Socialism Makes People Selfish

Subject: Fwd: Socialism Makes People Selfish - YouTube

Read it and watch it ALL the way through.......that is, if you're brave enough to do so.....
Subject: Re: Fw: Socialism Makes People Selfish - YouTube

this is the demplaybook - and all tyrants who subjugate their populations - some Latin America, Africa, Middle East - do it with force and guns -

American dems control with give aways and welfare -  locking vast segment of society in generational dependency - and offering illegal immigrants goodies in trade for their votes - 

its soooo transparent - YUKKKKKK

On Tue, Jul 26,
Fr. Michael sent me this youtube (bottom). It makes me think we have been HAD as a nation; we have been conned "hook line and sinker".
Listening to the Democrat convention and and their socialist spiel convinced me that they are thoroughly brain washed
by the likes of Sanders and company. They want the fee college education ( it's an investment ), free care, a "level playing field" and on and on. They ate it up, they clapped and they cried. They told lies after lies; " 1.5% of the population makes 90% of all the income". Truth:
These people have zero understanding of the meaning of the word investment.
Many live hand to mouth and the Democrat party offers hope but no substance. They think of $15 per hour as an entitlement. They see the Federal government as a cradle to grave solution for mankind. That's the Big Lie. To them capitalism is a dirty word. Deep down and not-so-deep they know that our 19 Trillion dollar debt is unsustainable. All they want now is to get their chunk before the collapse. Listen to them talk about Debt Service; it will be a quiet speech.

I just found this guy, and enjoyed his presentation very much. See if you do, as well. 


gruaud said...

So many wrong assumptions. I'll start with the obvious: a living minimum wage is a right, not an entitlement. This is classic 1% propaganda trotted out by hypocritical moral scold, Dennis Prager (who is on wife number three, just like his hero, Donald Trump).

And socialism is the exact opposite of selfishness. I pay taxes to help my less fortunate brothers and sisters, regardless of skin color, religion, or political ideology. And that's because it's a moral imperative.

You can dress it up all you want, Dennis. You're advocating selfishness and defending an entitled aristocracy. If you're as confused about entitlement as you seem to be, go look in a mirror.

CharlieE said...

I'm still trying to figure out how all of these illegals are managing to vote.

ferschitz said...

Lordy. I can't stand it. What a load of 1% driven propaganda.

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