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Warning! This will scare your socks off. It introduces government
into every part of your life, not just healthcare. This is so
unconstitutional, who in his right mind could have written it?

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=HcBaSP31Be8


gruaud said...

The narrator is just cherry picking items that are, in fact, perfectly reasonable. Provided, of course, that you think and not react emotionally.

The national ID card is a good example. The insurance companies require you to have an ID card that you present when you see your physician. So it would follow that a national healthcare program would provide you with ID cards, too.

But Mr. Narrator equates this with George Orwell and the video text grimly tells us that "a national ID card WILL be issued". Oh, the horror!!

Or that the government option will cover marriage and family therapy. Makes sense, you'd think. Nope, it's an outrage because the government is inserting itself into your marriage!!

The video is just full of this type of crap, raw emotion sprinkled heavily with xenophobia, 1984, and a racist cherry on top.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not like contards aren't constantly inserting themselves in appropriately into our lives, as in: no to teh gheyz marriage bc hetero marriage is so damn fragile that having teh gheyz getting married will result in every hetero marriage out there falling apart.

And no to legal abortion, of course, and it's ok to kill abortion doctors performing legal operations, too. In fact, let's celebrate death to abortion doctors on demand.

Whatever... yeah, I have a health care ID card now, and so does everyone lucky enough to have health ins at this time. OH NOES!!!

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