Fw: When health care is finally free . . .]

Free health care? EVERYONE needs to watch this short video. It should
scare the crap out of you.



gruaud said...

It should scare the crap out of you only if you lack a brain.

katz said...

Meh...watched the first minute. Even if you assume that anything in the video is a) true and b) worse than private insurance providers, it's still completely irrelevant because we're not Canada and nobody in the country is planning on doing away with private options.

Anonymous said...

I DO get the crap scared out of me daily by wingtards' ridiculous knee-jerk nuttiness, intense stupidity, whacked out manipulation by their corporate overlords, and incessant bitching and moaning about everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey GOP! Got some big news for ya: no one ever said that health care is going to be for free... oh yeah: FACTS don't matter. Silly me for bringing reality into the picture.

Anonymous said...

How fortunate for Mr. McCreith, that he could afford $28,000 brain surgery in the U.S., unlike many U.S. citizens, even ones who are insured.

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