Fw: Government pencil sharpener

New U.S. Government Pencil Sharpener
To help pay for the $700 billion+ stimulus package, the treasury department is selling these wonderful Christmas gifts.
Here's the new "Spread the Wealth" pencil sharpener. Every US taxpayer will be mailed one of these with the new 2009 IRS tax forms. Watch your mail box!


gruaud said...

There is overwhelming evidence now that the Stimulus Package worked and that the worst of the economic crisis is over. As usual, a democrat cleans up a republican mess.

So let me ask this:

What would conservatives have done to save America's economy?

Let me guess: cut taxes for the rich, corporate
taxes to zero, and taser a bunch of poor people.

Anonymous said...

Its probably not worth deconstructing this garbage, but what the hell:

I don't understand. Is the treasury "selling" these, as the first line of the email says, or are they being "mailed out free" by the IRS, as the second line says? At least get your lame story straight, right wingers.

It also appears that this tasteless picture isn't even showing what they think it is showing. It appears to depict a woman, and while you can't tell I'd be willing to bet that the (ahem) act in question isn't the one that whoever wrote this email seems to think it is.

I guess this could be another example of conservatives obsession with homosexuality. Or perhaps they simply can't imagine that a woman could enjoy sex. Or maybe they are just a bunch of immature, sexist, humor challenged jackasses.

I'm gonna guess that's the answer.

ferschitz said...

Hmmm... talk about killing 2 birds with one stone! I give these lamers this: they have succeeded in both their ongoing humiliation and downtrodding of women, along w/fetishizing their latent, closeted, perverted homosexuality.

On that level, it's a win for them, but ugh: FAIL for how disgusting this looks. Only a someone from the party of allegedl "family values" could find this "funny."

bendk said...

Paying taxes is literally rape

*is a conservative*

Marc with a C said...

I too look forward to the day when our dark lord Vlad Obama runs sharpened wooden stakes up conservative behinds and leaves a forest of the impaled on the National Mall as a warning to all those who would defy him.

Anonymous said...

But the body is yellow...does that mean we're screwing the Chinese?

Or fantasizing about screwing an Asian prostitute (possibly one of the "wrong" gender)?

It's just too tempting to read even more nonsense into their nonsense...

Celia said...

That is a horrible pencil sharpener, though. Mmmm, headless, nailed-to-the-floor pencil sex.

Tootseye said...

I am overwhelmed by how crude & disgusting this thing is. I get the, uh, "point" (pun not really intended) of the device, even tho totally disagreeing a priori with whatever the other "point" is that they're trying to make re the stimulous.

The device, though, is quite vile & revolting, which accurately depicts those who would either find this "amusing" or "witty" or "funny" or whatever it is that they find it. Lowlifes.

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