Fw: Politician Lie Detector Test (Johnny Carson)

Sent: Monday, October 31, 2016 10:35 PM

Subject: Politician Lie Detector Test (Johnny Carson)

Hilarious.   Should hook up Hillary and Donald and listen for the buzzer.


Anonymous said...

After yesterday's press conference, it should be obvious to even his most ignorant followers that Trump is clinically insane.

CharlieE said...

Likely wouldn't hear the buzzer much with Hillary. According to Politifact, she was the most honest of all of the candidates running for either party last year.

The current so-called President, however, was documented to lie more than 75% of the time.

And yes, the man appears to be legitimately mentally ill. Even though he's not hiding the fact that he's off-the-wall nuts, he still retains 39% support among the public.

You just gotta wonder.

Anonymous said...

A lot of his followers are just as mentally ill as he is.

ferschitz said...

All politicians lie. Every. Single. One.

RWD would do himself a favor if he recognized that there are no solid black sheep, just as there are no solid white sheep.

Buy yourself a clue, RWD, and look on any politician with a very critical eye. If you don't believe that you're being lied to at least part of the time, then you're easily misled.

Mike Hawk said...

"If you like your current healthcare insurance policy....you can keep your current insurance policy".

-The First African-American president of the United States- aka Barry

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Inconvenient truth: over 15 million Americans who did not have health care, now have health care.

Good one, troll. Your concern for your fellow citizens is touching.

Anonymous said...

Yes....Obama LIED.

delagar said...

Wow, Mr. Hawk is getting mighty desperate. I wonder why Mr. Hawk is reaching so far back to find a tu quoque he can cry about. What fact about our current president does he not want to admit?

Mike Hawk said...

Barry = Major pothead....I mean, big time Mary Jane abuser. Why was he so shocked when his elder daughter experimented with it? God damn hypocrite that Barry. ��

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has never touched illegal drugs or alcohol. That is very commendable.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane? Nobody says that. No one has said that for decades.

Well Mike, now we know for sure that you're an old white rascist crank.

As if anybody doubted.

Anonymous said...

Obama has a pickled mind from all that heavy ass smoking of mean weed that he did.

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