Fw: Seriously Important Message

A Texan lays it on the line to congress about the healthcare debate...
If this doesn't wake people up nothing will !!! If you agree....please pass along to your friends
Please watch.....
This man and his wife made the tape from their ranch in south-central Texas.
At their own expense, they made 1000 copies and sent one
to every single congressman and senator
and some media outlets.
Let's hope that each and every one of them watched and LISTENED!!!


Tootseye said...

Well, with all due respect to this Sr citizen who *may* be honestly doing this on his own, all I can say is that he is sadly misinformed by Republicans. He appears sincere, but when he starts listing how seniors are going to get "death counselling" instead of hip replacements, cancer treatments or heart surgery, then the gig is up.

He also whines about teabagger seniors who come to town halls w/"sincere questions" and then get called "Nazi," "KKK," etc.

Well, when I have "sincere questions," I don't go to some public meeting and behave a like a screaming 4 year old having a temper tantrum. And I don't drown out everyone else who's trying to ask a question. And I don't incessantly scream "LIAR" at the top of my lungs to whatever answer the congressfart is attempting to give.

So, despite his age, I have no respect for this kind of lying blather. The Repugnants should feel guilt & remorse for lying to this old man and making him scared, as BHO said at his address to congress.

THAT is what is disgusting. But this dude ain't that old, and what is also disgusting his apparent inability to turn off Fake "News" and Fatso Limpballs and seek other sources of information.

I could only tolerate about half of the first video. If someone wishes to comment further on what else this old fart had to belch out, then have at it.

More contard nonsense at it's most reprehensible.

And then yes --- Sir, if you choose to lie down with dogs, then you're gonna wake up with fleas.

gruaud said...

Poor foolish man.

I pay $1000 a month for COBRA. Factor in day-to-day bills and my mortgage and it won't be long before I sink into the quicksand; probably by the middle of next year. Without a job covering huge
bennies, you are or will be utterly screwed.

Now multiply that by MILLIONS of Americans.

Now remember your health insurance horror
stories: claim denied, claim DENIED, CLAIM
FUCKING DENIED. Death panels, anyone?

And now consider the obscene profits the
insurance companies and their execs are making
on a monthly basis, based on those denials.

And, last, consider the billions of dollars they are
spending to brainwash a frightened and ignorant public.

Really, why is this so hard?

ferschitz said...

Sorry to hear that Gruaud & I wish you the best. You are telling the truth here, and it's one happening to a lot of citizens these days.

Big Ins. has done a great job at buying off the Congress, witness Max Baucus who is a cheap whore for them. Big Ins spends big bucks every day (Rachel Maddow & Keith Olbermann have quoted the amounts) to blast out lies about BHO's health ins. reform program. It's ONLY about the money. Big Ins/Pharma CEOs are RAKING in the bucks and laughing at these stooges all the way to the bank.

Idiots like this old geezer buy the bunkum and scream out crap like: well, lefties JUST want to buy insurance AFTER they've found out they're sick. That really fries me. NO, that's NOT what's happening. There are countless documented cases of Big Ins. death panels - death by spreadsheet - of people being denied coverage after years of paying into the system.

Well I could go on. I am sickened by it all, but brought to you by the same lying creeps who, last year, were screaming about "Support the Troops, Support the Troops, W is a war-time Pres." Now our glorious Seniors (to whom we must all bow) are the new "Support the Troops" meme.

Bought and sold by authoritarians who need to have someone tell them what to think, when to think and whom to hate.

Anonymous said...

YouTube comments are always terrible, but in such a crucial public debate, they just highlight most people's inability to use the Internet to learn about the sides of the debate not championed by Fox News.

Anonymous said...

It's ok (I guess) if people want to post their commentary on current events or congressional legislation or whatever. What's missing here is any attempt by this man to corroborate his "beliefs" by cross-referencing to the proposed legislation. No veracity, no grounding in what is actually being proposed by congress, just some random anger at what he's been told might happen.

Well, he's entitled to his stupidity, but then why (rhetorical question) is this being passed around as if Mr. Random Old Geezer knows what he's talking about? And all the rest of us should believe him, rather than BHO??

Oh yeah, right: it fits w/the political goals of Big Ins and the rightwing. Sigh...

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