Fw: The Ultimate Protest Package Is HERE

From: Patriot@FaxDC.com
Subject: The Ultimate Protest Package Is HERE
Date: Saturday, September 5, 2009, 4:01 AM


FaxDC is pleased to announce the release of a powerful new tool called the Ultimate Protest Package. The Ultimate Protest Package assembles some of the most powerful tools being used in the Citizen Activist movement, today.

Yes, it's true! Tea Party Patriots, Minutemen, Urban Activist and Red Blooded American can now magnify their voices being hear louder than ever and not only that, but the Ultimate Protest Package has arrived just in time for the much needed growing Town Hall Protests across America.

What's more, I am appalled of our Government! Those blithering ninnies are discrediting my fellow Citizens by branding them as "Staged Patriots" "Scripted Paid Protesters" and worst of all, referring to them as mire numbers, thereby, negating them to digits without dignity or respect, political cattle.

Outrageous! This is nothing more than Health-Care from Hell!

NOW, it is time for the American people to stand their ground and tell Washington they can't get away with their Fat-cat games any longer.

Listen up; Washington has a fight on their hands, if they think they can sleaze through their Obama Health-Care plan, even if it is watered down! HELL NO! The American people reject any type of lame-brain socialism in our land! We The People are going to fight this Health-Care from Hell tooth and nail!

Let me ask you an honest question; Are you comfortable opening up your body to the same government thinking which tried to exterminate the American Indians?

Remember, it was an out of control Federal Government which employed biological warfare by distributing small pox infected blankets to unsuspecting American Indians to extinguish the Red race, now they want to control your prescriptions.

Are you happy giving permission to the same government thinking which enslaved the black man for 180 years?

In short, the same Government who wants to care for your children fed poison lead paint chips to unwilling prisoners in the 1950's.

Get this, the Government which refused to let women vote until they marched on Washington in 1920, now wants to take care of women's help issues.

You realize, this same Government who hasn't won a war since 1945 wants to mobilize a Health-Care action insuring more than 300,000,000 people at a cost of over $13,000,000,000,000.00, how does that figure?

A Non-representing Government who turned tails in Vietnam damning hundreds of thousands of good Vietnamese people to torture and scornful death at the hands of the Red Chinese, now is telling America, they know what's best for the unborn. Despicable!

And now, the same government that can't balance its own budget expects you to balance yours.

I won't stop there; the government which ran Social Security, Welfare and dozen of other entitlement programs into bankruptcy, wants to take care of your grandma's health. Mind-boggling!

Trouble is, a government who seized several fortunate 500 companies firing their chief executives and then sold their shareholders assets to the Red Chinese is telling you they care for your family's wellbeing. Dreadful!

Now, Obama wants to run your body? HELL NO! His administration has lost ALL creditability!

Listen up, Washington couldn't even ship a single bottled of water, stalling for over 9 days, to any Citizens dying of thirst in New Orleans! These same government buffoons who are beating their chests proclaiming their greatness, can't even tell the American people where the billions and billions of bailout bucks has gone! Disgusting!

Don't get me wrong, I love my country, the United States of America is ordained by God and We The People must elect God Fearing People or else we will be damned into failure!
Get this, the liberal administration is telling fellow Citizens; Town Hall meetings are filled with "Pretend Patriots" showing up only make trouble. I'm telling you Bull Sh*t.

In fact, the liberal bleeding heart nincompoops are trying to convince the American people the recent protests are all a big race-based, right-wing extremist conspiracy plot to hurt poor Mr. Obama.

Once again, I say Bull Sh*t! The American people are pissed off and they are not going to get over it until, We The People are put back in charge and the U.S. Constitution is obeyed.

Let me tell you this, FaxDC has teamed up with Patriots across America. Together, we have stopped Amnesty twice dead in its tracks, the FaxDC Army forced President Bush to sign a responsible domestic oil drilling bill which immediately brought the price of gasoline down.

It's true; we helped spring Ramos and Compean from the big house with the use of a Presidential commutation of sentence, Minuteman Steve personally speaking with the Pardon Attorney for the President.

In a nutshell, the FaxDC Army has stopped the Mexican Truck invasion twice, has forced Congress to fund the U.S./ Mexican Fence Project, backed the Blue Dog Democrats as they stalled the National Obama-Care plan giving conservatives time to derail this madness.

In short, the FaxDC Army has supported the Tea Party with hundreds of thousand of HOT blistering faxes to every Senator and every Member of the House. FaxDC has given a voice to countless Citizens as they gather at Town Hall meetings, and we are not stopping there!

I could go on and on, now, we have even a greater tool available to us, the Ultimate Protest Package.

We The People must apply pressure on Washington. This is why FaxDC has built this new tool, giving you a loud voice, shouting our demands into the empty headed green-belt liberals!

Here it is.

FaxDC will send a HOT post card to the White House, for you.

FaxDC will send a POWERFUL letter directly to Mr./President Barrack Hussein Obama, for you.

FaxDC will send a HOT fax to all 100 Senators, for you.

FaxDC will send a HOT fax to all 435 members of the House of Representatives, for you.

That's right, we have lost our minds! We have gone wacko; we are going to run deep into the red ink this month! You bet'ch! But, YOU MUST HAVE A VOICE!

We are still excited about our success from last month. The FaxDC Army sent over 1,000,000 faxes to Washington! You stepped up and said "Count on me!" Kool huh?
Now, fresh from the battle with the sweet taste of victory still lingering on our lips, we are going back for another taste of Liberty! S W E E T!

Yes. A Postcard directly to the White House.

Yes, A Letter directly to President Obama.

Yes, HOT faxes to all 100 Senators.

Yes, HOT faxes to all 435 Members of the House.

We are going to do that for only $ 57.76, Awesome!

Don't believe me? Read it for yourself! www.FaxDC.com

Don't just sit there like a toad on the road or a frog on a log, look for yourself! We mean business. We don't have time to waste. Tomorrow America may be gone, never to return.

Please don't give me a lame-brained excuse. We have hit our quota on excuses.

FaxDC receives excuses everyday: I'm sorry my wife won't let me save America. I'm too old. I'm too fat. Liberals will hate me. The dog ate my wallet. Please, if you can't act, right now, at least go to the FaxDC website and educate yourself on how our beloved nation is in deep trouble.

But, if you are truly concerned and want to do something, this is your opportunity. The Tea Party Patriots are jumping on board, Minutemen are stepping up. There will be some who are nothing more than a panty waste milquetoast looking forward to licking the Obama boots of servitude; I know you aren't one of them.

Are you ready to say: I'm done talking, get out of the way I am getting to work!

Are you going to join me? I am tried of backboneless jelly fish; wasting good air other people could breathe. To all those who are timid and scared, "Stop the Freak'n whimpering and suck it up."

Why the HELL not? Go to: www.faxdc.com/ultimateprotestpackage.htm

Join the FaxDC Army: www.faxdc.com/friends.htm

FaxDC Army; time to flex your muscles. We got the Health-Care Bill stalled by the Blue Dog Democrats, now its time for us to finish the job and stop the Health-Care Bill once and for all.

Are you with us? Got to: www.FaxDC.com


Anonymous said...

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

I don't think they repeated themselves enough

Anonymous said...

I like how they name the many FAILURES of Republican governments, esp the EPIC FAIL of not dealing w/Katrina, and somehow manage to make it Obama's fault.

Hey I know: didn't like how they dealt w/the plague in the middle ages in Europe?? Why it was all Obama's fault (WIWAOF)!

Didn't like the outcome of the US Civil War? WIWAOF!

Didn't like how Hitler almost took over the world? WIWAOF!

Hated how the Soviets behaved? WIWAOF!

Not satisfied with how they handled bird flu a few years back? WIWAOF!

Vaguely dissatisfied that the Germans took over the British royal throne? WIWAOF!

Annoyed w/how the Boer War ended? WIWAOF!

Mad at how the Inca's stook up the Spanish in Peru? WIWAOF!!

the list is endless. In fact, try it at home:

Your teenagers are not obeying you? WIAOF!

Your wife not enslaved to your very being? WIAOF!

You feel like a total loser dork? WIAOF!!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I want something to work well, I automatically think of Town Hall Screamers and MinuteMen as the can-do folks to go to.

gruaud said...


Bonus: their website is batshit insanity.

Hibryd said...

Dude, this is just... I don't know where to start. It's like a shotgun blast of stupidity.

Hibryd said...

Whoa! The TimeCube guy did their web page!

Thomas said...

Somewhere, P.T Barnum is smiling.

Anonymous said...

Please god, let this be satire.

Marc with a C said...

What's truly hilarious is that in the first few paragraphs you have an "average American citizen" disputing that the tea party movements are stage managed and astroturffed by...pimping an "ultimate protest package" from a group called FaxDC.

Anonymous said...

Cognitive dissonance only works well for the teabagger crowd. They've been so brainwashed that whatever their corporate "betters" tell them makes sense... but only to them. It's sort of like listening to those "voices" in their heads.

katz said...

I liked the "all that for one low price" bit. Almost like a hilarious parody of how they don't want to invest any money in government...

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