Black Father's Matter

One of the main reason we're 20 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt!!!!

Very enlightening!

 Maybe Hillary will fix this - NOT

Subject: Fwd: Black Fathers Matter - Commentary
                Black Fathers Matter

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This is the best thing I’ve heard on this subject, maybe ever.



Anonymous said...

Black fathers.

Like Eric Garner?

Or Terrance Crutcher?

Or Philando Castile?

Yes, black fathers are important. Maybe we should stop shooting them.

Mr_Creosote said...

No, not even close to _any_ reason we're in debt. Pick the main reasons first RWD:

- Propping up the sacred cow that is the military industrial complex

- Cutting tax rates for the top incomes in the false hope they'll take that the money they 'save" and re-invest it to generate economic activity or consumption and become "job creators". In turn, "trickle down" was/is a scam and all they did was pocket the money and use it to further influence policy via lobbying.

- Loopholes that allow the largest and richest companies to have their effective corporate tax rate at ZERO. GE is a prime example.

- Downward pressure on working class wages via labor arbitrage and rent-seeking. The resulting loss of well paying jobs, and their replacement of them with lower paying ones ( at capital's behest ) has shrunk the tax base.

Start there. fix the big leaks. The tiny ones can be addressed later.


gruaud said...

Great comments. Fucking great.

And Mr. C knocks it right over the right field wall. Exactly.

CharlieE said...

Hat tip to Mr. Creosote.

Adding this: Had we kept the Clinton-era tax rates in place, it was estimated that the national debt would have been completely paid off by 2010.

Remember what George W. Bush did with that information?

Now, the media, and that includes the so-called "liberal media" is talking about how President Obama has doubled the national debt.

It has nearly doubled during his presidency, but he's made numerous efforts to stimulate the economy and raise the tax rates in order to reduce that debt.

All such efforts were blocked by Republicans in the Senate. But CNN says it's Obama's fault.

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