Obama's first low pass over Texas


gruaud said...

I bet Jim Adkisson thought that photoshop was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I think there's more BHO supporters in TX than righties want to believe. I doubt they'd find this amusing.

Righties might have the shoe on the other foot when Tejas turns blue (one can hope).

Anonymous said...

I thought it was illegal to advocate murdering the Commander in Chief? Remember when people were screaming that it was unpatriotic, and even dangerous, to criticize a President while our troops were in the field? Guess that only applied if it was a white President.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, the GOP shrieked and screamed about W being a "war time Pres," and so no criticism was allowed bc it gave "aid & comfort to the enemy" and was "traiterous."

Now that a Dem/black guy is in the white house, all bets are off.

Frankly, it's disgusting bc we ARE still at war, and these kinds of activities are far more traiterous than anything I saw the left doing while W was in office.

It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...


You are an ignorant illegitimi. The left actually said the words "... kill Bush ...". Are you happy about healthcare reform? Jehosaphats, liberals are stupid and liars!

As to there being supporters of
Hussein O-bomb-a in Texas .... yeppers, those illegal aliens (aka - wetbacks) sure do vote left!

Quit whining, you pansy leftistas! It will only get worse in 2012 when the Conservatives take back the House and Senate!

Anonymous said...

@ anon

Wow. Lies, bad writing, and racism all in one neat little package. You've hit the wingnut trifecta.

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