Fwd: Food for thought (I wish that I had written this)

Surely if there is a "Heaven" and "Hell", then there must be a special place in Hell for the subhuman who would force a 12 year old boy to don a massive explosive suicide vest, controlled remotely by the subhuman, almost certainly against the child's will not to mention the mental state of his parents, order him to make his way into a beautiful wedding celebration with large numbers of people gathered to celebrate one of the most beautiful of ceremonies offering a new life for the husband and wife......and carry out the detonation by the subhuman completely destroying the boy and 51 other men, women and children, sending 69 other people to the hospital with life threatening injuries. There was nothing remaining of the boy of course and only small pieces of flesh and large amounts of blood to show for the other people in the vicinity of the blast.

While we Americans can choose to ignore these daily acts of heinous violence taking comfort that they occur mostly in places that are far from our daily lives, here is some food for thought:

America sat still and ignored the extreme violence taking place in Germany in 1936 and did absolutely nothing while the Nazi's invaded all of Europe and systematically murdered over 6 million Jews...this in just a few short years following the same behavior by the same people in World War I......Our price for this...over 60 million people died just in WWII - forget the numbers in WWI......Can anyone imagine what might have happened if allied forces of the USA, England, France, and the rest of Europe had reacted with force against Hitler when he invaded Czechoslovakia? Well, for sure many, many millions of humans would have lived a full life instead of suffering  horrible deaths.

We can all sit back and let history repeat itself...but one thing is for certain....Fundamental Islamic terror will not stop on its own. The world can either do something about it now, or we can all wait for the day when there will be no other choice but to engage. Does anyone want to take a guess on how many millions of people alive today will give their lives in the future as we ignorantly allow history to repeat itself?


Anonymous said...

"America sat still and ignored the extreme violence taking place in Germany in 1936 and did absolutely nothing..."

That was the conservative position. The liberals (the natural enemies of fascism) were pushing to stop the bastards ASAP. It took Pearl Harbor to get the conservatives off their asses.

ferschitz said...

Eh? I dunno, Team USA under W Bush and Obama have been bombing weddings across MENA for about 15 years now. Now Trump is responsible for what happened in Yemen recently where an 8 year American girl got brutally murdered.

Perhaps RWD ought to consider whether it's heaven or hell that awaits him for supporting this type of death and destruction across the globe, including other nations where we've rained down bombs and other types of murder for decades. Countries like Laos, Cambodia, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia, the Philippines, Korea spring readily to mind. I'm sure there's quite a few that I've missed.

All this ersatz rending of tunics and tearing of hair over child suicide bombers in the ME wears a little thin after a while when one considers the death and destruction that RWD has eagerly paid for with his tax dollars in support of the gaping greedy maw called the Military Industrial Complex. Gotta have 7 wars going on to keep the Generals and the Oligarchs happy. CHA CHING!

CharlieE said...

100 Americans die every day, in America, from gunshot wounds. For some reason, it's apparently OK to ignore that, while freaking out over terrorist attacks elsewhere in the world.

RWD has odd priorities.

Mike Hawk said...



I've never heard of that country....never in my whole life.

However, I have been many times to COLOMBIA in South America for business purposes....lots of good coffee, good looking women particularly in Cali)and beautiful flowers/roses.

Mike Hawk

Hooray4US said...

Funny how RWD never gets this upset when it's some white American "Christian" men/boys who gun down lots of US citizens in churches, at school, at shopping centers, etc. Somehow RWD seems quite capable of choosing "... to ignore these acts of heinous violence taking comfort that they are mostly far away from his daily life."

I think that's some "food for thought," don't you?

Priorities are not RWD's strong suit.

Mike Hawk said...


Most of "100 Americans shot dead every day by gunshot wounds" are in Chicago.

Mike Hawk

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