FW: Telling it like it is!

Subject: Telling it like it is!

From a former very salty Marine....Of course!

 Quote from a  WWII Marine veteran overhearing someone say that `You can't bomb an ideology.":

"The hell you can't. Because we did it. These Muslims are no different than the [Imperial] Japanese. The Japs had their suicide bombers too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can't stomach. And until you can, this shit won't stop. It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out caves with flame throwers, and men like LeMay burning down their cities killing people by the tens of thousands. And then it took 2 atom bombs on top of it. But if that was what it took to win we were willing to do it. Until you are willing to do the same...well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain't going to stop."

do the same...well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain't going to stop."

Please note that this Marine vet's first decoration is the Purple Heart!

Thanks to classmate Joe DeFoe '56 for forwarding this.



CharlieE said...

A little perspective is in order.

Here are two things that are more likely to kill the average American than a terrorist:

A lightning strike.
Being shot by a child under the age of five.

Anonymous said...

What a braindead comparison. Japan is a country. In wars between countries, you fight until one side is destroyed or surrenders.

Islam is a religion. It exists everywhere and in many forms. What is this idiot planning to do, carpet bomb large cities in Muslim countries, a plan which would be incredibly counterproductive in terms of fighting terrorism? Is that the plan, to bomb out them major cities of other countries? To simply declare all out war on a country if we suspect there are terrorists in their borders?

We tried that in Iraq, remember? How did that work out?

Anonymous said...

'We can defeat terrorism by sinking to their level or deeper.'


ferschitz said...

During the primary Ted Cruz promised to carpet bomb ISIS into oblivion. That was his big "solution." Why don't we check out how well that worked out when the CIA engaged in its secret dirty war in Laos and routinely carpet bombed them from the late '50s into the '70s. There you had a small population in a small, land-locked country. Although we dropped more bombs on Laos than all the bombs dropped all over Europe in WWII, guess what?? Despite the death, havoc, destruction, maiming and general devastation wrought, Laos and the Laotion people are still there, still surviving, and still getting on with their lives. And that little "project" cost us US taxpayers quite a lot of money. What was our ROI? I'll tell you: US taxpayers = lost money. MIC Fat Cats = CHA CHING!!! Laotion citizens = death, destruction, poverty.

The notion that we can somehow carpet bomb ISIS and all so-called Islamic terrorists into oblivion so that they just "stop" terror is braindead and, frankly, dangerous.

As pointed out, above, the ridiculous "comparison" between fighting ME terrorism and fighting the Japanese in WWII is specious and wrong. If some alleged retired Marine named Joe DeFoe (really?) actually said this, then either he's: a) monumentally stupid and has no clue about how to wage war or any type of miliarty manuevers, and/or b) sinking into dementia.

This is some of the worst of perncious military porn propaganda. Very false and filled with counterproductive information. Go visit Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia (as I have more than once) and come back and explain how all that bombing resulted in stated USA goals being met.

Frankly all of this military intervention across the globe is meant only to accomplish USA hegemony (which is rapidly eroding due our own stupidity, vapidity and cupidity) and to make the wealthy ever more insanely wealthier via pocking US taxpayer dollars spent senselessly on our ever-increasingly ridiculous and wasteful Military budget.

As Jack Ma of Alibaba said to Donald Trump: if you want more money for your country, stop spending so much of it on senseless Wars.

Mike Hawk said...

CharlieE with his inane "lightning strike" statistic yet again....dude, your shtick is getting old.

Mike Hawk

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

@Mike Hawk

Your shtick is getting old too, you troll.

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