Fwd: "Short-Circuited"

Fwd: Short-Circuited


Anonymous said...

Ho Ho! How amazingly clever, RWD! Surely I declared it the best joke of the year!

CharlieE said...

Sorry, but I don't get it. Polifact has demonstrated that no candidate from either party has told the truth a higher percentage of the time this campaign than Hillary Clinton.

gruaud said...

Did she lie? No, not in any nefarious manner. Was she ignorant of potential risks and perhaps pig-headed? Perhaps.

But it's common knowledge (to those of us who actually understand civics) that all pols obfuscate and deflect. It's a necessary reflex, otherwise your opponents and the media will eat you alive. No one, and I mean no one, knows this better than HRC.

That the GOP and their minions continue to go over the top with e-mails and BENGHAZI!!! is a measure of their desperation.

Anonymous said...

They got nothing & continue to have nothing. Won't stop them from making the next 4 years of the Clinton presidency a boring whining endless hell. Sigh.

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