A bit of humor

My own rendition. Obama's idea of distributing the wealth.


CharlieE said...

Republicans seem to believe that roads, schools, and their much-loved military are funded by the Money Fairy.

If taxes are absolutely necessary, they should only be paid by the middle class and the poor.

Finally, Obama isn't President anymore. I guess it will all be rainbows and unicorns from here on out. Good luck with that, guys.

delagar said...

In the Trump version of this comic, the poor guy is asking for help, and Trump tells him (in an hour long speech) of all the jobs he's going to bring back to this country -- HUUUGE jobs, the BEST -- while taking all the money out of his hat.

Mike Hawk said...

@delagar: Seems to me that Trump has most certainly kept thousands of jobs here in America since he took office. He took direct action before they decided to leave for overseas destinations. On the other hand, your "hope and change" boy, Obummer, was too busy attempting to play golf while the jobs were leaving in droves to foreign lands.

BTW - I still wanna see Obummer's college transcripts. lol

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

P.S. - Read it and weep ya liberal a$$holes! Oh yea, baby!


Anonymous said...

"BTW - I still wanna see Obummer's college transcripts. lol"

Oh, yeah!!! LOL!!! I'm with you.

Hey! 'Ya know what would be even better? To see 'Miss Five-Colleges' many, many college transcripts!!! Or C-Plus Augustus'! Or Donald Mussolini-wannabe-without-the-armband Trump's!!

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! What fun that would be!

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