gruaud said...

No comment about bigfurhat's usual blatantly dishonest 'comic'. Ok, I guess that was a comment after all.

What I will comment on is the right's faux outrage over Obama's speech to school kids to stay in school and study hard.

These dirtbags have not only hit bottom, they've drilled through the Earth's crust into the Land of the Lost.

I guarantee that if Obama cut taxes, scrapped healthcare, bombed Iran, deported all illegal immigrants, and made Christianity the state religion, they'd still be shrieking.

What's left?


Anonymous said...

WOW - can they book a trip on this ice flow for Bible Spice?? I'd gladly PAY for that.

Sew funnnnieee... har har... NOT.

Typical rightwing humor FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Hey gruaud: yeah how dumb is this faux, ginned-up "outrage" over the school speech?? I mean, where was all of this same outrage when St. Ronnie & GHWBush did the exact same thing? Oh right: IOKIYAR.

It's clear that Repukes are going to gin-up fake "outrage" over every damn thing that happens under Obama. But let's face it: they reveled and danced under W the dumber bc he tore up the constitution and trashed democracy.

So why should leftards think that "democracy" and the so-called "majority rules" would have any meaning to this mindless, troll-like mob. They have been duped by Fatso Limberger & weirdo Beck, and they don't want to admit how stupid and fooled they've been. So they'll cling to their guns and their falsehoods at all costs.

It's never going to end, sadly, but progressives have to be willing and prepared to fight for our rights and keep repeating FACTS and exposing reality.

One (of many) constant irritants is how the corporate-owned media always presents the conservative viewpoint as the ONLY side. Think about the Town Halls: yes, there were many where bullying mobs acted out and shrieked. But there were probably MORE Town Halls where maturity & sanity prevailed, and people behaved respectfully (for the most part).

And how much did we hear about those Town Halls? Not much, not even on allegedly liberal NPR (which is no longer liberal). So one thing to try is to encourage media outlets (other than crapulous Faux Nutwork) to be more responsible and report on all sides. there are some efforts out there working on this. Just a thought.

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