!

Apparently this happened on 8-15 but I just received it today....am passing it along in hopes everyone else does the same!

received 8-15-2011

This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed one of the  wives of one of the Navy Seals killed this weekend. He asked her what she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him...She said, and I quote, " His love for Christ" and then continued with a few other things...through out the day and on MSN homepage...when the story is replayed they have edited the "Love of Christ" part out...

Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone...well I am a Christian and I am offended! Offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion...well I have read the book and guess what...We Win!

I think anyone who missed the original broadcast this morning should know what NBC has done. This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him...

Please feel free to copy this and forward it to everyone on your email list..There are emails that go around saying " If you believe in God" then forward this...well I am starting one..right here, right now...I am not ashamed of God but I am becoming more ashamed of my country...It is time to take a stand.

Fw: Fwd: Obama and Perry at age 22.....

Subj: Obama and Perry at age 22.....

FW: Earthquake

Subject: FW: Earthquake

No, Obama says it was Bush’s Fault.

Subject: Earthquake - best quote

Subject: Earthquake - best quote

Scientists have determined the earthquake affecting WashingtonD.C. today was caused by the Founding Fathers

simultaneously rolling over in their graves...

FWD: I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman"

Subject: I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman"

" I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman"

Too funny not to forward.  Could it be?

8 Years AFTER Clinton Left the D.C. Area: 

FW: Fwd: France and what is happening

---------- Forwarded message ----------

> Bad news from France ...REAL BAD!
> Once again, the real news in France is conveniently not being reported
> as it should. To give you an idea of what's going on in that country
> where there are now between 5 and 6 million Muslims and about 600,000
> Jews, here is an E-mail that came from a Jew living in France .
> Please read! "Will the world say nothing - again - as it did in
> Hitler's time?"  He writes: "I AM A JEW -- therefore I am forwarding
> this to everyone on all my e-mail lists.  I will not sit back and do
> nothing.  Nowhere have the flames of anti-Semitism burned more
> furiously than in France . In Lyon , a car was rammed into a synagogue
> and set on fire. In Montpellier ,  the Jewish religious center was
> firebombed; so were synagogues in Strasbourgand Marseilles; so was a
> Jewish school in Creteil - all recently.  A Jewish sports club in
> Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails; and on the statue of
> Alfred Dreyfus, in Paris , the words 'Dirty Jew' were painted.  In
> Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with sticks
> and metal bars.  The bus that takes Jewish children to school in
> Aubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months.
> According to the Police, metropolitan Paris has seen 10 to 12
> anti-Jewish incidents PER DAY in the past 30 days.  Walls in Jewish
> neighborhoods have been defaced with slogans proclaiming 'Jews to the
> gas chambers' and 'Death to the Jews.'  A gunman opened fire on a
> kosher butcher's shop (and, of course, the butcher) in Toulouse ,
> France .  A Jewish couple in their 20's were beaten up by five men in
> Villeurbanne , France (the woman was pregnant).  A Jewish school was
> broken into and vandalized in Sarcelles , France . This was just in the
> past week."
> "So I call on you, whether you are a fellow Jew, a friend, or merely a
> person with the capacity and desire to distinguish decency from
> depravity, to do - at least - these three simple things:
> First, care enough to stay informed.  Don't ever let yourself become
> deluded into thinking that this is not your fight.  I remind you of
> what Pastor Neimoller said in World War II : ' First they came for the
> Communists, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Communist.  Then
> they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up, because I wasn't a Jew.
> Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up, because I was
> a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one
> left to speak up for me.'
> Second, boycott France and French products.  Only the Arab countries
> are more toxically anti-Semitic and, unlike them, France exports more
> than just oil and hatred.  So boycott their wines and their perfumes.
> Boycott their clothes and their foodstuffs.  Boycott their movies.
> Definitely boycott their shores.  If we are resolved we can exert
> amazing pressure and, whatever else we may know about the French, we
> most certainly know that they are like a cobweb in a hurricane in the
> face of well-directed pressure.
> Third, send this along to your family, your friends, and your
> co-workers.  Think of all of the people of good conscience that you
> know and let them know that you - and the people that you care - about
> need their help.
> The number one bestselling book in France is....' September 11 : The
> Frightening Fraud' which argues that no plane ever hit the Pentagon !
> Please Pass This On, Let's not let history repeat itself, thank-you
> for your time and consideration.

> --

So what is this guy, a nut case?  Maybe he is onto something.  Why is the population of Illinois falling EXCEPT in the major urban areas?

 Sadly Illinois is unlikely to be unique.

Former   State  Senator and Republican Cook County Board President candidate Roger Keats and his wife Tina are leaving  Illinois   to live in  Texas   .  They bid farewell to their  Illinois   friends in a Wilmette Beacon article and with this letter this weekend, saying they're "voting with their feet and their wallets":


As we leave  Illinois   for good, I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and wish all of you well. I am a lifelong son of the heartland and proud of it.  After 60 years, I leave  Illinois   with a heavy heart.  BUT enough is enough!  The leaders of  Illinois   refuse to see we cant continue going in the direction we are and expect people who have options to stay here.  I remember when  Illinois   had 25 congressmen.  In 2012 we will have 18.  Compared to the rest of the country we have lost 1/3rd of our population.  Don't blame the weather, because I love 4 seasons. 

Illinois   just sold still more bonds and our credit rating is so bad we pay higher interest rates than junk bonds! Junk Bonds!  Illinois is ranked 50th for fiscal policy; 47th in job creation; 1st in unfunded pension liabilities; 2nd largest budget deficit; 1st in failing schools; 1st in bonded indebtedness; highest sales tax in the nation; most judges indicted (Operations Greylord and Gambat); and 5 of our last 9 elected governors have been indicted.  That is more than the other 49 states added together!  Then add 32 Chicago Aldermen and (according to the Chicago Tribune) over 1000 state and municipal employees indicted.  The corruption tax is a real cost of doing business.  We are the butt of jokes for stand up comics.

We live in the most corrupt big city, in the most corrupt big county in the most corrupt state inAmerica .  I am sick and tired of subsidizing crooks.  A day rarely passes without an article about the corruption and incompetence.   Chicago   even got caught rigging the tests to hire police and fire!  Our Crook County CORPORATE property tax system is intentionally corrupt.  The Democrat State Chairman who is also the Speaker of the Illinois House (Spkr. Mike Madigan) and the most senior alderman in  Chicago   each make well over a million dollars a year putting the fix in for their clients tax assessments.

We are moving to  Texas   where there is no income tax while  Illinois   just went up 67%.   Texas   sales tax is ½ of ours, which is the highest in the nation.  Southern states are supportive of job producers, tax payers and folks who offer opportunities to their residents.   Illinois   shakes them down for every penny that can be extorted from them.

In The Hill Country of Texas (near Austin and  San Antonio   ) we bought a gracious home on almost 2 acres with a swimming pool.  It is new, will cost us around 40% of what our home in  Wilmette   just sold for and the property taxes are 1/3rd of what they are here.   Crook   County's property tax system is a disaster:  Wilmette   homes near ours sell for 50% more and their property taxes are ½ of ours.  Our assessed home value was 50% higher than the sales price.  The system is unfair and incompetent.

Our home value is down 40%, our property taxes are up 20% and our local schools have still another referendum on the ballot to increase taxes over 20% in one year.  I could go on, but enough is enough.  I feel as if we are standing on the deck of the Titanic and I can see the icebergs right in front of us.  I will miss our friends a great deal.  I have called  Illinois   home for essentially my entire life.  But it is time to go where there is honest, competent and cost effective government.  We have chosen to vote with our feet and our wallets.  My best to all of you and Good luck!


FWD: cartoon

Subject: cartoon

The Dept of Defense briefed the President this morning…

FW: Powered By Faith

Subject: Powered By Faith

Simple but true..

Hi Lord, its me.
We are getting older and things are getting bad here.
Gas prices are too high, no jobs, food and heating costs too high.
I know some have taken you out of our schools, government & even
Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America .
We really need you!
There are more of us who want you than those who don't!
Thank You Lord,
I Love you.
   If you agree send it on. If not just delete. Only You and the Lord will know.

FW: The Arabs are not happy...

Posted by an anonymous person who reads newspapers every day.

The Arabs are not happy!!!
·        They are not happy  in Gaza.
·        They are not happy  in the West Bank.
·        They are not happy  in Jerusalem.
·        They are not happy  in Israel.
·        They are not happy  in Egypt.
·        They are not happy  in Libya.
·        They are not happy  in Algeria.
·        They are not happy  in Tunis.
·        They are not happy  in Morocco.
·        They are not happy  in Yemen.
·        They are not happy  in Iraq.
·        They are not happy  in Afghanistan. 
·        They are not happy  in Syria.
·        They are not happy  in Lebanon.
·        They are not happy  in Sudan.
·        They are not happy  in Jordan.
·        They are not happy  in Iran.

Where are the Arabs happy?
·        They are happy  in Britain.
·        They are happy  in France.
·        They are happy  in Italy.
·        They are happy  in Germany.
·        They are happy  in Sweden.
·        They are happy  in Holland.
·        They are happy  in Belgium.
·        They are happy  in Norway.
·        They are happy  in the U.S.A.
·        They are happy  in Romania.
·        They are happy  in Hungary.
*          They are happy in Canada. 

They are happy in any other country in the world that is not under Muslim rule.
And whom do they blame?
·      Not Islam.
·      Not their leadership.
·      Not themselves.

But the same countries in which they are happy to live. Democracy is really good for them :
In a democracy  they can live comfortably at the taxpayers expense, enjoy the high quality of life which they did not build and work for, they don’t have to be productive and earn a living, they can be wild, pray in the streets, openly plot and preach against the "West", exploit social services  and bite  the hand that feeds them.

The conclusion: by the time the free world wakes up, it will be too late .....

Fw: The Lord's Prayer - awesome

When you think you;ve heard it all, something this beautiful comes along!  Do look/listen, it'll be worth a few minutes of your time...sending with love. (Scroll down to the bottom past the notes..then click and enjoy) 
  The Lord's Prayer 

The music is the  Lord's prayer  with words "being" written as you watch. Then  
they tumble and start all over again, ending with ll Chronicles, and a quote  
from  President Ronald Reagan . 

If you are not interested, then just hit the "delete button.." But you will  
be missing a unique opportunity to settle your heart and concentrate on the  
ONLY one who can change this nation after he has heard our repentance and  
plea for mercy. 

.1.1/3622 - Release Date: 05/07/11 06:34:00

Fw: A $100 Bill

Subject: A $100 Bill
Subject: FW: A $100 Bill

It’s a cold day in the small Saskatchewan town of Pumphandle and Streets are deserted.  Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit.

A Traveler comes to town and lays a $100 bill on the hotel desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night.

As soon as he walks upstairs, the hotel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Co-op.

The guy at the Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the localprostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit.

The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.

The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves.

No one produced anything. No one earned anything....

However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a "stimulus package" works.


Fwd: One minute moment of truth - Outstanding!

Subject: Fwd: One minute moment of truth - Outstanding!
Power Line Blog held a prize competition for $100,000 for whoever can most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis.  Any creative product was eligible: videos, songs, paintings, screenplays, Power Point presentations, essays, performance art, or anything else
Several entries have gotten a lot of attention and a lot of views or listens.  But unquestionably, the most popular so far is Doorbell.  If you haven’t yet seen it, you may watch it here.


Subject: FW:
Sounds reasonable to me.  The new Democratic way of thinking.
May be more truth than fiction..

Fwd: Investment Advice

Subject: Fwd: Investment Advice

I called my stockbroker and asked him what I should be buying.

He said, "If the current administration is in office much longer, canned goods and ammunition are your best bet.

FW: Two funnies in one e-mail

Subject: FW: Two funnies in one e-mail

A drunken cowboy lay  sprawled across three entire seats in the posh Amarillo Theater.

When the usher came by  and noticed this, he whispered to the cowboy, "Sorry, sir, but you're only  allowed one seat.."

The cowboy groaned but didn't budge.

The usher became more  impatient: "Sir, if you don't get up from there I'm going to have to call the  manager."

Once again,  the cowboy just groaned. The usher marched briskly back up the aisle, and in a  moment he returned with the manager.

Together the two of them tried repeatedly to move the  cowboy, but with no success.

Finally they summoned the police.

The Texas Ranger  surveyed the situation briefly then asked, "All right buddy what's your  name?"

"Sam," the  cowboy moaned.

"Where  ya from, Sam?" asked the Ranger.

With terrible pain in his voice, and without moving a  muscle, Sam said, "The balcony."  

San  Diego Woman Shot in Head
Linda  Burnett, 23, a resident of San Diego, was visiting her in-laws and while there  she went to a nearby supermarket to pick up some groceries. Later, her husband  noticed her sitting in her car in the driveway with the windows rolled up and  with her eyes closed, with both hands behind the back of her head. He became  concerned and walked over to the car.

He  noticed that Linda's eyes were now open and she looked very strange. He asked  her if she was okay, and Linda replied that she had been shot in the back of the  head and had been holding her brains in for over an hour. The husband called the  paramedics, who broke into the car because the doors were locked and Linda  refused to remove her hands from her head.   
When  they finally got in, they found that Linda had a wad of bread dough on the back  of her head. A Pillsbury biscuit canister had exploded from the heat, making a  loud noise that sounded like a gunshot, and the wad of dough hit her in the back  of her head. When she reached back to find out what it was, she felt the dough  and thought it was her brains. She initially passed out, but quickly  recovered.

Linda  is blonde, a Democrat and an Obama supporter, but that could all be a  coincidence. The defective biscuit canister was analyzed and it was determined  to be Bush's fault.



Lost and found...............          

The hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast of 
our nation weredevastating.
It did not spare the houses of worship in 
and around the area. One of the local television stations in South Louisiana 
aired an interview with a woman from New Orleans . The interviewer was a woman 
from a Boston affiliate.

She asked the woman how such total and 
complete devastation of the churches in the area had affected their 
Without hesitation, the woman replied, 
"I don't 
know aboutall those other people, but we ain't gone 
to Churches in years.
Wegits our chicken from 

The look on the interviewer's face was 
They're out there, they live among us, AND
THEY VOTE. Now you understandhow we got our president?






I get irritated when people come down on our police officers, saying that they don't care about or respect others. Well, here is a story that clearly shows not all cops are in that category.
This story involves the police department in the small hill country town of Fredericksburg, TX who reported finding a man's body last Saturday in the early evening in the Pedernales River near the state highway-87 bridge. The dead man's name would not be released until his family had been notified.

The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption while visiting "someone" in Kerrville . He was wearing black fishnet stockings, 10 inch spiked heels, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, dazzel dust on his eyelds,  2 1/2 inch false eyelashes and an Obama T-shirt.

The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any unnecessary embarrassment.

See there, Texas police do care.

Fw: Fwd: One down.....49 to go!!!

Subject: Fw: Fwd: One down.....49 to go!!!
Sent: Sat, December 11, 2010 10:56:04 PM
Subject: Fw: Fwd: One down.....49 to go!!!

Subject: Fw: One down.....49 to go!!!



One down.....49 to go!!!
Florida is the first state - Hooray for Florida.  Gov Rick Scott signed this into law on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
Florida is the first state that is now going to require drug testing for welfare!  Some people (ACLU) are crying this is unconstitutional.  How is this unconstitutional?  It's completely legal that every other working person had to pass a drug test in order to have a J-O-B that supports those on welfare? 
Forward if you agree!!  Let's get Welfare back to the one's who NEED it, not those that WON'T get a JOB.....I AGREE!!!

FW: Fwd: Promised Land

Subject: FW: Fwd: Promised Land

Subject: Fwd: Promised Land

‎5000 yearsago, Moses said, "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land."
When Welfare was introduced, Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land." 
Today, the government has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of camels and mortgaged the Promised Land toChina.

Fw: Great Little Country

Subject: Fw: Great Little Country

Sent: Thu, July 28, 2011 8:15:31 PM
Subject: Great Little Country


The  Middle East has been growing date palms for  centuries. The  average tree is about 18-20 feet tall and yields about 38 pounds of  dates a year.
  Israeli date  trees are now yielding 400 pounds/year and are short enough to be  harvested from the ground or a short  ladder.

Israel the  100th smallest country, with less than 1/1000th of the world's population,  can lay claim to the following:
The  cell phone was developed  in Israel by    working  in the Israeli branch  of Motorola, which has its largest development center  in Israel.

Most  of the Windows NT and XP operating systems were developed  by Microsoft -  Israel.
 The  Pentium MMX Chip technology was designed in  Israel & at  Intel. Both  the Pentium - 4 microprocessor and the Centrino processor were entirely  designed, developed and produced in  Israel.
The  Pentium microprocessor in your computer was most likely made  in Israel. Voice  mail technology was developed  in Israel.
Both  Microsoft and Cisco built their only R&D facilities outside the US  in Israel. 
The  technology for the AOL Instant Messenger ICQ was developed in 1996 by four  young Israelis.

Israel has  the fourth largest air force in the world (after the U.S, Russia and  China). In addition to a large variety of other aircraft, Israel's air  force has an aerial arsenal of over 250 F-16's. This is the largest fleet  of F-16 aircraft outside of the U.S.

Israels $100  billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors  combined.

Israel has  the highest percentage in the world of home computers per capita. 

According  to industry officials, Israel designed the  airline industry's most impenetrable flight security. US officials now  look (finally) to Israel for advice on  how to handle airborne security  threats.
Israel has  the highest ratio of university degrees to the population in the  world.

Israel produces  more scientific papers per capita than any other nation by a large margin  - 109 per 10,000 people -- as well as one of the highest per capita rates  of patents filed.
In  proportion to its  population, Israel has the  largest number of startup companies in the world. 
In  absolute Israel has  the largest number of start-up companies than any other country in the  world, except the U.S. ! (3,500 companies mostly in  hi-tech).

With  more than 3,000 high-tech companies and startups,  Israel has the  highest concentration of hi-tech companies in the world -- apart from the  Silicon Valley, U.S.
Israel is ranked #2 in the  world for venture capital  funds right behind the  U.S.  

Outside  the United States and Canada, Israel has the largest number of NASDAQ  listed companies.
Israel has  the highest average living standards in the Middle  East.

The  per capita income in Israel in 2000 was  over $17,500, exceeding that of the  UK.

On  a per capita basis, Israel has the  largest number of biotech startups.

Twenty-four  per cent of Israel's workforce  holds university degrees, ranking third in the industrialized world, after  the United States and Holland and 12 per cent hold advanced  degrees.

Israel is  the only liberal democracy in the Middle  East.

In 1984 and  1991, Israel airlifted  a total of 22,000 Ethiopian Jews (Operation Solomon and Moses) at Risk in  Ethiopia, to safety in Israel.

When  Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister  of Israel  in 1969, she  became the world's second elected female leader in modern  times.
When  the U. S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya was  bombed in 1998, Israeli rescue  teams were on the scene within a day --  and saved three victims from  the rubble.
Israel has the third highest  rate of entrepreneurship -- and  the highest  rate among women and among people over 55 - in the world.
Relative  to its population, Israel is  the largest immigrant - absorbing nation on earth. Immigrants come in  search of  democracy,  religious freedom, and  economic opportunity.  (Hundreds of thousands from the former  Soviet  Union)
Israel was  the first nation in the world to adopt the Kimberly process, an  international standard that certifies diamonds as "conflict free."
Israel has the world's  second highest per capita of newbooks.
Israel is  the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with a net  gain in its number of trees, made more remarkable because, this was  achieved in an area considered mainly  desert!
Israel has more museums per  capita than any other  country
Medicine  ... scientists  developed the first fully computerized, no-radiation, diagnostic  instrumentation for breast cancer.
An Israeli company  developed a computerized system for ensuring proper administration of  medications, thus removing human error from medical treatment. 
Every  year in U. S.  hospitals 7,000 patients die from treatment  mistakes.
Israels Given  Imaging developed the first ingestible video camera, so small it fits  inside a pill. Used to view the small intestine from the inside, for cancer and digestive  disorders.
Researchers  in Israel developed a  new device that directly helps the heart pump blood, an innovation with  the potential to save lives among those with heart failure. The new device  is synchronized with the camera helps doctors diagnose heart's mechanical  operations through a sophisticated system of  sensors.
Israel leads  the world in the number of scientists and technici ans in the workforce,  with 145 per 10,000, as opposed to 85 in the U. S., over 70 in Japan, and  less than 60 in Germany. With over 25% of its work force employed in  technical professions. Israel places first in this category as  well.
A  new acne treatment developed  in Israel, the  Clear Light device, produces a high-intensity, ultraviolet-light-free,  narrow-band blue light that causes acne bacteria to self-destruct -- all  without damaging surrounding skin or  tissue.
An Israeli company  was the first to develop and install a large-scale solar-powered and fully  functional electricity generating plant, in southern California's Mojave  desert.
All  the above while engaged in regular wars with an implacable enemy that  seeks its destruction, and an economy continuously under strain by having  to spend more per capita on its own protection than any other county on  earth.



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