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Subject: Fw: Christening


gruaud said...

Poetic justice: CVN-79 (to be commissioned in 2019)
is actually named USS Ted Kennedy.

Marc with a C said...


Christening of the USS George W. Bush:

Oh, wait, I'm sorry. We can't account for its whereabouts at this time, but we do assure you it was completed on schedule.

Tootseye said...

Stay classy, repukes!

ferschitz said...

My RWfamily has said utterly disgusting things about Ted Kennedy mainly in this ersatz "sympathy" for Mary Jo Kopechne and her family. I say "fake sympathy" bc then you get trash like this.

But then again this aptly demonstrates typical rightwing "respect" these days: crude, rude, ugly, nasty and stupid.

Agree w/Tootseye: stay classy repukes. No one does scum sucking bottom dwelling like you do.

Anonymous said...

I seriously wonder how many people actually get it anymore? It was, what, about 40 years ago?

Reminds me of when they were trying to scare everyone with NANCY PELOSI WILL BE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE if you elect Democrats, booga-booga!, and hardly anyone had any clue who Nancy Pelosi WAS.

Somehow, I think this looms larger in THEIR minds than it does in the public-at-large.

Also - how come we never hear anything about Laura's deadly car accident?

ferschitz said...

Yeah: ha ha, Laura's car accident was just a "mistake," and Laura vastly atoned for her "mistake" & all is forgiven bc: IOKIYAR. I mean, who even knows that name of that person Laura killed? Do you? I don't (I could look it up but why bother). I don't even know the gender of the person Laura killed.

Where is all the ersatz sympathy for THAT family? Oh, yeah, that person's family should apologize to Laura for their child getting in Laura's way and inconveniencing HER (fer gawd's sake)... just like Harry Whittington abjectly apologized to poor, poor Dickhead Cheney for getting his face in the way of Dickhead's shotgun.

Nope, no double standards going on here, are there?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the biggest difference on Laura's car accident is Laura is the spouse, not the politician.

I'm willing to cut her slack on the score. Sort of like how the media ignored that she's a smoker, and are monitoring Obama's every stray cigarette.

Tootseye said...

Fair enough comment re Laura Bush being the spouse, not the pol. But then again, W, himself, admitted to being addicted to cocaine and being an alcoholic. Yeah, I know, allegedly he "reformed" and stopped (the alcohol consumption is up for debate if you watch him at the Beijing Olympics or at any of the pressers he gave right before he left office).

But the righties went nuts about Bubba Clinton having "not inhaled" for his whole term in office.

Ted also admitted that he was wrong about what happened and expressed remorse and made reparations to the Kopechne's. Plus he ASKED the voters if they wanted him to run, and MA voters said: yes.

I have some conflicted feelings about the whole situation (I am old enough to remember it happening). Repubs just milk it for their political goals. Dressing it up as sympathy for the Kopechne's is what makes it disgusting.

So, still: double standard.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, the biggest difference on Laura's car accident is Laura is the spouse, not the politician."

That could be a valid point - except for the fact that it didn't really apply to Hillary when she was just the spouse, doesn't seem to apply to Michelle now, etc.

Can you IMAGINE what would have happened if Hillary (back when she was just a spouse) or Michelle had killed someone with a car?! Hardly anybody's heard about Laura, and as someone above pointed out, even fewer people can even name the guy (it was a man, I know that much) she killed.

But honestly: Does anyone really think that if Michelle Obama had killed someone, it wouldn't have been, and continue to be, a huge friggin' deal?! EVERYONE would know about it, she would have been asked about in interviews, it would be the subject of endless e-mail forwards, it would be used to insinuate something sinister, and her own - and her husband's - fitness and judgement would be questioned.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Totally agree. I mean, they already do that to the Clintons and Obamas, each of whom have infamous (and totally BS) "Death lists". Imagine how bad it would get if they actually did kill someone!

Tootseye said...

I have to agree w/the prior 2 Anon posts, even tho I said before that I cut Laura some slack bc she was the spouse, not the pol, when she killed someone in a car accident.

In fact, it's true that if Hilary or Michelle had accidentally killed someone (whether on drugs - as Laura was - or simply by accident w/no drugs involved), the rightwing media/nutjobs would have a field day w/ it. And yes, we'd be hearing about it 24/7/365 as a means of calling into question the "fitness" of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama (I do recall the smears bc the Obama's went to Rev Wright's church & bc they met Bill Ayers at some random gathering).

After all, these creeps made some movie, fer gawds sake, about an alleged number of people that Hilary purportedly murdered w/her bare hands.

And yes, the same rightwing media/nutjobs were very silent about Laura's accident, and the attitude was: don't tread on her. Why? Bc she's white, rich & a republican?

So: I stand corrected, but go back to my final comment in my prior post: double standard as usual.

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