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bendk said...

Because we're not run by an insane despot and also not a fascist nation?

Dunno, might have something to do with it

gruaud said...

Oh, these guys would LOVE to give illegal aliens 12 years hard labor.

Anonymous said...

These folks WISH and HOPE and PRAY that they can change the USA into a despotic theocracy run by someone like Lil Kim, only in our case we'd get someone like Dickhead Cheney to do the dirty work. They would be ecstatic if those not "like them" could be endlessly imprisoned, tortured, starved, whatever. That's what it's come down to.

One can see this is their fondest dream, and yet they see no irony in it.

Celia said...

Do you or don't you want freedom and liberty? I thought the USA (well, the part of it that produces fine e-mails like this) specifically didn't want to be like backwards countries in dirty foreign parts, when America has the best everything in all the world. But it seems that America really needs more human rights abuses and a tightly-controlled police state, if these people are to be believed (they aren't).

The best thing about this is that, while they insist upon other criminals being punished harshly for the most minor of crimes, once they themselves commit a crime, that is somehow completely different. When they're found speeding (for example), they'll scream at the injustice of them getting punished within the confines of the law. They'll say things like "Why are the police wasting so much time prosecuting otherwise law-abiding citizens for minor traffic offences when there's MURDERERS AND RAPISTS AND TERRORISTS much more worthy of police time?" Although even if one is "otherwise" law-abiding, they didn't abide by the law in this case. Sorry dude. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

Daft Greg said...

Wait, I'm confused. I thought they didn't like Obama because he's going to turn the U.S. into a communist dictatorship. Now they want the U.S. to be like a communist dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

Nothing contards say or do anymore makes any sense. It is an endless nightmare of the Feckless Glen/Lush Rimjob gibbering & shrieking outrage, racism, weirdness, insanity, and ugly stupidity.

Everyone EXCEPT for "their kind" should have the key thrown away when they are locked up to be serially raped, tortured, sleep deprived, starved, waterboarded, threatened w/guns & power drills, etc. Constitutional rights & access to fairness under the law: fahgeddaboudit unless you pray w/the C Street "Family" boys.

But of course, anything and everything is acceptable if - but only if - you're the "right kind" of nasty, shrieking, tax-avoiding ReTHUGlican. And if, in our so-called "democracy," the other side wins fairly & unequivocably: why, bugger that for a joke. "MY SIDE" didn't win, but I'm going to act like it did and ram my agenda down everyone's throat. YOU have no rights, except for the rights we see fit to force upon you.

So. Sick. Of. Them.

Anonymous said...

Something to "think about"??

You people don't think ever under any circumstances; you don't know how anymore. You are all brainwashed morans who salivate like Pavlov's dogs, as long as you are listening to something completely fucktarded, or a LIE, or something about abusing or killing someone who doesn't look like you.

Really vile. Too bad you can't look in the mirror to see how disgusting you are.

Anonymous said...

There is such a ruthlessness to these people. I believe they are the barbarians of our times. These are the ones who if given a chance will tear down our civilization because it is not based on their religion, their politics and their race being trimphant. They have the maturity of 4-year-olds. The Republican party has given them a legitimacy that they do not deserve. They will eventually tear down their own party, hopefully before they tear down our country.

Bigby said...

short response:


Snarla said...

Mexico deported 350 Americans in 2008 for being in Mexico illegally. Would our wingnut friends prefer that Mexico sentenced those 350 to hard labor?

A million Californians crossed the border last year to get medical care they could afford. Now Mexico's worried the yanquis will bankrupt the system.


Anonymous said...

So, they would be ok with the journalists still being in prison? Just want to make sure we know their policy objectives.

Anonymous said...

Answer to last Anon post: YES they'd LOVE nothing more than for the 2 female journalists to be doing hard labor for 12 years in N. Korea bc, after all, they were working for Al Gore's organization.

If it had been Glen Beck who was detained, they would be shrieking, screaming, crying, pleading and begging for the beloved weirdo's release.

2 leftie FEMALES: nah! Let 'em rot.

Anonymous said...


Judging from the comments here, this e-mail is a classic example of couching one ridiculous claim (or, in this case, several) in an even flimsier argument so you'll argue against one ("We should be North Korea!") and not the other ("Illegal immigrants somehow get all these social benefits regular citizens have to work for!")

Anonymous said...

Both arguments are crappy. But conservatives were angry about the 2 journalists being freed from North Korea. Recall that John Bolton immediately got on teevee and ranted about Bill Clinton selling state secrets (or something equally dumb) to Lil Kim.

I agree w/another Anon poster who said if it had been righwingers incarcerated in North Korea, then Obama would have been dissed for not getting them out soon enough. Since it was leftie journalists, then Obama was bad bc he had Clinton sell state secrets.

At the end of the day, everything is currently wrong, wrong, wrong bc democrats are in power.

Well, that's politics, but the current mood of conservatives is rather whacky, and w/conservative ministers actually preaching and praying that Obama dies or is assassinated, I think that there's something seriously wrong w/such people.

This is just a tiny example of their nuttiness, and I think democrats are feeling more than frustrated w/the whole charade.

Where's the clowns when you need 'em?

CMcD said...

previous comment: "John Bolton immediately got on teevee and ranted about Bill Clinton selling state secrets"

Whenever I hear the name "John Bolton", I automatically substitute the Sadlies' appropriate nickname for him: The Mustache of Wrongness!

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