Fwd: FW: An allegory


gruaud said...

From conservative "humor" site iowntheworld. Of course you do, wingnuts.

The rest of their material is almost as intelligent as this claptrap.

Anonymous said...

Stupid, racist, unintelligible, makes no sense... yeah, yeah, I "gets it." It's meant to snark how the new health care will (not) work, except that's NOT how health care will work.

LOVE how the school principal (or whomever she's supposed to be) is this RED Chinese WOMAN.

Yeah, yeah: commie chink women are commin' to getcha! booga booga, and RACIST, elitist NObummer gets away with something BETTER than you poor, downtrodden, enSLAVED whities... booga booga.

Come up w/something realistic and truely snarky, and I'll come read it. This: not so much. Per usual: FAIL on all levels.

bendk said...

Ironically, I would report anyone who forwarded me an "iowntheworld" comic to the tip line. That shit is beyond racist.

CMcD said...

Calling this "an allegory" is sort of like calling conservatism "a philosophy." It's more like "a thing Glenn Beck burped up."

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