Fwd: FW: Texas Tenors

An  American patriot and  friend of mine just forwarded to me.   I put it up on FB  -  if you’re on there  and would like to share.   If not,  here it is – maybe  again in some cases,   but it is worth three minutes every now and then to pause and give thanks.....  God Bless  you all and of course our guys/gals  on the line! 


Mike Hawk said...

A beautiful rendition of Lee Greenwood's classic. Very nice.

Mike Hawk

This was circulated around the July 4th weekend. Very patriotic and apropos.

Anonymous said...

Sure, a nice break from the racist and sexist bullshit RWD usually forwards.

Anonymous said...

Look at the troll trying to appear as not a total asshole.

Nice try, but you're still ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

ferschitz said...

Eh? Not my cuppa Tea Bagger, but that's just me. Also find it rather ridiculous that this jingoistic song starts off with a photo of the Statue of Liberty. I guess crazy Uncle Liberty has done forgot what the Statue stands for. Here's a clue: it's not about welcoming only super white bread dudes and dudettes from European countries that supported the Nazis.

Mike Hawk said...

Why is this even considered a "RWF"?

It is a patriotic song with American landmarks highlighted in the video.

It made the rounds during and around the 4th of July holiday.

This is totally and unequivocally not tied to either conservatives or liberals.

We are all Americans, except for the undocumented illegals that walk amongst us (mostly the "dirty brown-hued Messsssssicans").

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Again, you are a troll, mike. You are not, and never will be, the voice of reason.

You chose your path a long time ago. Own it, you little weasel.

Mike Hawk said...

BTW - The Statue of Liberty was a "gift" from France to us Gringos.

Hmmmmmmm...Last I checked, those snobby ass Frenchmen are not particularly fond of Americans in general. With "friends" like that, who needs enemies?

Personally, I find the Statue of Liberty highly overrated and overly venerated, if you will.

Time to start a petition to have Lady Liberty taken down and "returned to sender"! What a farce. Oh yea!

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

It's like pushing a button.

Mr_Creosote said...

Always hated that song. Blecch! Too much saccharine. Mawkish as all get-out. Pathetic attempt to turn the working classes on each other by distracting them with cheap unearned displays of abstract patriotic imagery.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Dixie. Chicks.

And fuck you.

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