Fw: Lemon picker

The woman applying for a job in a Florida lemon grove seemed to be far too qualified for the job. The foreman frowned and said, "I have to ask you this; "Have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?" "Well, as a matter of fact, I have." she replied. "I've been divorced three times and I voted for Obama."


gruaud said...

Fun fact: this joke was written and forwarded 13 minutes after Obama's inauguration.

It's not like they needed to give him a chance, you know.

Celia said...

People were declaring Obama a failure before he was inaugurated, you know.

gruaud said...

I must have suppressed it. ( =

Anonymous said...

Well, lessee... JFK was assassinated, as was his brother, RFK (and MLK). Carter was dissed almost before he got in office and is almost universally seen as one giant failure in the USA (not so much internationally), even by Dimocrats. Carter was the first to get "the treatment" by the rising neocons. Of course, FDR has always gotten "the treatment" by oligarchs and is being bashed in absentia now.

The Clintons were excoriated from before day one and accused of murder, amongst many other hazy, non-specific "crimes" (I mean: what the heck WAS Whitewater all about? do you know? does it matter? it was "something wrong," but that's all), and then of course, there was Monica... sheesh.

Obama has been accused of everything under sun since he gave the speech in 2004 bc Rethugs knew he was threat back then. We've been treated to Acorn, Bill Ayers, he's dumb, he got thru school with a bad record, Kenyan, Madrassa, no birth certificate, he's black, his kids have cornrows in their hair, his wife wears sleaveless dresses, yadda yaddda.

Doesn't matter. These turds think they're the shits and ever so funneeeeeee... har har. Not.

Anonymous said...

A job picking lemons? Really?

You DO know that citrus-picking is low-wage, seasonal labor, usually done by foreign nationals, who often lack proper work visas, earn below minimum wage, and, uh, can't vote in US elections - don't you?

Sort hard to figure out why an English-speaking native would be "applying" for that job. The economy must be really, really bad, or something....oh, that's right, it crashed awhile back, after 8 years of Republican rule.

Oh wait...I wasn't supposed to wonder about this kind of stuff, was I?

Just focus on the pun, it's all about the pun, hardee-har-har...

bendk said...

Heh, Cash For Clunkers? Where can I trade in Obama? Heh. Heh. HEH HEHEHEHEHHEHEHHEHAHGHKSFJJD

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