Subject: : : HILLY-GRAMS

 Could any of these be true???

This email is politically incorrect…………..SO?!?!?!?!?




CharlieE said...

Republicans seem to be unaware of what the term "politically incorrect" means.

Judging from this email, it would seem that the believe it to mean "factually incorrect."

The two terms are not interchangeable.

Anonymous said...

Hey RWD, you keep Kermit out of your lame, braindead memes!

That "Kermit Drinking Tea" meme is already fucking stupid, as it implies a condescension and meanness that Kermit doesn't possess.

Then you go and make it worse with some word vomit conspiracy about a fixed election, as if vote fraud it actually a thing (it's not!) or Kermit would ever vote for the GOP.

Don't sully Kermit's good name with your bullshit.

gruaud said...

Let me break it down for anybody who doesn't get the Right's visceral hatred of HRC.

She's a woman.

Son of Strom said...

And, the right wing has been smearing her for 30 years. That is why, when someone states as a fact that she is the most corrupt candidate in history, and I ask for examples, they go blank for a minute and then sputter something like "Well, everybody knows it. Don't you read the Internet?"

Agent86 said...

I laugh at the stupidity of RWD and just the irony when they use Kermit and Jonathan Goldsmith (Most Interesting Man in the World) in their memes. From what I recall reading Henson was a liberal and Goldsmith stumped for Obama.


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