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There are more you can click on at the end that are pretty good too!.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the party, conservatives. I see you don't complain about any of Bush's policies, unless you actually realize who started the bailouts.

Anonymous said...

GOPers complain about the gov't "taking" their money (when in fact most got a tax cut under Obama)to help pay for things like: 1) health care, 2) green jobs, 3) better environmental protection, 4) better management of FEMA, FDA, etc.

GOPers, however, have no problem w/Repub gov'ts spending BILLIONS on the war in Iraq, where the gov't LIED about why we needed to go there (mainly so that the Bush & Cheney families could get richer than ever), as well as corporate CEOs, esp Big Ins, ripping the workers off.

IOKIYAR, but clearly anything the Dems do is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Just about money and power and now more SHILL stuff from the folks who brought you death to more than 4000 US troops, plus 100s of thousands middle eastern folk. YAY team: go!

bendk said...


*drives on paved roads in a safety regulated car to work at a safety ensured building*


gruaud said...

If a nation can't collect revenue from taxes, then that nation's infrastructure will slowly collapse.
What is happening in California is just the start of this cancer.

And if a nation cuts taxes repeatedly for the richest 10%, the middle class has to shoulder more of the burden, one way or another.

Example: many rightwing blowhards advocate abolishing income tax and replacing it with the so-called "fair sales tax". This is a 30% tax on everything that the rich can easily afford but will grind the middle class to powder.

Why the average working class hero buys into tax cuts for the rich while complaining about roads falling apart or bridges collapsing or why a gallon of gas costs a small fortune just amazes me.

Can't Americans see that this is a giant game of three card monte?

Anonymous said...

To Gruaud: I concur, but why these dopes don't see the forest for the trees reflects the considerable ongoing brainwashing efforts enacted by neocons, which you can see is working quite well from their perspective.

Neocons (such as Cheney, Lee Atwater, Newt Gingrich, Jerry Fallwell & Pat Buchanon) actively discussed this when the left made some footholds in the 60s. It started slowly but gained momentum mainly by incorporating the funamentalist Xtians (apologies to those of faith who don't buy into this junk) in their nefarious plans.

I don't have time to get the background info, but it's been researched, believe me.

And Fatty Limbo and Wierdo Beck (and, really, more to the point, "Sir" Rupert Murdoch & Roger Ailes) are all part of that plan.

The question now is: how can the left push back against this when clearly these dopes have been so unilaterally brainwashed that nothing FACTUAL ever penetrates their little worlds?

Point to ponder. Keith Olbermann is pondering how to handle Glenn Beck right now without turning into something similar. How do we push back without turning into the slavering bullying mob that the right has become?

Serious questions for all of us to consider.

gruaud said...

Unless we can bring accountability back into the mainstream media, progressives haven't a hope in hell. The media has literally gone from being watchdogs to being lapdogs.

Whether this return to accountability is accomplished by a resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine (unlikely; Obama opposes it) or by breaking up the corporate monopolies on media(also unlikely) or the blogosphere continuing to shine a light on their BS or some other way -- that has to be a priority.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Faux won a lawsuit recently (perhaps last year) which essentially permitted them the right to peddle fiction "news" as if it was factual (I'm extropolating, but that's basically what the lawsuit agreed to).

So, right now, there are NO brakes on Faux - or any "news" outlet - to be even vaguely factual, much less even give a passing glance at "the other side" of the issue.

We are far, far, far away from the days of Walter Cronkite, who mostly strove for objectivity in presenting FACTS. The right can venerate Cronkite all it wants, but if Cronkite were alive today, he'd be lucky to have a show on MSNBC's evening lineup. He would certainly NEVER be welcome on Faux or CNN.

So, Faux can peddle it's fictional b.s. as fact with the court's blessing, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, other than attempt to report the FACTS elsewhere.

As we know, Faux watchers, however, are VERY WELL TRAINED to ignore facts and stay wired into their little "world" of non-reality. EVEN WHEN W told the Nation that Saddam Hussein did NOT have WMD, many GOPers still persist in believing that he did and/or that he had "something" to do w/911. Are you scared now? You should be.

However, Lawrence O'Donnell made optimistic commentary last night (9/8) on KO's show:


Lawrence said that, in the past (refering, for ex, to the health care initiative under Clinton), the left was pretty much left off the table, and we (leftards) had to "take" whatever we got (bc of our relative lack of power vis-a-vis the well-funded right). O'Donnell said that it might be different this time around MAINLY BC OF THE INTERNET and LEFT BLOGS. The left definitely has more of a VOICE in the process now, than it did before.

The other thing is KO's idea of "taking down" Glenn Beck. There has already been some energy behind getting vendors to stop advertising on his weird shill show. It's not enough, but it's a step.

However, Van Jones was subsequently screwed out of his appointment in Obama's admin, and Van was a big push behind getting the vendors to stop advertising on Beck's nutso show.

So, the push isn't simple or easy or a one-time deal, but requires a concerted and ONGOING effort from all concerned.

Clearly, though, I think blogging works, esp if it educates some who may not have access to the info otherwise.

I have noted some folks commenting in these threads that they found this site useful and educational.

Well: good. And keep up the good work to all who have the time to shine a light on the TRUTH here. I think it is important, valuable and a good use of our time.

Anonymous said...

PS The media is mainly ALL owned by big corporations who have a very vested interest in maintaining the status quo for THEMSELVES. Be aware of that, too.

Even NPR has been forced to the "dark" side by corporate interests and the GOP congress under W. I hardly listen to it anymore bc it is so biased to the right and such a shill for the GOP (witness that NPR mainly & almost solely focused on the shrieking bullying contard mobs at town halls and rarely ever gave more than a passing mention to the many town halls where reason & sanity prevailed. It was disgusting).

So, don't expect the media to be of much use in this fight (and fight it is). We are very lucky that MSNBC exists and provides a platform for KO, RM, Ed Schulz, and yes, even (sometimes) Chris Matthews. Thank gawd for this one, small outlet, and may it forever be profitable.

The Wall St Journal was always very partisan and rightwing, but it did used to report on business news in a somewhat factual way (you had to read between the lines, but the info was there). Since the pirate Murdoch bought, it has gone to being a hack rag with little bearing on reality (and w/Bible Spice, gag, no less, allegedly "writing" opinion pieces).

Rupert purchased this for one reason only: to further legitmize the shit he peddles as shinola on Faux.

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