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Fwd: Criticism of Obama isn't too little, it's too late

Purcell: Criticism of Obama isn't too little, it's too late

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 5:23pm

I’m starting to feel bad for President Obama, if you want to know the truth.
His poll numbers are so low — an IBD/TIPP poll indicates that 53 percent of adults in the United States now characterize Obama’s presidency as a “failure” — no Democrat candidates want to be seen with him.
Former CIA chief and Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has been blasting Obama all week. Panetta, “long a trusted advisor to Democratic presidents, released a book about his years in the administration in which he criticizes President Obama as a vacillating leader who often ‘avoids the battle,’” reports the Los Angeles Times.
Just when you think things can’t get worse for Obama, Jimmy Carter criticizes him. Carter says his foreign policy is wishy-washy.
What will happen next? Obama’s dog Bo will leak unflattering stories to the National Inquirer?
So it is chic all of a sudden for erstwhile supporters to criticize the president for one failure after another.
Sure enough, Obama promised hope and change. He promised to cross the political aisle and work with the opposition party — but has been one of the most polarizing and divisive presidents in my lifetime.
Sure, Obama promised to be more transparent than any president in history — but has been one of the most secretive in history. Don’t ask me; ask the Society of Professional Journalists why it wrote a letter to the president, demanding the transparency he promised.
Sure, the Obama administration is bungling a number of things at home and abroad. ObamaCare has been messy and costly and continues to fall far short of its promises. And nobody is confident the president can correct huge foreign policy blunders when Obama tells Democrat supporters, “There’s a sense possibly that the world is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it.”
My only question to the president’s growing number of critics is this: Where were you before Obama was elected — twice?
Prior to Obama’s first presidential election, I took the time to look into his record and accomplishments and was surprised to discover how paper-thin his resume was — for a presidential candidate, that is.
Sure, he attended fine schools. But we know very little about what he thought, wrote or accomplished while he was there.
He was a community organizer, lawyer, university lecturer and state senator, but there are no grand accomplishments that stand out in any of these roles — at least not the kind that cause people to think “that young man is going to be president one day!”
He began running for president one year into his term as junior senator of Illinois and rarely showed up to cast votes. That’s like being hired as a director of a company and immediately asking to become CEO.
He had no experience running a large organization — a modest record that showed he would cross the political aisle to get things done or effectively organize executive teams to roll out big, successful programs.
Nobody seemed to care, though. Because he was masterful at giving speeches. When people weren’t fainting at campaign rallies, they were praising him as a great savior who would solve America’s many challenges.
Unfortunately for everyone, however, Obama turned out to be a mere mortal.
And now his supporters complain that he doesn’t much like the political process — rolling up his sleeves and working behind the scenes to get things done. To the contrary, he’s aloof and a bit of a loner, they say.
So while it is suddenly chic to pile on and criticize the president’s shortcomings as a leader and commander in chief, I think the new critics should back off.
If you folks had examined what he promised to do before he was president — if you really examined his experience and skills — you would not be terribly surprised by the outcome. Your criticism is too late and you aren’t likely to change this president’s mind anyhow. So put a sock in it.
Tom Purcell is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist.

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Fw: The Sneeze

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They walked in tandem,  each of the 92 students filing into the  already crowded auditorium. With their rich  maroon gowns flowing and the traditional caps,  they looked almost as grown up as they felt.

Dads swallowed hard  behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed  away tears.
This class would NOT pray during the commencements, not by choice,  but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting  it..

The principal and several students were careful to stay within the  guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave  inspirational and challenging speeches, but no  one mentioned divine guidance and no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families.

The speeches were nice, but they were routine until the final speech  received a standing  ovation.

A solitary student  walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and silent for just a moment,
and then,
it happened!

All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED!!!!

The student on stage simply looked at the audience and  said,
And he walked off the  stage...
  The audience exploded into applause. This graduating class had found a  unique way to invoke God's blessing on their  future with or without the court's approval.

Isn't this a wonderful story?

Pass it on to all your  friends 
This is a true story; it  happened at Eastern Shore District High School in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova  Scotia.
I  hope this goes around Canada and the USA.... and the rest of the world!!!  AMEN.......

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Beautiful Engraving

BeautifulI      Engraving
Engravings in metals that are precious to us can be so meaningful and expressive!

I believe this engraving is especially communicative and I thought you would appreciate it (below).

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Why are unvaccinated U.S. schoolchildren described as "a danger to public health" while  carriers of various diseases are openly allowed to walk right across the southern border, then relocated to secret places, and enrolled in public schools?-------------------------------------------------------

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FW: Obama's Escape from Planet Reality

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Subject: FW: Obama's Escape from Planet Reality

Subject: Obama's Escape from Planet Reality
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Fwd: He wuz a good boy

Date: August 31, 2014 11:29:03 AM PDT
Subject: Re: He wuz a good boy
 It's funny this will not be allowed in court------ but the  officers history is open book?
Appears to be adequately fact checked to me, a major dem fiasco.
In God We Trust
Here is our local Trayvon.  Just thought you would like to know what a nice guy he was, with going to college and all.  Good oil' Al Sharpton was on all three local networks today.  I thought he was supposed to give a eulogy, but I heard an incite to riot talk.
Subject: He wuz a good boy
The Ferguson, MO black populace insists that Michael Brown was a good boy… a nice young man,… just a sweet kid. He meant no harm to anyone.  Well, the facts tell a different story!
The “Gentle Giant” was known on the streets as “Big Mike” and was a bully and gang member who committed “strong-arm” robbery at a convenience store just minutes before being shot by police.  His accomplice was 22 years old Dorian Johnson who was a wanted fugitive with an outstanding police warrant.  Both these nice young boys have police records.
A popular drug cocktail used in the rap/hip-hop scene called “lean,” “purple drank” and “Hawaiian sizzurp” is often made from Robitussin, Skittles, vodka and Hawaiian Punch and generally causes irresponsible aggressive behavior in users. 
Note the photo above… look closely.
And in the photo below… note the gang sign!
This is going to be another Trayvon case as most Libs and blacks are not going to like the outcome.
The WAPO reported that Mister Brown was college bound and makes it sound like the police officer involved just singled him out for no reason. Luckily the internet filters the news now. Here's some background on Mister Michael Brown.......
The new Racial poster boy Michael R Brown has felony's pending in Court.  Yes, that guy who was on his way to College was arrested and charged with Burglary, Armed criminal action, Assault with the intent to do great bodily harm, and again armed criminal action. He was scheduled to go to court in Sept.  (Now, I thought he was supposed to go to college in Sept? Imagine that!)

You can look all this up yourself onCase.net Missouri.  Do a search for St. Louis County in 2014; you'll find him.

It seems whenever Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Obama chime in, it winds up being another Tawana Brawley type case. PHONY!
They destroyed Zimmerman and they will destroy this fine officer as well, even though it most likely will be found the officer was justified in the use of lethal force in this case.
According to Casenet, this unarmed teenager (Michael Brown) was already charged with:
Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 } 
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000 
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD 
Next Charge/Judgment 
Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 } 
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000 
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD 
Next Charge/Judgment 
Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 } 
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100 
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD 
Next Charge/Judgment 
Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 } 
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000 
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST.  ANN PD
This “unarmed teenager”, as the liberal media like to portray Michael Brown, was nothing but a punk hoodlum, who used his size to intimidate others.
God Bless America!

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