Hillary and the Armani

Capitalism at its best.

I'm not sending this to blast Hillary for giving a speech about inequality
while wearing a $12,500 Armani jacket.

I'm posting this to give kudos to Armani for being
able to sell a potato sack with sleeves for $12,500,
which, in this case, holds about  200 pounds of bullshit.


gruaud said...

The point is about inequality.

Why are you incapable of getting that?

CharlieE said...

I'm not sure why Republicans hate Hillary so much. She's tight with both Wall Street and the defense industry, so she's unlikely to regulate the former or cut back spending on the latter.

She's also pretty hawkish when it comes to war.

You'd think the Right would be OK with all of that.

Paul said...

I don't get picking on her outfits. It's almost like RWD has a problem with the fact she's a woman or something...

RUKidding said...

So suddenly RWD is a fashionista?

Please bitch.

Anonymous said...

The GOP! Reachin' out for that all-important women's vote!

How's it coming, Reinse...?


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