Re: Fw: From a retired old cop, coming soon to a city near you!!

 From a retired old cop, coming soon to a city near you!! 


That was the score 4th of July (2013) weekend in Chicago: 86 shot (actually puncture wounds) twelve dead. Chicago stopped counting graze wounds and only counts actual bullet holes now. You don't count if you get your nose or ear shot off. Chicago is also a  city three quarters of which is unsafe to walk in. The thug and gang infested South, West and East sides are expanding like a cancer, while the few remaining safe neighborhoods are shrinking annually due, largely in part, to scattered site housing.
This is the crowning achievement of our politicians and the social engineers, who long ago decided that big, bad, brutish policemen were no longer needed. So, it came to pass that, in the '70s, they started allowing females onto the department. That did away  with height and strength requirements. They then decided that the correct rainbow of colors was needed. To accomplish this, they lowered the aptitude tests and created quotas. That did away with intelligence and integrity requirements. Of course, gays could  not be excluded, either. The ideal candidate for promotion became a black transvestite with a Spanish surname.
Our weapons were next on their agenda. Blackjacks, sap gloves and the like were banned. Our shotguns were moved from the front seat to the trunk, from the trunk to the radio room and, from there, just disappeared. New ammunition was issued, which was so inadequate  it would ricochet off of car windshields. And God help you if you hit someone with your flashlight.
Finally, the politicians got rid of the real Policemen. The old dinosaurs were lured into early retirements and replaced with internal affairs weenies and gays with a decent sprinkling of color. The brutish "Old Police Officers, like Pat keane" stereotype was laid to rest and replaced  by "Officers Ken & Barbie." The end result is a department that is befuddled, cow towed, hamstrung, weak and totally not feared by the thugs and gang bangers, but oh so politically correct.
The City has succeeded in ridding itself of the brutish dinosaur cops of old and has replaced them with little girls and college yuppies who wouldn't know a bad guy if he shit in their face. They have invented new politically correct terms like Wilding and  Flash Mobs to describe black Mob Violence, which is rapidly spreading into the once "Safe Zones" of Michigan Avenue, River North and Wrigleyville.
After you have been shot, raped or robbed, Officers Ken & Barbie will arrive and write a most excellent report with perfect grammar and punctuation, which will be fed into a state of the art computer, which will crunch and manipulate the numbers precisely.  Me, I long for the old days when Pat Keane crunched and manipulated the thugs before I became the next victim.
All of this in the most corrupt city, most corrupt county, most corrupt state in the country, whose political leaders zealously and vehemently fight to impose the most restrictive gun control legislation in the nation. If you believe Officers Ken & Barbie are  going to protect you and yours, you had better get your head out of your butt and smell the coffee. Pat Keane has passed now. It's now up to you to protect yourself.
Rejoice, oh liberals. You have gotten exactly what you wanted. Hope you enjoy it!
"old-school" Chicago officer
Spike Keane


delagar said...

I wonder if even RWD is ignorant enough to believe this one.

CharlieE said...

So why aren't Republicans demanding that we arm all of these young black men in Chicago to stop this violence?

ferschitz said...

I'm sure RWD is super happy to believe this racist, homophobic, sexist, nasty diatribe. Why wouldn't he be? This is what he's been trained for the past 30+ years to resonate to. The horrible terrible blahs are - booga booga scary scary - comin' to git ya!! And the dastardly LIEbruls have "forced" the PDs into being gay girlie weenies with no weapons.

Yeah, right. Pull the other one.

Of course, this nastiness in no way begins to approach why these situations are happening. Why Black communities have been driven into despair and worse by our political system of pitting citizens against one another in order to make the looting by the 1% much easier.

Like there's no "old school" PDs anymore. Snort.

As usual, RWD, you're being played.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the inclusion of the Bullard quote.

Totally incongruous with the opinionated rant that follows.

Thx 4 Fish said...

What an insult to today's Chicago PD.
Right Wing Dad really wants to hit somebody-hard! So the simplistic idea that all that's needed to correct the murder rate in Chicago are some head cracking police really soothes his raging heart.

And I agree Anon, that quote is out of place. But if one WERE to have some empathy for the people of Chicago, one might consider whether some good paying jobs would go a long way toward fixing things there.

Mr_Creosote said...

Great observations so far.

That quote at the beginning has got to be the clumsiest attempt at trying to establish the "I'm really a nice person" where "...some of my best friends are ( insert non-WASP group )..." preface before going off on a "get off my lawn" rant.

Know what's funny? Some of the mad-as-hell-at-everything RW-ers in my life who adopt a "lock 'em all up and throw the key away" or "shoot those #$%^&...", watch all the cop shows etc will hoot and cheer at this RWF and toe the authoritarian police-stae line --- Unless:

They themselves get gigged for some infraction...or their young adult kids...or their neighbors, or anyone in their circle. Then; you've never heard such bleating about tyranny, freedom and the like.

Another observation that I found funny was from CharlieE. It's so true. Even as a pro-gun person I cringe/wince at how stupid some cons are when they think is that all we need to do is arm "good guys"...and you know damned well they don't mean black crime victims since their pigmentation is an anathema to being a "good guy". Dog whistling at its absolute worst.

Mike Hawk said...

Not many African-Americans sign up to be cops in Chicago....why don't they care to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Lots of chicken shit Negros out there.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

A quick google proves you wrong in less that 10 seconds, but you know that.

Mike Hawk said...

32% of Chicago's population is Black while only 22% of Cicago cops are Black.

Again Black women and men in Chicago...stop protesting and rioting and shooting yoursrlves and join the God damn police force. Put your money where your mouth is...if you truly care to bring down the the crime and homicide rates in the Windy City. Too much Black on Black crime.Put on the police uniform, get paid....and stop the completely sentence violence in your own African-American community. It's like a God damn war zone.

Mike Hawk

Mike Haek said...

*senseless violence

Mike Hawk said...

Btw - 7 Blacks shot and killed in Chicago yesterday, including a pregnant Black woman.

What a God damn war zone.

Mike Hawk

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