Fw: Fw: Bumper Sticker

I was on my way to visit my money at Lowe's Home Improvement this morning to do my part to stimulate the economy. I found myself behind this little rice burner of a car bearing a bumper sticker that read, "We did it!" - "Obama / Biden".
Well, as luck would have it she pulled along side of me at a red light about a half mile down the road. I beeped my horn and gave her a big thumbs up. She rolled down her window, and I said, "I love your bumper sticker." She smiled and thanked me, as I quickly added, "It's nice to see there are a few of you not ashamed to take responsibility for your mistake!"

She gave me the finger and drove off. - -
Humorless Bitch.


gruaud said...

I'd say she knows one when she sees one.

All you did was confirm it when you opened your yap.

Anonymous said...

"Humorless Bitch"?? Well, gosh, honey, what you said was just so darn funny; can't figure out why the "little lady" wasn't cracking up w/laughter... NOT!

Your parting words indicate what a sexist nasty bullying jerk you are.

You LOST. Get over it (yeah: pipe dream).


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