Fw: PELOSI STARKIST CONNECTION - No more StarKist Tuna for me.

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Subject: PELOSI STARKIST CONNECTION - No more StarKist Tuna for me.


No more StarKist Tuna for me
Sorry Charley...

No more StarKist Tuna for me...... SNOPES" VALIDATES THE FACTS BELOW : Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's home district includes San Francisco. StarKist Tuna's headquarters are in San Francisco, Pelosi's home district. StarKist is owned by Del Monte Foods and is a major contributor to Pelosi. StarKist is the major employer in American Samoa employing 75% of the Samoan work force. Paul Pelosi, Nancy's husband, owns $17 million dollars of StarKist stock. In January, 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase so Del Monte would not have to pay the higher wage. This would make Del Monte products less expensive than that of its competitors. Last week when the huge bailout bill was passed, Pelosi added an e armark to the final bill adding $33 million dollars for an "economic development credit in American Samoa" Pelosi has called the Bush Administration "CORRUPT" and many other things!!! How do you spell "HYPOCRISY" ? SHE'S SHAMELESS.... EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD GET THIS E-MAIL.


gruaud said...

Once again, the sender's reading comprehension
of Snopes is a mite challenged.

ferschitz said...

So wingtards are NOW concerned about minimum wage earners not getting paid enough??! BROWN skinned low incomers??

Who'd a-thunk it?

Please, spare me your ersatz, ginned up, phoney, fake "outrage" for the alleged downtrodden Somoans, about whom you could care less & would frankly spit upon if given half a chance.

If your corpulant overlord Lush Rimjob told you that underpaying Samoans was an excellent idea, you'd all be clapping & cheering.

Come back when you have something real to discuss.

PS Get your facts straight, too. Also.

gruaud said...

Anyways, I like Chicken of the Sea, myself.

CMcD said...

The phrase "SNOPES VALIDATES THE FACTS BELOW" is Wingnut for: "I totally twisted Snopes' analysis to support my insane charges... please don't bother going there to check it out for yourself."

Frank Provasek said...

There is no "Starkist stock," the brand is a subsidiary of Korea's Dongwon group. Del Monte gave no contributions to any Democrats, Mr. Pelosi owns no stock connected to StarKist in any way, StarKist's US headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA, Starkist owns a fish cannery in Samoa employing 300 people out of a population of 65,000, Samoa received no exemption for minimum wage laws, there is no evidence that Pelosi had anything to do with extending an existing economic credit for Samoa that was advocated by the Bush administration. The only thing correct in your post is that "Pelosi's home district includes San Francisco"

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Boy, are you an idiot. First, since this posting, StarKist has been sold by Del Monte to Dongwon of South Korea. But, even that aside, if you look at the donations to Ms. Pelosi over time, you will not see any at all from Del Monte Corp. or any of its executives. None. Second, StarKist didn't have "stock" in the common sense and Mr. Pelosi therefore did not hold any of it. If you're going to make accusations like this, do your homework. Failing to do so makes the conservative movement look like fools, and we can't afford more bad press.

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