Fw: A Lawyer or NOT a Lawyer?

It just keeps coming . . .

Sent by a friend.......... interesting. I just wish they would PROVE without a doubt his citizenship/natural born status. Something is very wrong there also. Why else would he block all his information from the press etc. He needs to be removed from office!!!!
Subject: Fwd: A Lawyer or NOT a Lawyer?

Man, wouldn't you like to wake up some morning and just be able to read just one positive thing about this president? just one? This is getting ridiculous. We might have been better off with Robert Mugabe or Idi Amin as president, don't ya think? Well, okay . . . maybe not, but it would be close!

US President and Former Constitutional Law Lecturer Makes Up Constitutional Quotes During State Of The Union (SOTU) Address.

Consider this:

1. President Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a "lawyer". He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application. NOTE: Click on "lawyer" to see the actual documents.

2. Michelle Obama "voluntarily surrendered" her law license in 1993.

3. So, we have the first black President and wife - who don't actually have licenses to practice law: Fact
Source: http://jdlong.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/pres-barack-obama-editor-of-the-Harvard-law-review-has-no-law-license/

4. A senior lecturer is one thing. A fully ranked law professor is another. Barack Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago.
5. The University of Chicago released a statement in March, 2008 saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) "served as a professor" in the law school -- but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed in 2008.

6. "He did not hold the title of professor of law," said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago School of Law.
Source: http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2008/03/sweet_obama_did_hold_the_title.html

7. This former Constitutional lecturer cited the US Constitution during his State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

8. The B-Cast posted the video: http://www.breitbart.tv/did-obama-confuse-the-constitution-with-the-declaration-of-independence/

9. Free Republic: In the State of the Union Address, President Obama said: "We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal.
9a. Wrong citing, wrong founding document, Mr. President. By the way, the promises are not a notion, our founders named them "unalienable rights." The document is our Declaration of Independence and it reads: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

10. And this is the same guy who lectured the Supreme Court moments later in the same speech? When you are a phony it's hard to keep facts straight.

Pres. Barack Obama - Editor of the Harvard Law Review- Has No Law License?
May 15, 2009 by Johnny Alamo
I saw a note slide across the #TCOT feed on Twitter last night that mentioned Michelle Obama had no law license. This struck me as odd, since (a) she went to school to be a lawyer, and (b) she just recently held a position with the University of Chicago Hospitals as legal counsel - and that's a pretty hard job to qualify for without a law license.

But being a licensed professional myself, I knew that every state not only requires licensure, they make it possible to check online the status of any licensed professional. So I did, and here's the results from the ARDC Website:

She "voluntarily surrendered" her license in 1993. Let me explain what that means. A "Voluntary Surrender" is not something where you decide "Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?" and forget to renew your license. No, a "Voluntary Surrender" is something you do when you've been accused of something, and you 'voluntarily surrender" you license five seconds before the state suspends you.

Here's an illustration: I'm a nurse. At various times in my 28 years of nursing I've done other things when I got burned out; most notably a few years as a limousine driver; even an Amway salesman at one point. I always, always renewed my nursing license - simply because it's easier to send the state $49.00 a month than to pay the $200, take a test, wait six weeks, etc., etc. I've worked (recently) in a Nursing Home where there was an 88 year old lawyer and a 95 year old physician. Both of them still had current licensures as well. They would never DREAM of letting their licenses lapse. I happen to know there is currently in the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City Indiana an inmate who is a licensed physician, convicted of murder when he chased the two burglars who entered his home and terrorized his family into the street and killed them. (And I can't say I blame him for that, either.) This physician still has an active medical license and still sees patients, writes prescriptions, etc all from inside the prison.

And he renews his medical license every two years, too.

I tried looking up why she would "Voluntarily surrender" her license, but Illinois does not have its 1993 records online.
But when I searched for "Obama", I found this: "Voluntarily retired" - what does that mean? Bill Clinton hung onto his law license until he was convicted of making a false statement in the Lewinsky case and had to "Voluntarily Surrender" his license too. This is the former editor of the Harvard Law Review who doesn't seem to care about his law license.

Something else odd; while the Search feature brings up the names, any searches for the Disciplinary actions ends quickly. As in, Too Quickly. Less than a half-second quickly on a Search Engine that can take five seconds to Search for anything. As in, "there's a block on that information" kind of thing.

So we have the first lawyer President and First Lady -who don't actually have licenses to practice law.
There's more to this story, I'm sure. I'll let you know when I find it.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

"That's a chapter, the last chapter of the 20th, 20th, the 21st century that most of us would rather forget. The last chapter of the 20th century. This is the first chapter of the 21st century."
-- George Bush

Looks like this is yet another attempt at painting Democrats with Republicans' weaknesses. Our President couldn't string two words together and lied constantly? Well, this other guy may have been attributed by someone else as something that wasn't entirely accurate!

Hibryd said...

Wow, they're grasping at straws if they think the big information that will take Obama down is that... he can't currently practice law in a courtroom.

And this is suspicious because some people in other professions renew their licenses, so Obama must had let his lapse For A Reason. (DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN.)

Anonymous said...

Are these people really that thick? Do they really struggle this hard with basic writing?

"Enshrined in our Constitution". What exactly is wrong with that? The Constitution is based on the ideas espoused in the Declaration, yes? Its goal is to ensure our rights as equal people, correct?

Anonymous said...

this is really important!

Anonymous said...

Reference of a random blog as source material for a "fact": check.

Reference of a message board post as source material for a "fact": check.

At least half the complaints on the list already debunked: check.

ferschitz said...

LOL!! Really this is pretty funny except for the inane intensity of the tin-foil hat conspiracy theory style of it all.

I work in the legal profession, and there are loads of people with law degrees who choose, for one reason or another, not to practice law. To maintain your license, you usually have to take a certain amount of con't ed. classes and pay some fees, some of which can be quite expensive. So if you're not going to practice law, why keep up your license? No one runs around the legal prof pointing fingers at people who have let their licenses lapse if they're not practising law anymore.

Get over it, contards: it's not even not a big deal; it's not an issue at all.

This is so stupid as to be quite laughable. Like, ohmigawd, the Obamas dropped their law licenses, and this is important because... ???

The Obamas stopped practicing law. The end. Nothing to see here (really); move along now.

And anyway, what does having a license to practice law have to do with being POTUS?? I thought Republics were ever so proud of the fact that legacy silver spoon Shrub had an ersatz MBA from Harvard. And soo, the point would beeeee.... ???

Yeah, thought so: crickets.

There is no point. Typical foolish dumb nonsense from idiot rightarded websites scraping beyond the bottom of the barrel to find something "wrong" w/BHO.

Dumb and dumber.

gruaud said...

"Man, wouldn't you like to wake up some morning
and just be able to read just one positive thing
about this president? "

The next time you wake up, try reading something
besides Free Republic.

"We might have been better off with Robert Mugabe
or Idi Amin as president, don't ya think?"

Even when they think they're being clever, the
Confederates always give the game away.

Hooray4US said...

Yeah, I wake up every morning thinking I want Robert Mugabe or Idi Amin or Papa Doc Duvalier for our Pres, don't you?

What planet do these "people" live on? Idi Amin? Do they even know what they're saying, or are they just mindlessly parroting off the most outrageously stupid stuff possible?? Rhetorical question.

Hey righties, I got a suggetion for ya: go live in Zimbabwe and send us an email telling us how that's working out for ya.

katz said...

I...I thought they were just complaining about them *being* lawyers a second ago. Now they're complaining that they're *not* lawyers?

Tootseye said...

I think that when I look out to the horizon, the earth looks flat, don't you? And it looks to me like the sun revolves around the earth. Doesn't it look that way to you? And by the way, everything is all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... So I don't need eny uf thet thar booc larnin' junk. FEctz iz fer pussy liebruls.

Anonymous said...

"There's more to this story, I'm sure. I'll let you know when I find it."

... but in the meantime, let me just make up a bunch of stuff, hypothesize without the benefit of any facts, and then act all morally outraged bc why not?

And then, I'll get back to you when I think of some more bullshit to peddle in a hyperventilating over the top way.


BrianX said...

I like the part about the jailed physician who went to jail for attacking two burglars who killed his family. Can't miss the right wing revenge fantasy, can you?

Anonymous said...

I thought this part was a particularly important flourish..."They would never DREAM of letting their licenses lapse". Talk about elitists! I used to have a job that required licensing too and so I found this email VERY suspect in it's assertions and did some research of my own. There are many politicians who let their licenses to practice in a court of law go into an inactive state when they know they aren't going to court that year. Michelle's status was listed a little differently than Barack's because she went inactive many years ago and the process was different then - as was the listing. This year Obama went ahead and transitioned his status to "Retired" - there has never been an Ex-President who went back to work in the courts. I confirmed this info several places, not the least of which is this article from the conservative World Net Daily: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=105998
Unfortunately even after the author clears up the Law license garbage, they go on to start other wacky conspiracies...
My favorite line to someone who passes this email on to me is too look up their favorite conservative politician and see what the status is of THAT person's law license.. usually they are Inactive.. it costs more to stay Active each year and as previously mentioned there are periodic Continuing Ed requirements to maintain Active status. I doubt the guy in the nursing home was real in this Right-Wing Forward!

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