Fwd: Vietnam Veterans Back Kerry for Secretary of State

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Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 4:14 PM
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Anonymous said...

Damn you John Kerry, for actually volunteering to serve your country and putting your ass on the line and then coming back and having the guts to tell the truth about what was happening!

Pity you weren't a blowhard chickenhawk, then the GOP would love you.

ferschitz said...


such bullshit.

"Support the Troops"... NOT.


"Support the Troops"... but ONLY IF they happen to be "conservative" and kowtow to the 1% at all times.

Brought to you by the same rightwing think tanks who encourage these chickenhawk keyboard commandos who thought it was super-great when skeevy scum Saxby Chambliss ran ads depicting multiple-amputee Viet Nam War Vet Hero, Max Cleland, linking Cleland to Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden in their 2002 race for US Senate.


Chambliss won, and the disgusting lying mud slung a Cleland burned him really badly... all based on Chambliss being willing to stoop as low as possible to smear, villify, slander and diss a true American hero VN War veteran all in the name of winning a political race.

And conservative voters everywhere clapped & cheered and thought it was so great to diss Cleland in this way.

What kind of LOW life do you have to be to go along with this kind of disgusting slander?? Even if it's slander against someone with whom you disagree politically, it's just plain WRONG.

Cannot relate to scum who think RWFs like this are so "great" and "must pass on!!!11!!" No doubt these same assholes piously go to "Church" every Sunday.


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