Fw: The good thing about "Cash for Clunkers"

Cash for Clunkers

The POSITIVE results:
It’s taken thousands of Obama bumper stickers off the road!


Anonymous said...

Yep this makes sense. I can't count the POS cars I see running around with "Keep the Change" and various other wingtared sayings.

Anonymous said...

The negative results:


Anonymous said...

Well considering that it's mostly been my rightwing family and friends who took advantage of this program - all the while complaining about how horrid it was - I'm happy bc I don't have to see their PALIN/mcain bumper stickers anymore.

Anonymous said...

Because who drives clunckers?
Poor people!

Who is poor?
Black people!

Who do they vote for?
B. Hussein Obama!

Don't you just HATE those stupid black poor people and their old cars and Obama bumper stickers?!

Or so the implied logic goes.

(I still don't get the "humor" but obviously, it's not aimed at me.)

Anonymous said...

I thought all black people took advantage of welfare and drove Escalades and such.

At least this is what I have been told.

Anonymous said...

Comic Sans tag?

gruaud said...

Yes, you DO mean to be a fearmonger because that is how bed-wetting, hand-wringing, concern-trolling conservatives push their agenda.

9/11 was ALL YOUR FAULT and you managed to milk the living HELL out of it (I still don't understand how) for political gain.

I do know this: if 9/11 had happened on Al Gore's watch (and, sad but true, it would never have happened on his watch because he would have taking Clinton's warnings SERIOUSLY) he not only would have been impeached, he would have been SHOT.

The only question would have been which wall to line him up on.

My poor country. We were, and could have continued to have been been, awesome.

Now we are just swirling down the bowl.

gruaud said...

Dang it, that comment was meant for the terrorist attacks BS thread. sorry gang. I've had a long day
w/ job interviews.

Also: sake makes me wacky.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, gruaud, sadly I agree w/you re 9/11.

PLUS it's so frustrating that: 1)not only did W LIE us into a senseless war against a country that had absolutely NOTHING to do w/ 9/11, but 2) now that BHO is in office, contards haven't the slightest respect for the commander in chief, nor do they appear to have any concern about the troops who are still in harms way in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Recall when W was in office: no one was ever allowed to even question him, much less protest, without being shrieked at and chided for being a traitor & giving aid & comfort to our alleged enemies.

What a bunch of hogwash.

As we've always said, while there was SOME reason for going to Afghanistan (but I still feel they deliberately botched not finding bin Laden in the Tora Bora hills bc of the Bush Crime family's alliance w/the bin Laden crime family), the SOLE purpose of going to "war" in Iraq was to line Cheney's & W's pockets. Period. The end.

Infuriating. Yet these same jerkwads who'll insist there were "over 2 million" at their idiotic 9/12 rally in DC last weekend, will still INSIST that there were WMD in Iraq and justification for going to war there.

I'll get off the soapbox now. Just aggravating...

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