FW: FW: Celebrating Juneteenth


FW: FW: Happy Fathers Day


FW: FW: Father's Day wishes


FW: FW: Why you never see a Biden supporter with a boat


FW: FW: The Stupid!


FW: FW: The Ideal Woman


FW: FW: Damn Capitalism!!!!


FW: FW: Updating vehicle names


FW: FW: HA HA!!!


FW: FW: How to reduce crime


FW: FW: Snowflake Nutrition Facts


FW: FW: Don't Blame Me!!!


FW: FW: Why we need guns


FW: FW: Definition of Socialism


FW: FW: The Truth!!!


FW: FW: Biggest Difference between a Liberal and a Conservative


FW: FW: Good ones!!


FW: FW: The New Logo for the Democratic Party


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