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What we seem to have is a Mis-communication here listen !!!!!!

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gruaud said...

Unlike the lock-step GOP, Obama is:

1) able to course-correct as needed
2) able to admit mistakes
3) is humble and able to say "I'm sorry."

Numbers 1 and 2 irritate conservatives no end. But number 3 drives them spit-flecked insane.

Did I say 'drive'?

I meant 'two foot putt'.

Anonymous said...

Republican LIES, per usual. They take a bunch of quotes out of context, so it looks like the POTUS is a failure (their main aim).

When BHO discussed the stimulus, he made clear that there would be a time lag between Congress approving the Stim funds, and states & local gov'ts coming up w/completed, finalized plans that could be approved by the feds. And THEN $$$ would be shifted out so that the programs could go forward and people get hired.

Yes, yes, this country lost a LOT of jobs since the beginning of the year, and we all knew the Repugs would blame it on Obama, but it's really W's fault.

I agree that within the next couple of months it DOES more or less become Obama's "fault," but not the first half of the year. Meanwhile, numerous stim jobs HAVE been created, money is flowing to these projects, and people are getting jobs.

Many teachers were laid off at the end of the Spring 09 school year, but most were actually hired back FT in the Fall 09 school season (I know many teachers in the US, so I know this for a fact).

Typical GOP LIES. I refuse to call them "distortions" anymore. They LIE; they LIE constantly about everything.

BTW, ha ha: close to half a $million has been raised since Sept 9 for Charlie Cook's campaign... ya know, the guy who's running against Joe BIG LIAR Wilson in SC.

Vote w/your pocketbook and donate to Charlie Wilson's campaign:


P.S. it's not the first time that Joe LIAR PANTS ON FIRE Wilson has been caught our bald face lying, but that's no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my mistake: Rob Miller is running against Mr. Big LIAR Wilson, not Charlie Cook. Well over $500K raised for hs campaign so far.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, this country lost a LOT of jobs since the beginning of the year, and we all knew the Repugs would blame it on Obama, but it's really W's fault.

In fairness to Bush, the financial industry did a stellar job of destroying itself. They love the safety net FDIC insurance and being "too big to fail" provides, but the road to deregulation and incompetent government oversight was built over decades of Republican rule (and even Clinton).

However, if Republicans were interested in immediately stimulating the economy, they sure didn't show it last year or this year when they stonewalled on the price and cut state funding from it. If there'd been less crying about Pelosi's mice!!!, then perhaps the stimulus would already be working, eh?

Anonymous said...

Well both Dems (eg Clinton in repealing the Glass-Steagal act) and Repubs have only been interested in deregulating the financial sector, but the Repubs in W were really pushing for deregulation of the finance sector.

And see what happened? When Dems push for regulation, the libertarians and the Repubs cry foul and don't want to do it.

But when jobs are lost, somehow libertarians and Repubs wants to blame it all on Dems.

It's a communal problem, frankly.

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