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Subject: Islam & Sharia

It’s here, whether you like it or not!


delagar said...

Sharia law. Sweet Jesus.

The reason (some) conservatives are so obsessed with "Sharia law" is obvious to those of us in the progressive camp.

It's obviously not that they object to the civil state being ruled by religious law, after all. They've been demanding that, in increasingly loud howls, for that for the past thirty years at least, to such an extent that they have started lying to their own children (in their soi-disant "Christian" "schools") about how the USA was always supposed to be run by Christian laws.

So it's not religious laws they object to. It's just these specific religious laws.

The First Amendment is there for a reason, as we keep pointing out to them. You break that law, you break it for everyone, not just Christians.

ferschitz said...


The site referenced by RWD, above, is allegedly hosted by someone who calls himself Bill Warner. Apaprently his name is really Bill French, and the Southern Poverty Law Center cites him as one of ten core hard line anti-Muslim activists.

"French has no formal training or background in law, Islam or Shariah law — which in any case is not an established legal code, as the book title implies, but a fluid concept subject to a wide range of interpretations and applications. He garnered attention recently by leading the opposition to a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn"

People like French serve no useful purpose in promoting anything like a peaceful exchange or any kind of understanding between Muslims and those of other religious backgrounds. The hatred and fear drummed up on his website and by his actions do not inform in a factual or useful way. Rather they are used to rile up fear and anger in people and serve to further divide us against one another.

This website does not provide any factual information about Sharia law or about Islam.

Sad, really, that RWD is perpetually attracted only to fear, negativity, anger and hate, but per usual, yet another day ending in "y" in rightwing land.

Instead of immersing yourself in fear and hatred, RWD, you would do yourself a favor to go to the nearest Mosque, meet a few people there and get to know them... you know, as the fellow human beings that they are.

Mike Hawk said...

Does ferschitz drop to his knees and face Mecca 4 times a day to let these shitheads feel welcome at his nearest mosque? Hmmmmm one wonders.

Or ate all thosr dirt stains on his knres from bending kneeling in front of his boyfriend and giving him head?

Better yet, his boyfriend is most likely a gay Muslim, so he kills two birds with one stone.

Mike Hawk

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

Enough! We've put up with you for too long. Your reign of annoyance ends today. Turn off whatever device you are using to type this, and go get a life.

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