FW: Honduran Democracy

We are now finding that Hillary and Obama seem to have a contempt for constitutional law and judicial independence and their actions recently would back this up.
As we know, President Zelaya was removed from office by the Supreme Court of Honduras when he attempted to defy their own Constitution and break the laws of Honduras.

Apparently to punish the Supreme Court of Honduras all of its members have had their Visas revoked and they cannot come to the US, all at the direction of the Obama administration.
US Funding of some Honduran projects has been revoked as well.

The Obama administration is demonstrating it's potential for violating our own Constitution and in fact many legal scholars tell us that they already have violated the Constitution. Some Constitutional scholars have said the individual citizens cannot be forced to buy medical insurance if they don't want it, and, that the administration cannot legally involve themselves in how much a person is paid. Needless to say, the administration is doing it anyway.

Although Obama apologized to the Eurpeans for our supposed arrogance, we now find the Obama gang is attempting to tell the fledgling Honduran democracy how to run their affairs and that presumably, judges of other nations are supposed to accept America's interpretation of what their laws should say. What was that again, arrogance? Why don't we simply invade Honduras and force them to use our Constitution?

This is the sort of thing everyone of us should write, email or call our lawmakers about and we need to tell them to quit trying establish a dictatorship in Honduras and to quit trying to force them to comply with Hillary and Obama's ideology. Let the Hondurans run their own government.
The next thing, Hillary will be apologizing to Hugo Chavez.

Not unlike the Cap and Trade Bill sitting in the Senate which is going to wipe out $billions in retiree savings through inflation or the Stimulus Bill ( read pork) which has stimulated absolutely nothing but our kids will be paying for from now on.

Forward this on if you will. People need to know what's going on.

This may portend something more than the American voter intended and the inferences are frightening.


gruaud said...

This was a coup d'etat and has been rightly
condemned by the OAS, the UN, and most
European nations. The Supreme Court used
the military to oust the president. That's not
how a democracy works.

Obama made exactly the right call. And both
liberals AND conservatives all over the world
have denounced this farce...

...all except our own wacky brand of American
conservative. People who put party over country
and ideology over reality.

ferschitz said...

Wait! What? Yeah, wacky is as wacky does. NOW these gibbering fools are concern-trolling a coup d'etat by the Honduran military?

What's in it for the rightwing up here is my question?

Brought to you by the same "patriotic" mob who enabled Iran-Contra under Sainted Raygun. I think that nefarious affair also included selling arms to the Crips & the Bloods in LA to further support the dirty dealings of the CIA, which was, at one time, run by Don George HW Bush, himself.

So if wingers are crying a river over this, it's only bc they have some money to lose somehow. Yeah, right: it's not Hillary & BHO who have contempt for constitutional law. With this crowd, remember your George Orwell: day is night, black is white and if they say the left is breaking the law, it really means that the Right is breaking the law.

katz said...

I like the bit where minimum wage is unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. God forbid we should ever interfere in how a Latin American nation should run its government. Like, say, supporting a coup attempt against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. Morons.

Anonymous said...

Or supporting Death Panels in Chile when Salvador Allende was freely and fairly elected in 1973. A lot of wealthy Chileans, like Agustin E. Eastman, worked hand in glove w/Henry the Kissinger & the CIA to overthrow the gov't. Of course, a lot of US business interests (my, how surprising), like Anaconda Copper & Pepsi, were none too thrilled that the Allende gov't proposed unionizing workers and nationalizing some industries. So they were pushing the CIA to "do something," and killing many Chilean citizens was just "business as usual" for that mob.

Gee, the righties don't like how BHO & HRC treat a military coup in Honduras? Color me not surprised.

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