Fwd: Fw: Happy Halloween! (and a little political reality)

Steven Crowder redistributes Halloween candy to kids - it doesn't go over too well.
Have a fun, safe, happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't conservatives like Crowder already be against Trick or Treating? Kids get free candy just for asking for it, sounds a lot like welfare to me.

gruaud said...

They literally think like children.

"Taxes are mean!"

ferschitz said...

That was dumb.

Of course that jerkwad didn't really explain why he was "redistributing" the candy at all and, in no way, is it anything like the tax system.

Typical rightwingtarded way of looking at the world. "That's not FAIR." Why? Oh too difficult to explain... It just IS because mean Libruls are stupid.

Yeah, No.

Hooray4US said...

Since the kids didn't do anything to "earn" the candy - other than dressing up in costumes that their parents bought them - why is this redistribution of the candy unfair? I know some parents who redistribute candy when their kids get home if the amounts aren't pretty equal - plus usually taking some out for the parents.

The kids, themselves, sound a lot like the rightwing commenters to this particular video... "... he just took my candy, and that's not the way it's supposed to work!"

Well yeah, but when we're taxed, there are explanations for why that's happening, plus information on how your money is being spent, which often - like with roads, fire departments, etc - inures directly to your personal benefit.

Ah fahgeddaboudit. File under: teh stupit, it burnz.

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