FW: Trump Victory Consequences


CharlieE said...

I'm aware that Republicans believe that Hillary Clinton is the epitome of everything evil, but I've yet to see any evidence that she's done anything to justify incarceration.

Congress keeps investigating, and they can't find a thing. Yet RWD insists she belongs in prison, because....???

ferschitz said...

Well now that all the dirt - which we all knew was there - is being excavated about Trump, I fail to see how "Lying Hillary" is anymore or less of a crook than Trump.

I'm willing to concede that Clinton has probably skated close to the line and pushed the envelop. But as CharlieE says: Clinton has been investigated - to the tune of million$ of US taxpayer dollar$ - with nothing really found. Either indict or move on.

Trump's an international businessman, and now it's coming out that he's done a bunch of shady stuff, probably hasn't paid taxes for years, and has consorted with some shady people. Trump's fans will be duly directed to "believe" that's different and somehow that makes Trump "smart" and "savvy."

Let's see what happens should Trump be investigated to the level of detail that Clinton has been. Would his investigations end up the same way as Clinton's? Or will some bigger, more incriminating dirt be found? Who knows? We may never know. Just saying, though, it's not like Trump is squeaky clean.

Yeah right. It's all on the same continuum. When people reach the levels that Clinton and Trump do, no one is squeaky clean. That's just the way it is. At least I can see reality.

Paul said...

I'm not sure why Right Wing Dad is excited about Katie Hopkins-- except her Wikipedia entry describes her as a Trump clone. RWD also likes to make sure we understand that Hillary is not good looking, which is, of course, a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

If HRC was actually guilty of anything, then don't you realize that rule of law would already have put her in prison? How does that magically happen when the Drumpf is president?

Jesus Christ, 30% of the country is really this stupid. No wonder you hate science, math, and logic.

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