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Subject:The Gathering Storm


This is more scary than the tornado in the Wizard of Oz....even has several wicked witches!

The Gathering Storm
Storm Photo 
The devastation and ignorance being caused by this Catastrophic occurrence will forever destroy the Fiber and character of a once great nation With little hope for correction or rebuilding At the present rate of duplicity and complacence Being displayed by the American public. 
I don't know who came up with the idea for 
this drawing, but it is GREAT! 

The best insult I've ever seen! 

Amazing how something with no vulgarity can be one of the most
powerful messages about the Obama team that I have seen to date!

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ferschitz said...


Wow: a three-fer of propogandist lies. When have these azzholes ever been silent, much less NOT racist or violent?? Gimme a break.

At least stand up for who you REALLY are instead of hiding behind a bunch of b.s. and lies.


Hooray4US said...

Amazing how something with no vulgarity can be one of the most powerful messages about the Obama team that I have seen to date!

Amazing how the most vulgar citizens can find the most vulgar & banal of propoganda to be a "powerful message."

Or, really, amazing how conservatives need the guns 'n ammo lobby to tell them what to think, and how to feel about the drivel that the think tanks push out to them in email forwards.

Anonymous said...

The best insult I've ever seen

Really? Someone needs to get out more. Or look up what "insult" means.

gruaud said...

Best insult? What are you, fucking 12 years old?

Let's piece together the most recent string of GOP triumphs:

The Twin Towers being destroyed, Iraq - total failure, Afghanistan - total failure, Katrina - total failure, the Economy going tits-up, the recent wave of gun control psychosis, and now the sequester idiocy.

You fail at everything you do. It's frankly amazing.
How can white billionaires be so fucking stupid?

CharlieE said...

First of all, no one from the Obama administration is proposing taking away your guns.

Second of all, there are about a million worse things to have happen to you than to have your guns taken away.

A little perspective is in order. As usual.

limestone mantels said...

Yes it is. The most effective/powerful message circulated nationwide.
- Herman Swan

Snarla said...

Is that Laura Bush on the right?

Tootseye said...

Why do these rightwingers hate Sydney Poitier so much?

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