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Subject: FW: You MUST SEE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a shame it's not a real ad.  This speaks volumes of truth.

Fwd: FW: Discipline in the Chinese Army

Subject: FW: Discipline in the Chinese Army
​                                   DISCIPLINE IN THE CHINESE ARMY​



Fw: Obama UN Plan Globalize Cops against Violent Extremists

What if anything does anyone –  (including Republican candidates) do regarding this additional nightmare?

Obama’s U.N. plan: Globalize cops against ‘violent extremists’
var icx_publication_id = 16633; var icx_content_id = 2503915; .icx-toolbar{padding: 0 0 5px 0;} President Obama’s new “Strong Cities Network,” announced with little fanfare last week at the United Nations, appears to be another effort to strip authority from local police departments and to demonize conservative Christians, say advocates of civil and religious liberties. The stated goal of the program [...]

And this:
A New Global Police to Fight “Violent Extremism” in the U.S.? Why exactly does Obama want the “Strong Cities Network”?
By: Matthew Vadum
Posted By Ruth King on October 6th, 2015
The Obama administration plans to create a global police force that counters “violent extremism” in the United States and elsewhere.
The problem is that in Obama-speak “violent extremism” refers not only to jihadists wishing to harm Americans but also to conservatives and Tea Party activists. Just ask all the law-abiding right-of-center nonprofit groups targeted by Lois Lerner’s IRS during the Obama presidency.
Ominously, President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch unveiled the Strong Cities Network last week at the United Nations.
America’s chief executive, who speaks in hushed and reverent tones when discussing the Muslim faith, said the U.S. will use “all of our tools” to fight Islamic State terrorists.
“This is not an easy task,” Obama said. “This is not a conventional battle. This is a long-term campaign — not only against this particular network, but against its ideology.” The United States and a coalition of 60 other countries are “pursuing a comprehensive strategy” for dealing with Islamic State, he said.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Justice teased the Strong Cities Network in a press release:
Cities are vital partners in international efforts to build social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism.  Local communities and authorities are the most credible and persuasive voices to challenge violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations in their local contexts.  While many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.
“The Strong Cities Network will serve as a vital tool to strengthen capacity-building and improve collaboration,” Lynch was quoted saying. “As we continue to counter a range of domestic and global terror threats, this innovative platform will enable cities to learn from one another, to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world.”
The media release continues:
The SCN will include an International Steering Committee of approximately 25 cities and other sub-national entities from different regions that will provide the SCN with its strategic direction.  The SCN will also convene an International Advisory Board, which includes representatives from relevant city-focused networks, to help ensure SCN builds upon their work.  It will be run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a leading international “think-and-do” tank with a long-standing track record of working to prevent violent extremism …
Although the European scene is different from the American, the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue doesn’t come across at first glance as a neutral observer.
Its website, which is filled with left-wing buzzwords, warns
The tragic attacks in Norway on 22 July, 2011 drew Europe’s gaze to the dangers of the growing presence of far-right extremism across Europe and the increasing legitimisation of anti-immigration and anti-Islamic discourses within mainstream European politics. The blurred relationship between violence from the extreme right and broader trends of Islamophobia and anti-immigration sentiment poses several challenges for policy makers seeking to address the increasing risk of violent right-wing extremism.
And although American conservatives might not quibble with a new U.S.-based initiative aimed at “violent extremism” outside America’s borders, they have ample reason to be concerned about one that targets organizations within the United States.
Conservative champion Pamela Geller railed against the Strong Cities Network in a column at Breitbart News.
This plan “amounts to nothing less than the overriding of American laws, up to and including the United States Constitution, in favor of United Nations laws that would henceforth be implemented in the United States itself – without any consultation of Congress at all.”
Announcing the plan at the United Nations is curious she writes, because the UN “is a sharia-compliant world body, and Obama, speaking there just days ago, insisted that ‘violent extremism’ is not exclusive to Islam (which it is).”
It is unlikely the new body will be used as a “global police force” to crush counter-jihad forces, she wrote.
After all, with Obama knowingly aiding al-Qaeda forces in Syria, how likely is it that he will use his “global police force” against actual Islamic jihadists?
I suspect that instead, this global police force will be used to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law), and to silence all criticism of Islam for the President who proclaimed that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
Geller and other conservatives are painfully aware that in the parlance of the Left, “violent extremism” refers to conservatives and other patriotic Americans.
If you are opposed to enlarging the redistributive state and spreading the wealth around then by definition you’re a potential terrorist.  If you’re a conservative or a libertarian, if you believe in gun rights or don’t support abortion rights or an immigration amnesty, if you don’t like high taxes or welfare programs or if you dare to believe that the Constitution actually limits the power of the government, you’re at risk of turning to terrorism.
In 2009, Janet Napolitano, then head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security gave her blessing to a spurious DHS report titled, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.”
Drawing heavily from so-called research by the loony-left Southern Poverty Law Center, the report lumped Ku Klux Klansmen and violent militias together with good government types and members of the Federalist Society. This law enforcement guidance claimed that large swaths of the nation that did not vote Democratic in the last election were boiling over with hatred and intolerance.
Anticlimactically, the report noted that there is no actual evidence “that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence.” Nonetheless the report speculated, using language that would later be embraced by the violent Occupy Wall Street movement, that “the economic downturn and the election of the first African American president” might help these “rightwing extremists” gain new recruits.
Guffaws from Republicans and some of her fellow Democrats forced Napolitano to disavow the report but in the intervening years Obama’s DHS has kept up the pressure on patriotic Americans in an attempt to stigmatize and marginalize conservative beliefs.
As recently as this past February, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson released a report on what CNN called the grave “domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists.”
“The government says these are extremists who believe that they can ignore laws and that their individual rights are under attack in routine daily instances such as a traffic stop or being required to obey a court order,” the news network reported.
To the Obama administration, zealous civil libertarians and ornery old guys in pickup trucks are a much greater threat to the homeland than Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, al Qaeda, and Islamic State combined.
CNN paraphrased Mark Potok, a senior fellow at — you guessed it, the Southern Poverty Law Center — hailing the report.
“Potok said that by some estimates, there are as many as 300,000 people involved in some way with sovereign citizen extremism. Perhaps 100,000 people form a core of the movement, he said.”
Around the same time counterinsurgency and counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka ridiculed the obviously politicized DHS report for going off the deep end.
Gorka, a professor who lectures on irregular warfare at the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University, said over the last two decades he could not remember right-wing extremists flying jumbo jets into buildings, bombing a marathon, or beheading Christian hostages.
“It really is the most egregious politicization of national security,” Gorka opined. “We’re going to be looking for right-wing extremists when ISIS prepares to attack us? It’s outrageous.”
“We have tens of thousands of people in the Middle East and elsewhere and here in America who have committed themselves to the destruction of this great nation. And we’re going to be focusing on the small cluster of right-wingers here in the United States?” he said. “This could endanger American lives.”
All of this brings to mind the jarringly strange thing then-Senator Obama said on the campaign trail in October 2008.
“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”
Is the Strong Cities Network the civilian national security force Obama mentioned just once and then never brought up again?
We’re about to find out.

Fwd: FW: This will make you wonder...

Subject: This will make you wonder...

As the great American journalist of the 1920s once stated, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

Sometimes the best way to show how ignorant and dumbed down the general American population is, is to offer them a choice in order to test whether or not they know what’s going on around them (it’s called “reality contact”), or how aware they are of their own voluntary servitude. This is an apt little scenario on which to rest your case. 

Media analyst Mark Dice offers random people their choice of a Hershey chocolate bar or a 10 oz silver bar (Worth $150) in an experiment. You have to see what happened next
 ! And remember, these are the people who are going to be voting next year. This is snippet of a sample, but it does make you wonder, doesn’t it? 


And they all vote……...


Subject: Fw 27 Year Old Video of Donald Trump A 'MUST WATCH'

Subject: Fwd: 27 Year Old Video of Donald Trump A 'MUST WATCH'

Yes, he is a tad bit of a nut case, BUT, listen to what he is saying, and remember he was saying this 27 years ago!!!
Maybe he’s not as big a nut case as some think he is.


27-Year-Old Video of Donald Trump Surfaces.

Check this video out. This is a BOMB ! ! !

The video was made in 1988 I was impressed with his foresight. 

If everyone watched this video, he'd win this coming election, hands down!


                               PLEASE FORWARD

Fwd: Fw: pray and guns

Finally a good road sign

STRANGE HIGHWAY SIGNS - WELCOME TO IDAHO -                                                          INTERESTING                                                          MESSAGE FROM                                                          GOVERNOR ABOUT                                                          GOD AND GUNS!

Fwd: FW: Fwd: FW: Man vs. GirlieMan

Thought you might get a kick out of this!!!



Illinois & Oklahoma: 

I thought these two states, made for an interesting contrast. The first part about Illinois and the second part is about Oklahoma! 

PART 1 - Illinois 

"A State with No Republicans"! 

Some interesting data on the 'state' of, the State of Illinois... There are more people on welfare in Illinois than there are people working. Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S. Their average pay is $110,000/year. Their  pensions average 80-90% of their income. Wow, are Illinois and Chicago great or what? Be sure to read till the end. I've never heard it explained better. Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago ? 

Body count: 
In the last six months, 292 killed (  Murdered ) in Chicago . 
221 killed in Iraq ; AND Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US. 

Here's the Chicago chain of command : 

President: Barack Hussein Obama 
Senator: Dick Durbin 
House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. 
Governor: Pat Quinn 
House leader: Mike Madigan 
Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) 
Mayor: Rahm  Emanuel 
The  leadership in Illinois - all Democrats. 

Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago . . 
Of course, they're all blaming each other. . 
Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! . 

Let us get ALL  the facts out while we are at it: 

Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country. Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! 

State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country. 
Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! 

Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% highest in country. Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! 

This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois. And he is going to 'fix' Washington politics for us? 

George Ryan is no longer Governor, he is in prison. 

He was replaced by Rob Blagojevich who is, by the way, also in prison. 

And Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned and, that's right, he and his wife are both in prison. 

The Land of Lincoln , where our Governors and Representatives make our license plates.  What? 

As long as they keep providing entitlements to the population of Chicago, nothing is going to change, except the state will go bankrupt before the country does. 

"Anybody who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian." 

Don't forget Detroit , another great example of a Democratic empire. 
With all the bad news, there is hope, so let's go to: 

PART  2- Oklahoma 

OKLAHOMA- may soon have plenty of new residents! 


Oklahoma is the only state that Obama did not win even one county in the last election...  While everyone is focusing on Arizona 's new law, look what Oklahoma has been doing!!! 

An update from Oklahoma: 
Oklahoma   law passed, 37 to 9 an amendment to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. The feds in D.C., along with the ACLU, said it would be a mistake. Hey this is a conservative state, based on Christian values... HB 1330 

Guess what... Oklahoma did it anyway. 

Oklahoma   recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all   illegal immigrants and ship them back to where they came from unless they want to get a green card and become an American citizen. They all scattered. HB1804. This was against the advice of  the Federal Government, and the ACLU, they said it would be a mistake. 

Guess what... Oklahoma did it anyway. 
Recently we passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegal's to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional SB1102. 

Guess what... Oklahoma did it anyway. 

Several weeks ago, Oklahoma passed a law, declaring   Oklahoma as a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives. Joining, Texas , Montana and Utah as the only states to do so. 

More states  are likely to follow: Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Florida.  Save your confederate money, it appears the South is about to rise up once 
again. HJR 1003 

The federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns. Oklahoma, a week ago, passed a law confirming people in this state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. I'm sure that was a setback for the criminals  The Liberals  didn't like it- - 


Guess what... Oklahoma did it anyway. 

Just this month, the state has voted and passed a law that ALL drivers' license exams will be printed in English and only English and no other language. They have been called racist for doing this, but the fact is that ALL of the road signs are in English only.  If you want to drive in Oklahoma , you must read and write English. Really simple. 

By the way, the Liberals don't like any of this either. 

Guess what... who cares... Oklahoma is doing it anyway. 

If you like it, pass it on, if you don't then delete it... 


Guess what: the people I'm sending this to, will send it on.

Fwd: FW: Fwd: 10535 pages reduced to 4 sentences

Subject: Fwd: 10535 pages reduced to 4 sentences

Subject:10535 pages reduced to 4 sentences

10535 pages reduced to 4 sentences

Is there a single soul who is surprised that an Engineer came up with this?
Great summary by a Notre Dame University engineer.

Here are the 10,535 pages of Obama Care condensed to 4 simple sentences.

As humorous as it sounds... every last word is absolutely TRUE!

1. In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to un-insure the insured.

2. Next, we require the newly un-insured to be re-insured.

3. To  re-insure the newly un-insured, they are required to pay extra
charges to be re-insured.

4. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who
became un-insured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so
that the original un-insured can be insured, so it will be
‘free-of-charge’ to them.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called "redistribution of wealth" or,
by its more common name, SOCIALISM, or “PROGRESSIVE”, the politically
correct names for COMMUNISM !

Wow! What a brilliant way to raise money to fund a free service.
Aren’t we lucky to have such a brilliant man leading us!

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